Services & Rates

Natal Chart Interpretation – $80

The natal chart represents the core of an individual’s being. Many questions and areas will be addressed through an interpretation. What are the major needs, drives, innate strengths and challenges? How can these be leveraged or balanced to assist the individual with achieving their goals? What are the major life themes? All of these will be addressed during the session.

Forecasting – $80

There are various astrological measurement methodologies available to evaluate the ebb and flow of life. Forecasting is invaluable, offering guidance and direction in dealing with the constant change of existence. What themes can be expected over the current or upcoming year? What are the insights or lessons learned from challenges that have manifested and how long will they last? 

Relationship Synastry Analysis – $100 NEW PRICE!

Nothing is more fulfilling than finding the individuals who complete us at deeper levels. Some of our most significant concerns involve the relationships we form with others. An astrological analysis comparing two natal charts can determine the friction or ease between the individuals. All significant interactions of energy will be reviewed during this consultation.

Effective 10/15/22, the price for Relationship Synastry Analysis has been reduced from $120 to $100! This new price will be in effect until the end of 2023! Take advantage now!

Electional – $120

The probability of success for any project or initiative is greatly improved by selecting a moment most closely aligned with supportive astrological cycles/dynamics. Electional astrology can be used for starting a business or new job, planning a wedding or starting any relationship, changing residences and many other major life milestones. I require a one month turn around for all electional requests. This cost includes a brief report explaining the rationale for the selected date(s) as well as the chart(s). A consultation discussing the options is also included.


Birthday/Solar Return – $20 discount if scheduled within one week of the birthday.

New Client Referrals – $10 discount off the next service.

Basic Natal Chart Delineation Course – $200

I’m happy to announce that I am finally offering a curriculum that teaches the basics of chart interpretation. This 10-week course (syllabus below) will take a student from beginning to end chart interpretation. No prerequisite knowledge/experience is required. Zoom is the primary option for this online based course, but I am also flexible for in-person teaching for those who live in the vicinity.

Class OneElements, Modalities & Signs
Class TwoPlanetary Archetypes 1
Class ThreePlanetary Archetypes II – Personal Planets
Class FourPlanetary Archetypes III – Generational Planets & Rulerships
Class FiveHouses
Class SixAspects
Class SevenMajor Configurations
Class EightEssential Dignities & Midpoints
Class NineRetrograde Status & the Nodal Axis
Class TenSynthesis

Receipts for all services will be emailed to the client. The preferred method of payment is via Paypal.

Zoom web conferencing & recording is now available for all services! Please inquire for more details!