Interdependence and the Ego

In my natal chart, 75% of zodiacal energies/qualities are represented through various planetary body combinations.

Through aspects, they are augmented and blended into something different.

Through transits, they are further transformed.

Through progressions, they evolve and mature. Emotions continuously grow.

Through harmonic charts, the “shadows” of energies are continuously working from behind the scenes.

Through shared composite chart(s), they are blended and mixed with another and others.

Through group charts (state, city, country, etc), the energies preside over many, the effects of major transits changing us all.

We are everything and never separate from anything else, but this doesn’t mean we are nothing. Our combinations and interactions of energies sets us apart from any other singular point of reference. We are walking universes.

This incredible complexity challenges us to move beyond the experience of only the ego. Because to speak of energies only through the frame and filter of the Sun doesn’t equate to what they represent in their pure, unadulterated form and is always incomplete because of the all the interactions listed above. In fact, these high level, segregated characterizations can actually do more harm than good because of the myriad of contradictions that those interactions can represent.

This attachment is hard to break and I suffer from it as well. It takes a conscious effort to reach beyond and feel everything else. To hold the larger picture in mind while also isolating the energies that contribute to that whole.

Mastery demands much, but first we must let go and reach out.

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