Tyler Henry: A Case Study in Derived Houses

Tyler Henry has become something of a rising star over past couple years as a medium to the stars. He recently received his own show on Netflix documenting some of his biography, but mostly showcasing his talents as a medium. His chart is interesting and offers some opportunities to explore some techniques that are not used as frequently. Let’s walk through some of his major significators.

Sun – Neptune Conjunction

This particular aspect is a type of astrological signature for an individual who can easily “feel” or is intimately aware of other realities beyond the physical world we perceive with our standard five senses. The Sun also rules the 12th house so his core life force and identity are connected to other realities and spirits.

Saturn – Neptune/Jupiter Mutual Reception

With Neptune and Jupiter as the modern and traditional rulers of Pisces and Saturn as the ruler of Capricorn, these planets are placed in the signs ruled by the other. This creates a type of “connection” between them that can influence their expression according to the archetypal functions of the other. With Neptune & Jupiter ruling the 8th house of death and Saturn placed in the 7th house of others it is clear that there is a connection between these two areas of life heavily impacted by the manifestation of these planets. Also, Jupiter’s placement on the 5th house cusp and Saturn’s rulership of the 5th & 6th houses are an appropriate segue into the following set of dynamics that are the most significant for Henry’s unique talents.

5th House Stellium

If we include Jupiter just outside the cusp of the 5th, there are seven bodies in Henry’s 5th house. This is an explosive amount of energy all directed to one area of life. It is a driving force and singular focus. At first glance, the 5th May seem like an odd focus because it represents areas of creativity, hobbies, children and play. And, while I would assume that there is some degree of creativity involved with Henry’s work, it just doesn’t seem like a very strong correlation. Fortunately, there is an alternative method in interpreting the houses sometimes referred to as derived house methodology. By using derived houses these placements make perfect sense because the 5th house is the 10th house from the 8th house. This means that the 5th house inherently represents a career (10th) that is involved with death (8th). This alternative interpretation for this house now provides some clarity to Saturn’s rulership of the 5th. With Henry’s innate connection to other realities represented by his Sun-Neptune conjunction and this influence on Saturn through mutual reception, we can add a critical insight: he uses these talents to build a career by analyzing death for others.

So far, the astro dynamics are painting an accurate the portrait, but we need one more piece to complete the picture. Using derived houses for this last dynamic will drive home the full manifestation.

Uranus Aligned with Multiple Midpoints (JU/VE, NE/ME-MA)

Here, Uranus is “ground zero” for the massive amount of energy flowing through Henry’s 5th house. Why is this significant? Because Uranus is also the modern ruler of the 6th house. Again, by using derived house methodology, the 6th is the 12th house from the 7th. While the Sun’s rulership of the 12th reflects a connection to spirits in other realities, with the 6th (12th from the 7th) that dynamic is more specific. Henry’s breakthrough talent and genius (Uranus) finds its most literal manifestation through the mediumship of spirits connected to others. This talent is his way to fame. It provides recognition and reputation. And he’s very good at it.

The archetypal themes of Henry’s role as a medium are repeated and reinforced everywhere in this chart. This is significant because this overwhelming evidence offers some insight as to whether Henry is telling the truth. And in that regard, I think his chart confirms that he is the real deal, which may also infer a much larger suggestion…psychic ability is real.

End Notes

Featured image provided via Shutterstock subscription.

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