Why Astrology is Hard

Astrology is complicated. There is no doubt about that. But I wonder if this complexity gets lost in our desire to make it easier to grasp for others. Sometimes this highly interconnected system of interpretation can be unintentionally oversimplified to a point where it becomes detrimental.

Just think about the high-level descriptions often associated with the sign of Sagittarius: Outgoing. Optimistic. Happy-go-lucky. Adventurous. Open. Honest. Philosophical. Hopeful. If you introduce these descriptions to any group of individuals I can guarantee it will be met with immediate pushback. Something like, “Well, my cousin is a Sagittarius and he’s the most pessimistic person I know.” Or, “My best friend is a Sag and she will never leave the house.”

You can see where this is going. It is a fertile ground for skeptics to launch an endless supply of rebuttals. Of course, none of it is valid (and sometimes not in good faith either) because it is ignoring the critical element in astrology’s complexity: considering the interrelated nature of all the dynamics within the chart. Still, even this explanation doesn’t always help to explain why a Sagittarius may not act like a Sagittarius. Or, more importantly, why all Sagittarians are not the same (an often-used trope by skeptics).

So, let’s take a look at three different Sagittarians who led markedly different lives. Also, in order to really drive home the illustration, we will isolate this brief evaluation to only those who have both a Sun AND Moon in Sagittarius.

Sagittarius #1

#1 is disposited by Jupiter in Pisces. This Jupiter is conjunct Chiron. #1 is a deeply empathetic individual who is concerned with the “underdogs” of society. This Jupiter-Chiron conjunction is also opposite the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto conjunction and their Sun is in square aspect to all of this. Basically, the Sun is at the apex of a t-square. So, #1 has a larger-than-life personality and uses this charisma to bring about big change that will help those who are not as well off. Finally, #1’s Moon is in trine aspect to Mars. This person isn’t afraid to fight, but they are also not a bully. They have a good sense of how and when to get angry about something. But once they are invested, they are a very powerful voice of change. The high ideals and ethics sometimes associated with Sagittarius actually match fairly well with this individual.

Sagittarius #2

#2 is disposited by Jupiter in Scorpio. This Jupiter is in square aspect to a retrograde Saturn-Pluto conjunction. This is a scary combination. Here, Scorpio’s association with things dark and taboo are expanded through the lens of Jupiter, but also further augmented by the aggressive connection to the tortuous nature of Saturn-Pluto. We can quickly assume that this Sagittarius has another side to their personality that is very different from the ego they show to everyone else. Additionally, the Moon is conjunct Mars (the dispositor for that scary Jupiter). This is a subtly different connection from the Moon-Mars relationship with #1. Here, aggressiveness and emotions are fused together. There is a possibility that this could manifest as righteous courage, but Mars is also at the South Node and the Moon is opposite Uranus. Basically, #2 is emotionally unpredictable (maybe unstable) with anger issues that need to be addressed. All of this confirms that the emotions ARE aggressive. Possibly violent. When we connect this delineation with the characteristics associated with #2’s ego (Sun), we have a picture that is a bit concerning. It is obvious that #2 is radically different from #1.

Sagittarius #3

#3 is disposited by Jupiter in Aquarius. With this dispositor, there is subtone to the personality very focused on independence and freedom. It is possible that the detached nature of Aquarius can give #3 an unfeeling demeanor. Additionally, the Sun is at the midpoint and conjunct both Mars and Mercury. This means that this person is very competitive and the area of competition probably involves their ability to argue. This Stellium conjunction is also in square aspect to Pluto. This square confirms quite a few things. One, #3 loves to attack others with their communication. In fact, they probably want to obliterate them with their opinions. With these pieces of evidence in place, we can now see that the Aquarian subtone is amplifying the Sagittarian ego into an arrogance that produces a personality that can be perceived as quite shrill to others. In fact, I could see some scenarios where some of these traits result in this individual being misinterpreted as an Aries.

While all of these individuals may be considered prominently Sagittarius through their Sun and Moon, they also showed very different and contrary traits as well (and this brief evaluation ignored house placements).

Their lives were radically different from each other, but these differences should not be viewed as proof that astrology is not valid. Instead, it should illustrate the importance of delineating the entire chart. Because when the entire chart is taken into consideration, more often than not it will augment the characteristics of the individual’s ego to such a degree that it may appear to be a mismatch with some or all of the standard delineations associated with the sign.

This is just some food for thought the next time you see a Scorpio who appears to be acting like an Aquarius. Ask yourself first, “What else is going on in that chart?”

End Notes

[1] All images provided via Shutterstock subscription.

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