An Astrological Look at the 2022 Georgia Gubernatorial Race

Stacey Abrams’ recent announcement that she will run again in Georgia’s gubernatorial race in very interesting. Abrams barely lost her initial bid back in 2018 and her efforts to combat what she then perceived as strategic voter suppression eventually contributed to President Biden carrying the state as well as the two senate victories that gave Democrats control of the senate. As a result of these achievements, Abrams has become somewhat of a rising star in the Democratic Party, but her trajectory will depend on whether she can unseat the incumbent who beat her last time, Brian Kemp.

Let’s take a look at the charts for some insights.

For those who are not familiar, the following very busy charts are referred to as quad-wheels. The inner most circle at the center is the natal chart. Moving outwards from this center, the following circles represent the planetary positions by secondary progression, solar arc and transit, respectively. The combination of these measurements should provide some insight as to which candidate may have the edge on election night, November 8, 2022.[1]

For ease of explanation I will abbreviate accordingly: natal (n), secondary progression (sp), solar arc (sa) and transit (t).

Kemp’s Chart

  1. The opposition between t.Pluto-sa.Venus and sp.Moon-sa.Moon is the strongest measurement. This may appear a bit strange because this aspect does not include any natal planetary bodies, but I have often noticed strong manifestation between progression and solar arc when aligned with or triggered by a heavy outer planet transit.

    The Moon represents our emotions and its true movement is fast reflecting the ever changing of our moods. That is not this. These specific Moon placements represent an over-arching emotional phase/period that is more than just temporary and underscored by the timing of sp.Moon aligning with sa.Moon. The opposition to Pluto infers that Kemp is confronting some dark emotional undercurrents and possibly heavy depression. Pretty heavy stuff for election night.
  2. The t-square involving t.Uranus-t.North Node in opposition to n.Neptune, sa.Pluto and t.Sun-t.Mercury all square n.Saturn and t.Saturn. The opposition from t.Sun-t.Uranus seems to symbolize that this will either be a change election or an election that is marked by surprise/chaos (voter suppression/shenanigans?). My bet is on change. This is because of Kemp’s n.Neptune at t.South Node. This combo feels like Kemp’s vision or message is tired and out of touch. I think the people are realizing that his vision can’t take them into the future and they are leaving him behind. The solar arc from Pluto seems to echo this. Kemp will need to rethink what he stands for and come up with a vision that dovetails stronger with the ideals of his changing constituency.
  3. Also, apex Saturn isn’t just any apex body. It represents Kemp’s Saturn return. I can’t think of worse timing for karma reviewed than during a bid for re-election. It is very possible that some of the shenanigans Abrams accused Kemp of in the last election will come back to haunt him in this one. This entire alignment appears to foreshadow things coming home to roost.
  4. Sa.Neptune aligned with the n.South Node. This particular dynamic echoes and strengthens the dynamics delineated in #2 (n.Neptune aligned with t.South Node). Actually, this one might be a bit stronger due to the fact that solar arc manifestation can be more visible than a standard transit.

It should be noted, that Kemp’s chart is untimed. As a result, we can’t trust any of the house positions for any of the planetary bodies. Despite this limitation to our analysis, any of these aspects would be somewhat foreboding. Occurring together at the same time is incredibly limiting. I don’t think there are many candidates that would pull off a happy outcome with the weight of this heaviness looming in the background. But let’s take a look at Abrams’ measurements to see if she can take advantage of this.

Abrams Chart

  1. Where Kemp was aligned with the t.South Node, Abram’s sp.Mars is aligned with the North in its relationship with the tight t.Uranus-t.North Node to t.Sun-t.Mercury opposition. The North Node is the future and Abrams’ tenacity, courage and efforts are being rewarded with this alignment.
  2. Sa.Mars-sa.Uranus aligned with n.Sun-n.Moon. Abrams’ very tight natal opposition (within a couple minutes) between Mars and Uranus reflect her status as a fighter who is motivated by change. The tightness of this aspect (as well as Mars’ strength in Aries) probably reflects her obsession or intensity with this need. By solar arc, this dynamic has aligned with her full Moon, providing a type of realization of these energies and drives. This aspect feels a bit like actualization because of the fusion into her emotions and ego (core self). An election victory would be one example of this type of validation.
  3. Whereas the solar arc of this opposition was creating powerful developments, its natal placements are also receiving strong energies as well. Sa.Neptune and t.Pluto are forming a t-square configuration with this natal opposition, providing a massive impetus for Abrams to realize her ideals for change and transformation. Sa.Neptune is a little past exact alignment by the date of the election so it’s placement here may reflect Abrams’ drive throughout the campaign while t.Pluto’s tight alignment reflects the actual realization of these dreams. Also, t.Pluto is at the midpoint of sp.Moon and sa.Pluto, strengthening Abrams’ power at enacting transformation as well as confirming the timing of this event.
  4. T.Saturn aligned with sa.North Node and sp.Jupiter-sp.Mercury. This particular measurement is a bit minor, but probably reflects Abrams’ feeling that her time has come. What is most interesting about this alignment is that when t.Saturn leaves it will then arrive at Abrams’ midheaven shortly after inauguration. Saturn is strong in Aquarius, so it’s transit through her 10th coincides nicely with her possible ascent into leadership with an election victory.
  5. The combination of t.Jupiter to sa.Jupiter and triggered by sp.Moon is just too powerful and happy to ignore. This alignment just reeks of overwhelming joy and happiness.

The difference in the delineation based on the planetary placements for these two charts couldn’t be more stark. While Kemp’s untimed chart may inject some degree of uncertainty, I think there is enough evidence here to make a prediction for Stacey Abrams as the next governor of Georgia.

[1] I did not relocate Abrams’ chart to Georgia because I’m not entirely convinced of timing according to relocated angle placements yet. Also, there doesn’t appear to be a birth time available for Kemp, so we will have to ignore the house placements.

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