Born to Play the Role: Mark Hamill/Luke Skywalker

A couple years ago, I wrote an article on the synchronicity between the chart of James Earl Jones and one of his most memorable characters, Darth Vader.  Through the delineation of Jones’ chart, we were able to show how it accurately reflects the biography and story of this fictional character.  Despite this being one of the more popular articles on this site, I have often thought that it was incomplete because it failed to incorporate the synastry with the chart of Mark Hamill.  For those of you who don’t share my awesome world of geekiness, Hamill played the other key, pivotal character in the Star Wars pantheon, Luke Skywalker.  If you still don’t know who that is, then go back to your cave.  That said, let’s review one last chart of an actor who was born to play the role of a character who catapulted them to fame and stardom.

Uranus T-square

Hamill’s t-square involving Sun-Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus is the most immediately noticeable characteristic and core of the chart.  Let’s break it down:

1. Sun – Saturn Conjunction

The Sun’s involvement in a t-square will always be significant because it represents an individual’s core life force, energy and ego.  This significance is a bit underscored here because the ascendant is also involved through Saturn’s rulership of Capricorn.  This means that the core essence (Sun) of who Hamill is as well as the most visable and immediate demeanor he displays to others (ascendant) are under a tremendous amount of stress from the hard aspects of the other planetary bodies in this configuration.

Saturn represents the archetype of restriction and limitation, so its conjunction to the Sun (ego) reflects a specific type of limitation or restriction in how the individual expresses themselves.  There is a certain “heaviness” to the personality and because these dynamics involve the ascendant, there may be a feeling of a specific burden to bare.  The Sun and Saturn are also positioned in the 9th house.  This house represents foreign areas or lands that are far away from home.  For the character of Luke Skywalker, this all translates to Luke being transported, as a newborn, to the planet of Tattoine, far away from anyone in order to protect him from his father, Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader).  This isolation on a distant planet with no knowledge of his father and isolated from everything is an accurate representation of the “heaviness” that permeated this character. 

But, this conjunction is also placed in the sign of Libra and is uniquely beneficial for this sign is the placement of Saturn’s exaltation.  Saturn is very strong in Libra, so this means that its archetypal function will manifest productively and positively.  Specifically, it reflects how Luke will become a good, just and fair leader and this dynamic is further supported by the sextile aspect to the Moon in Leo.  Sextile aspects are supportive so its relationship with the Sun represents a degree of harmony between the ego (Sun) and emotions (Moon).  This harmony shows the strength of synergy in the chart’s core (Sun-Moon-Ascendant) of a leader (Saturn) and hero (Sun sextile Leo Moon). 

2. Jupiter Opposition

Inherently, oppositions represents an acute awareness of the barrier or challenge that either planetary body represents 180 degrees away from each other.  There is a clear line of sight of the confrontation of everything that planetary body represents.  As an archetype, Jupiter in Aries is a signature of the adventurer.  The opposition from Sun-Saturn reflects Luke’s desire to become a great warrior, but his isolation on a planet (Tattoine) far away on the fringe of the galaxy made him feel as if he was locked into place.  Luke’s challenge was figuring out how he would be a great warrior if he was stuck in the middle of nowhere.

But the symbolism goes a bit deeper.

Jupiter is placed in the 3rd house and rules the 3rd (Pisces cusp) and 12th (Sagittarius cusp) houses.  Using derived house methodology, the 3rd house IS the 12th house from the 4th house.  The 4th house represents an individual’s family and lineage.  The 12th house represents spirituality, hidden secrets and unseen forces.  Considered together, Jupiter’s placement here represents Luke’s eventual awareness of the force[i], an ability or sensitivity passed down through his family, from his father, and all of the activities behind the scenes that went on that eventually abandoned him on the lonely planet of Tattoine.  The opposition to Jupiter represents the ultimate challenge to accept his family’s heritage and history and become a Jedi warrior.  But, unlike his father, he must balance this with also becoming a Jedi who is good, just and fair (Sun-Saturn conjunction).  This opposition is the epitome of the Luke’s character biography.

3. Uranus in Cancer

Uranus at the apex of the t-square is the driving force and represents the archetype of rebellion.  With Luke’s association with the rebel army fighting against the Empire, the rest of this t-square (Sun-Saturn opposite Jupiter) vividly symbolizes his role as a Jedi leader in this rebellion.

Uranus’ placement in Cancer is interesting as well because this energy quality is most closely associated with family.  Uranus’ function of causing disruptions and chaos manifested in Luke’s life through the death of his mother, removal from his father and sister.  He grew up with no memories or knowledge of any of them. 

Uranus’ placement in Cancer is interesting as well because this energy quality is most closely associated with family.  Uranus’ function of causing disruptions and chaos manifested in Luke’s life through the death of his mother, removal from his father and sister.  He grew up with no memories or knowledge of any of them. 

Mars – Pluto Conjunction

If there was any doubt that Jupiter in Aries is reflecting the chart of a warrior, then Mars’ rulership of the sign of Aries and its conjunction to Pluto.  Mars – Pluto conjunctions are an astrological signature for conflict and confrontation.  These bodies are often highly focalized in the charts of boxers.  In Luke’s chart they reflected his courage and desire to become a warrior and their placement in the sign Leo points to his desire to also become a hero. 

Additionally, Mars is also ruling the 4th house, so this represents another dynamic in the chart shadowing the impact that family has had on his character.  This could represent that Luke’s Jedi heritage is something that has been passed along to him, but this conjunction’s placement in the 8th house also infers that his most intense and dangerous battles would have a marked impact on where and what he came from.  If nothing else, they reflect his destiny to battle and defeat his father, Darth Vader, in combat.

