Natal Chart Interpretation – $75

The natal chart represents the core of an individual’s being.  Many questions and areas will be addressed through an interpretation.  What are the major needs, drives, innate strengths and challenges?  How can these be leveraged to assist the individual with achieving their evolutionary goals?  Most importantly, what are the major life themes?

Forecasting – $75

There are various astrological measurement methodologies available to evaluate the ebb and flow of a life.  Forecasting is an invaluable service, offering guidance and direction in dealing with the constant change of existence.  What themes can be expected over the current or upcoming year?  What insights can be gleaned or lessons learned from challenges that seem to have appeared out of nowhere and how long will they last?

Relationship Synastry Analysis – $125

Nothing is more satisfying than finding or discovering the individuals who complete you at a soul level.  Some of the most pressing decisions or concerns we confront in our lives involve the relationships we form with others.  An astrological comparative analysis between two natal charts can determine the propensity for friction or ease with the individuals’ continued interactions.