The Uranus – Pluto Square

Between 2011-2014, a small subset of babies were born with a generational Uranus-Pluto square in their charts. The last time these two planets formed a major aspect with each other was their conjunction back in the 1960’s.

Uranus and Pluto are signatures for revolution. They create transformation through destabilization and rebellion. The potential for violence and war via unrest are elevated.

Between 2033-2036, this small subset will be in their early 20’s. During this timeframe, their natal Uranus-Pluto square will experience a transiting aspect from Saturn and then Uranus. These transits will form a t-square configuration, creating an incredible degree of stress, power and energy. To say this alignment is bombastic and charged is an understatement. This is life changing. It is generationally changing.

It is possible that this is nationally changing as well.

This is because this transiting alignment is also aspecting the United States’ natal Venus-Jupiter-Sun Stellium in Cancer.

In other words, the powerful energy that these children possess is explicitly aligned with the core energies of the United States…and will be triggered off by the same energy in the sky. It is possible that this country’s fate will be indelibly transformed by these little powder kegs.[1]

All of this can be a little hard to fathom right now, but astrology can enhance our awareness of the developing present as it manifests into the archetypal potentials we see in the future.

Big stuff for our kiddos.

End Notes

[1] For some historical perspective, the last time this specific alignment (transit Uranus activating a generation of natal Uranus-Pluto squares) went exact was 1896 and also coincided with the beginnings of the epochal NE-PL cycle. The political realignment from this year ended the 3rd party system (as a result of the Panic of 1833) and led to the Progressive Era. This was strongly reflective of Uranus-Pluto archetypal dynamics and makes me wonder if the upcoming alignments will end the 6th party system that has apparently been in effect since 1980.

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