The Paris Terrorist Attacks

The following chart was constructed based on the reported time when the first explosions were heard near the Stade de France.

The best place to start is the house of open enemies, the 7th.  Here, we find Pluto conjuct the cusp[1] of the 7th (descendent) from the 6th house side and this provides an immediate glimpse into the nature of the enemy as Pluto represents the archetype of death.

Saturn provides our second clue as it rules the 7th house.  Saturn represents the archetype of structure, but also rigidity and control.  Sagittarius is a quality concerned with faith and beliefs, so Saturn’s position within this sign shows an enemy embodied by the rigidity of their beliefs.

Saturn is also involved in a major outer planet aspect that will shape our lives over the next year, the square to Neptune.  One of the archetypal themes associated with this aspect is the struggle or friction (square) between spirituality (Neptune) and the real world (Saturn).  Considering that we have delineated an enemy that is rigid and controlling about their beliefs (Saturn in Sagittarius) and contains the characteristics of death and destruction (Pluto), it becomes apparent that the frustration (square) over spirituality (Neptune) in areas of beliefs (9th house) will turn into conflict (square again).  All together, these are the archetypal signatures of the religious terrorist.

The next piece to this puzzle is the t-square configuration containing Jupiter, Chiron and the Moon.  The base of this t-square is straddling the angular, MC-IC axis, so its manifestation will be prominent, visible and active.  Chiron is the best place to start because of its connection to Neptune via Neptune’s modern rulership of Chiron’s sign placement, Pisces.

With Chiron, we are dealing with some type of wound or weakness that must be addressed and managed so that it can be turned into an area of learning and growth for others.  With its placement in Pisces, this weakness involves a conception of spirituality and/or empathy.  Its opposition to Jupiter is a real problem because Jupiter is weak and uncomfortable in Virgo.  A healthy Jupiter represents the ability to see a larger picture or vision which is why it is associated with philosophy and ethics, but Virgo is a quality that is concerned with details.  Considering that this dysfunction is occurring at the end of a polarity that desperately needs to balance and confront the wound of spirituality confirms that it will only exacerbate the issues.

The apex of this drama points to the Moon, the ruler of the Ascendant and representative of the French people.  With Chiron getting its marching orders from two rulers (Jupiter and Neptune) in bad condition, it isn’t a stretch to imagine that the Moon is going to be the focal point.  Also, the trine aspect from Uranus, modern ruler of the 8th house of death, adds a last piece of grim evidence that what Uranus brings will come quickly[2] (trine).

The packed 4th house also needs to be reviewed as it represents the derived 8th house of death from the 9th house of beliefs.  The ruler of 4th house, Mercury, is forming a trine and sextile to both sides of the bottom of t-square delineated previously.  The thematic connections and similarities abound, so it is probable that Mercury isn’t going to help the situation.  Its position within the 5th house[3] of leisure suggests that death (rulership of derived 8th) will occur at a restaurant, theatre or sports outing.

The lack of mainstream astrological forecasts identifying terrorism as a possible manifestation of the current Saturn-Neptune square agitating the longer, uglier Uranus-Pluto square is a little disappointing.  It’s important to emphasize that ISIS and its religious extremism are an archetype of dogmatic, controlling beliefs that result in death.  Since we learn and grow from the manifestation of archetypal examples, the logical implication of this process is that what ISIS represents is morally wrong.  Of course, we don’t need an astrological chart to confirm this, but it is significant that this lesson and judgment is being rendered by a methodology that represents the workings of the universe.

Despite ISIS’ spiritual interpretations and beliefs, the archetypal symbols infer that ISIS are on the wrong side of existence.

End Notes

[1] Planets that are near the cusp of an angular house (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th) are an immediate focal point of any chart as the angles tend to manifest planetary archetypal natures in an extremely visible, prominent manner.

[2] Uranus also represents the element of surprise.

[3] The 5th house interception shows the “trapped” characteristic involved with these locations.

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