Bill Maher

Controversial personalities are fun to delineate and there are few who are as controversial as Bill Maher.  His chart below: Sun-Moon-Ascendant Bill’s Sun (ego) is in Aquarius and Moon (emotion, instinct) is in Taurus.  Aquarians tend to do dig in their heels when it comes to their ideas and Taureans tend to dig in their … Continue reading Bill Maher


It is sometimes assumed that astrology is only useful for analyzing tangible, actual occurrences of manifestation (i.e. births, events), but the archetypal symbolism associated with astrological delineation are much more encompassing.  When available, there is a noticeable correlation between significant plots of fictional stories and the astrological charts affiliated with specific dates and times provided … Continue reading Terminator


In light of recent nostalgia, it seems timely to review the astrological dynamics involved with the cultural zeitgeist of grunge music that developed between the mid 1980’s to early 1990’s.  As a music genre, Grunge combined characteristics of punk and hard rock and resonated most powerfully with Generation X because its gritty sound and lyrical … Continue reading Grunge