The Massacre at Babi Yar

From September 29-30, 1941, Nazi Germany committed one of the largest massacres at the city of Kiev, Ukraine. Over this two-day period, it is estimated that the Nazi’s exterminated almost 34,000 Jewish people along with thousands of other cultures and nationalities.

To pull off this monstrous war crime, they had to trick the population. Shortly after occupation, the Nazi’s covered the city in posters ordering Jewish people to report to a specific location at 8:00 am, September 29th. Their stated purpose was relocation and resettlement. All of this was a lie. When the people arrived, they were brought to the massive ravine of Babi Yar where they were stripped naked and executed. To put this horror in perspective, they murdered almost 12 Jewish individuals every minute (much more when all cultures and nationalities are considered).

What made this event so unique was not just the magnitude of evil, but also that it was one of most heavily documented. Numerous images, documents, survivor accounts and bodies told the tale of the crimes that occurred here. But with the surviving Nazi propaganda, we also have documentation of a legitimate start time for this event. In other words, we have astrological evidence of the energy of this moment as represented through the chart below.

As with most charts, we will start with the angles. Libra and Aries are on the cusps of the Ascendant and Descendant making Venus and Mars the rulers and representatives of the two major groups. Venus is debilitated in Scorpio in the 1st house and retrograde Mars is strong in Aries in the 6th. In mundane charts, the 6th house has a correlation with the military as does Mars, literally. Mars is also the ruler of Scorpio. In other words, Mars represents the strength of the Nazi army ruling the weakened population of Kiev. Its’ retrograde status reflects that this aggressive presence was planning something and not showing its hand.

In regards to these plans, we look to the Midheaven (MC) and 10th house for details on the Nazi leadership. Here, we find Pluto in partile conjunction with the MC. Pluto is in square aspect to Mercury in Scorpio who is rising at the Ascendant. Basically, the leadership wanted to exterminate them by gunning them down. A mass shooting. Pluto’s opposition to the Venus/Mars midpoint confirms that absolute destruction is how they will express their power. Mars’ position as the final dispositor (in addition to dispositing both Mercury and Venus) make it clear who will be carrying out this atrocity.

Additionally, Chiron’s placement here and in the sign of Leo makes a statement that the leadership has no intention in using their power in a benevolent manner. Chiron’s conjunction to the midpoint of Jupiter/Neptune (who are also in square aspect to each other) show that their deluded dreams and vision have made them monstrous. Chiron’s square aspect to Venus reflects the toxicity of twisted leadership aiming it’s focus at the groups and entities in the 1st house as an attack.

In mundane astrological matters, the Moon is often viewed as a representative of the general public. Here, it is debilitated in Capricorn and intercepted in the 3rd house. This general public was very despondent and their situation was bleak. They did not have any escape and were trapped. They had no other choice than to seek relocation. This Moon is also at the apex of a t-square with Mars and Vesta. The public was the focus of the military’s violence, which was their duty and commitment. They were ordered. Vesta’s 12th house placement reflects that these orders were secret.

The Moon is also receiving trine aspects from Neptune and Saturn-Uranus. Usually, harmonious aspects can help alleviate stress from bodies also connected by hard aspect to a major configuration, but it should also be noted that trine aspects have a tendency to remove barriers and increase the “ease” to which the bodies relate to each other. Saturn and Uranus in conjunction reflects an authority that is bending or breaking the rules. It is placed in the 8th of death and also in conjunction with the fixed star, Alcyone. Typically, this fixed star has a fairly negative reputation and has been associated with deep sorrow and tragedies. The retrograde status of both of these bodies echoes the interpretation from Mars. They were playing this close to the chest. Their trine to Neptune-North Node in Virgo reflects that these plans supported their “perfect” Aryan dreams that excluded all other races. They believed this was their destiny. In fact, Mercury’s dispositorship of Neptune and the North Node connects this twisted dream to the shooting by providing justification. All together, this grand trine shows that there was nothing to stop the Nazi’s from carrying out this scheme. It was going to happen fast and without any blockages. The contra-parallel from Moon and Saturn as well as Uranus’ opposition to the Sun/Moon midpoint confirms that these trine aspects are not friendly or “harmonious”. The swiftness and efficiency that this relationship offered specifically allowed the exceptionally high murder count in such a small amount of time.

So why am I doing this? Are we reviewing this horrific crime as some type of perverse curiosity? Quite the contrary.

From an astrological perspective, we study these events because they offer powerful educational examples of symbolic accuracy, but from a more general perspective, we study these events so that they aren’t allowed to repeat. So that we can fully understand and grasp the drives and mentalities that led to this…but to also never forget.

It is a standard refrain that we are always living in strange and interesting times, but this particular one seems to contain a unique dynamic that involves denying the existence of the crimes of the holocaust. Gaslighters, sympathizers, equivocators and conspiracy theorists (along with the mentally unwell) crowd the media sphere with disinformation sometimes intentionally focused on trying to make us forget or doubt what really happened and how bad it was. Even worse, this strategy involves resurrecting some of the ancient prejudices that were leveraged to justify the types of mass violence that was experienced at Babi Yar.

As I stated in the beginning, there are mountains of tangible evidence supporting the existence of this degree of aggression, hatred and violence, but as astrologers, we have another unique vantage point: we can see these energies as well. And with astrological study, it is customary that as we continue to dig, we eventually reach a point where the energies can be felt…and this needs to be felt. Right before thousands of human beings were removed from existence, this is what that moment felt like.

It is important to confront the evil potential in this chart because of the unmistakable and overwhelming correlations that became a reality.

This really happened and it was as bad as anything we have read or heard. It can’t ever happen again.

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