When I first started, this page was filled with various menu options for different services. Over time, I began to realize that I may have over complicated things a bit as people will usually talk about anything in a consultation. As a result, I have streamlined my offerings:

15 Minute Consultation – $25

This offering probably sounds odd, but people are struggling financially and others don’t want to go into a lot of detail. With this high level overview we’ll hit on the big three (Sun, Moon and Ascendant) and anything else we can fit in.

60 Minute Consultation – $80

Savings for buying in bulk! Also, I don’t watch the clock. If we go over, whatever. I love discussing astrological stuff and helping others. If I’m able to empower you with a little insight then it’s a win-win.

Basic Natal Chart Delineation Course – $200

I have received multiple requests from some of my readers and clients to offer a curriculum that teaches the basics of chart interpretation.  I’m happy to announce that I am finally at a place where able to start sharing my knowledge, training and experience.  As a teacher, I have a unique ability to bring complex subject matter down to earth hope this will translate into helping others synthesize all of the various astrological factors in a chart.  No prerequisite knowledge/experience is required.  The course will take place over Zoom.  This 10 week course (syllabus below) will take a student from beginning to end chart interpretation.  I guarantee that you will look at the world differently afterwards!

Weekly Course Content

Class One            –              Elements, Modalities and Signs

Class Two            –              Planetary Archetypes I

Class Three         –              Planetary Archetypes II: Personal Planets

Class Four           –              Planetary Archetypes III: Generational Planets & Rulerships

Class Five            –              Houses

Class Six               –             Aspects

Class Seven         –              Major Configurations

Class Eight          –              Essential Dignities & Midpoints

Class Nine           –              Retrograde Status & the Nodal Axis

Class Ten             –              Synthesis