Anakin Skywalker

At this point, it would be impossible to proceed without comparing the synastry of the charts of the two actors and the shadows they cast over their respective characters.

  1. Aligned Ascendants

In an amazing instance of synchronicity, Hamill’s ascendant is within two degrees of Jones’ in Capricorn.  This alignment reflects the shared ancestry of the two characters they would eventually embody.

2. Jones’ Pluto-Jupiter Conjunct Hamill’s Uranus

The chaos referenced above in regards to Hamill’s Uranus has a direct hit from Jones.  As Vader, Jones’ Pluto-Jupiter was responsible for the massive amount of death that would eventually disrupt the family structure to which Luke belonged.

3. Jones’ Uranus Conjunct Hamill’s Jupiter

This alignment within the sign of Aries is another reflection of shared heritage.  Here, it represents the fighting spirit and warrior mentality running through both of them.  While Vader’s was definitely more disruptive (Uranus), it manifested through Luke as more of a grand adventure.

4. Hamill’s Sun-Saturn at the Kite Apex involving Jones’ Grand Trine

In the delineation of Jones’ chart, one of the key observations was the fact that Jones has an imbalance of air. In other words, only one body (the asteroid, Ceres) is in an air element.  It was noted within that delineation this imbalance was critical because it represented Anakin’s inability detach from his emotions.  This emblematic because in the Star Wars cannon, it has been repeatedly noted that the Sith are driven by their passions, rage and desire for power and authority.  Anakin, as represented through Jones’ chart, is somewhat of an archetype for this dynamic.  As the individual who was supposed to bring balance to the force, he was hardly wired to handle the responsibility.  Interestingly enough, it was his son who fulfilled this prophecy.  Notice that Hamill’s Libra Sun-Saturn conjunction happens to aspect Jones’ grand trine through an opposition to Uranus as well as sextiles to Mars and Venus.  In effect, this Sun-Saturn conjunction is combining with these other planetary bodies to create a configuration known as a Kite.  Additionally, its unique placement at the apex of this configuration makes it the focal point.  This is significant because Libra is represented by the symbol of the scales.  It is the sign quality most concerned with equality and balance.  In other words, Luke’s leadership and innate sense of fairness, justice and equality would bring balance to the fiery wrath (Jones’ fire grand trine) exhibited by Darth Vader.  Just as Vader became an archetype for everything represented by the Sith, Luke also became an archetype, as depicted in Hamill’s chart, of everything represented by the Jedi.

5. Neptune – South Node Conjunctions

In another amazing instance of synchronicity, the planetary body of Neptune from both charts is conjunct the South Node of the other individual.  Neptune represents the archetype of spirituality or forces existing behind or beyond physical reality.  For the purpose of the Star Wars ethos, it is the force.  The South Node is, in essence, the past.  This “double conjunction” emphasizes the significance of the force within the Skywalker family, but it also infers Neptune’s other major archetypal function, redemption.  Considering the impact of Hamill’s Libran Sun-Saturn and the fact that his Neptune is almost exact (partile) aligned with Jones’ South Node makes a strong assertion that he will be the individual responsible for redeeming their past. 

Prophecy & Destiny

In one particular part of the Star Wars story, Jedi master Yoda tried using the force to peek into the future of Anakin Skywalker, but was unable to discern any hints of what he would eventually become.  Had Yoda been trained in astrological delineation, he would have quickly seen the immense challenging energy patterns flowing through Anakin Skywalker.  While those dynamics would not have destined Anakin was destined to become Darth Vader, the key point is that the potential existed for it within him.  That awareness, in and of itself, changes perspectives and judgments.

The western culture has a type of tunnel vision when it comes to the concept of free will.  The belief and faith that an individual can overcome and become anything borders on religion.  On the other hand, astrology literally IS fate.  It is prophecy and destiny, but with a certain degree of flexibility.  The problem is that most don’t study astrology, so they are not able to “see” an individual’s fate through its representation within the chart.  Without this awareness, it becomes necessary to default to the only knowledge available, that of willpower and exertion.  This approach can result in an imbalance of the two major forces, where the blind spot of one compels an over reliance on the other.  Ultimately, this results in judgment and direction that is compromised.

What are the probabilities of two individuals born at the exact moments that yielded charts that aligned perfectly with the fictional relationship of characters they would eventually play in a story that would make all of them legendary?[ii]  The odds are astronomical to almost impossible.  The other possibility?  It wasn’t a coincidence.  What James Earl Jones and Mark Hamill became and these roles that introduced them to fame and success wasn’t random.  They were born to play them.  Yes, I’m sure they put in countless hours of practice, honing their craft until they would have the opportunity, but it should not be discounted that without their archetypal energies all of that work probably would not have translated into a legacy that made them immortal.  Without their archetypes, the Star Wars story would not have become myth. 

The purpose of this series of articles is to show that the high degree of synchronicity between a chart’s archetypes and its most significant expression can become so accurately aligned that this manifestation can be viewed as a type of fate or destiny.  If valid then, by extension, everyone has a specific role they were born to play according to their unique and inherent archetypal natures.  Since these archetypes can represent a type of prophecy, it is imperative that the individual become aware of their influence so they can make the most efficiently educated choices and decisions. 

Existence demands balance.  Astrology offers insight into the other side of this equation.    

[i] Keep in mind that Neptune is also opposing Jupiter and just outside of orb of conjunction with Sun-Saturn.  Neptune is the planetary body most closely associated with a connection to forces that existence outside of what exists in the physical reality.  It is pure spirituality and echoes the delineation represented by Jupiter.

[ii] These probabilities are also explored in my article on the Godfather movies.

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