Bernie Madoff: An Overview Using Modern & Traditional Methods

The recent documentary series on Netflix detailing Bernie Madoff’s massive $65 billion Ponzi scheme has sparked a renewed interest in this particular scenario, one of the largest instances of fraud in history. While there is much to learn from this horrible example, Madoff’s astrological dynamics also offer some interesting insights not only into his inner …

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The Significance of Midpoints: A Brief Analysis of the United States

I find it interesting that everyone has specific favorite astrological methodologies and concepts. Over time, I have found that I tend to gravitate towards midpoint analysis. Midpoints provide additional detail that flesh out a story that the standard aspects don’t/can’t always highlight. They are like little configurations all over the chart that reveal specific complexes …

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Creativity is the owning and directing of personal energies. An awareness breeding expression. A reflection of swirling microcosms. Not manifested foreign emanations ex nihilo, but channeled restless cores yearning beautiful confirmation of existence. All new forms share this inheritance in their symmetry with eternally echoing memories. In this way, we create self and embrace immortality.

Full Moon & Ingress

I got friends charting their auras and tracking their connections cosmologically.Philosophers confirming Plato, explaining eternal maxims buried within shared experiential essences.I got friends evolving their awareness, staring down and breaking curses that persisted for centuries.Ptolemaic scientists and Aristotelian artists, opening chakras and channeling hadoukens of truth into the aether.I got friends blazing a trail into …

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Radically Foreign & Existentially Rebellious

I spend so much time focusing attention on the invisible world of energy and connection that I sometimes take it for granted how that sensitivity grows over time. The “feel” of the ineffable within and without. But in parallel with this concentration, I also notice the divide with those who are completely ignorant to this …

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WWKD? The Astrology of Keanu’s Popularity

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Keanu Reeves has turned into something of a spiritual/inspirational figure within online groups recently. Over the past couple years, I don’t think a week has gone by where I have not encountered some meme or post celebrating Keanu’s wholesome, nice guy image. His quotes about life, caring for …

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