The Dark Side of the Rainbow

For those of you who aren’t aware, a funny little quirk has been discovered over the past couple decades.  For some reason, when Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” (DSOTM) album is played alongside the movie, “The Wizard of Oz” (WOO), the music provides a surprising soundtrack that appears to coincide with the major plot points of the story. In fact, the overlap between the two is so complementary that this little piece of trivia has actually found its way into band interviews where they have been explicitly questioned about it.

Obviously, the alignment between these two works of art deserves a deeper level of review.  The bi-wheel chart below contains the WOO on the inside and the DSOTM on the outside.

There are a handful of astrological reasons as to why these two events sync up so well:

  • DSOTM Venus opposite WOO Sun (red line). Generally speaking, Venus is art or artistry. It is exalted in Pisces, which is one reason why its aesthetic qualities were so positively received. But it’s tight opposition to the core energy (Sun) of the WOO represents a major hit. It shows how one reflects off the other. This “reflection” through opposition is a defining theme between the two charts and this first opposition is probably the strongest representation of that theme.
  • DSOTM Moon-Jupiter opposite WOO Pluto (purple line): Moon-Jupiter in Aquarius reflects the experimental mood that Pink Floyd was expanding and exploring. Here, WOO’s Pluto is intensifying that unique focus.
  • DSOTM North Node conjunct WOO Moon: Another Moon dynamic. Here, the album is finding a type of destiny or path through its combination with the movie.
  • DSOTM Pluto opposition WOO Jupiter (yellow line): This is the third opposition and significant because it reinforces the Jupiter-Pluto opposition seen in the 2nd dynamic above. Overall, these specific aspects show how the combination of these two works of art intensify and expand their influence through their reflection upon each other.
  • WOO Mars conjunct antiscia of DSOTM Neptune: While I did not mark this on the chart, antiscia contacts are often overlooked in synastry analysis…and they can be huge. Neptune “is” music. Through the conjunction by antiscia, the shadow or echoes of this music are amplified or expressed through the WOO.

I think there are enough major dynamics here to show that the alignment between the two is not just coincidence. While the band has never confirmed any of this was intentional (although, it wouldn’t surprise me otherwise), personally, I have a hard time believing it possible. It is hard enough to make an historic album that stands the test of time. It is quite another to also sync it up to an equally landmark film. That level of complexity is just…wow. Ultimately, the possibility of this small instance of synchronicity being organic is so much cooler.

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