About half of my life has been dedicated to the study and practice of astrology. Throughout this journey I can isolate a general timeframe when it became very serious. Where it became more than just a passing interest, but instead something that would define my life. Granted, personal evolutions generally stretch over a long period, yet I can recall the feel of this era vividly and it’s corresponding transits (and progression):

  1. Rx Uranus conjunct natal Jupiter in Pisces
  2. Rx Neptune conjunct natal Mercury-Venus-Pallas in Aquarius
  3. Pluto conjunct natal Mars in Sagittarius
  4. Jupiter conjunct natal Neptune
  5. Progressed Sun’s ingress into Pisces and trine natal Uranus

These transits wiped me clean and while It would be difficult to pinpoint an exact moment It “clicked”, it was more of a gradual realization that what astrology represents is so much more vast than anything I knew or envisioned. Synchronicities that used to occur without any recognition became visible, constant and omnipresent. Charts began to make sense and I was immersed in the energies jumping off them. Everything was electric, surreal and visceral. It was intoxicating.

These revelations left a stark reality that much of what I had learned through the church, family, school and college was wrong because it was grossly incomplete. It was like being raised to believe that water wasn’t real and then encountering the ocean. A transformation was taking place at my core because my frame of reference on reality was being shattered. I had to recalibrate the world I thought I knew.

Years pass and the transits move out and on. The energy dissipates. At times, I have mourned the loss of those waves of rapture and euphoria, but their recession hasn’t changed the fact that am not the person that I was and very different from many around me.

I tend to think of this transition as a type of awakening. One that placed me on the path to become an astrologer. While that path often entails a sense of intellectual isolation and general misunderstanding from mainstream society, I would never change what I’ve become because of what I have learned and know. From time to time, I revisit the snapshot of those energies crashing against my chart and I realize that this experience left something else in its wake…

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