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This has been bugging me for awhile

Below is the bi-wheel chart for Jim Morrison’s natal and the transits for the day he was pardoned for a couple of misdemeanor convictions from 1969 (spoiler alert: Jim was drunk and pulled out his thing at a concert).

The transits are fairly straight forward:

  • Transit Saturn partile sextile natal Sun: Beneficial support from authorities to Jim’s ego/core energy. The Sun’s 10th house placement reflects the impact this transit will have on Jim’s reputation.
  • Transit North Node-Mars conjunct natal Mercury: A group or committee (clemency board) is taking a more favorable perspective of Jim’s artistic expression (Mercury rules the 5th) given our growth and evolution (north node) over the past 40 years. Mars rules the 10th so we have another reflection on reputation.
  • Transit Moon trine natal Neptune: As with most events the Moon is usually the trigger. Here, it’s favorable aspect to a Neptune reflects some of the forgiveness that is coming. The Moon’s movement towards Jim’s ascendant is fitting considering that this redemption would involve his immediate personality.
  • Transit Neptune – Chiron opposite natal Jupiter: The theme of redemption is a bit more explicit with this transit. Here, Jim’s wild, bohemian personality (Aquarian 1st house) was being evaluated (opposition) by a group (Jupiter rules 11th) that was considering forgiveness (Neptune) for him.
  • Transit Jupiter – Uranus trine Midheaven: Jupiter – Uranus conjunctions are often viewed as astrological signatures of sudden success or good fortune. The trine to Jim’s MC makes a fairly obvious statement of the good fortune that would benefit his reputation. This last transit is the most direct and literal correlation to the manifestation of this event.

While it is always fascinating to trace the transits back to an event, these delineations aren’t especially unique for anyone who is suddenly experiencing a fair bit of good luck in terms of their career and reputation.

This brief analysis IS unique for another reason: Jim died in 1971.

In other words, there is no living body or person that can be tied/connected to the interaction/correlation between the transits and the event. Therefore, we would almost have to assume that whatever energy patterns are created by our entrance into this existence do not particularly require our physical existence for those patterns to be activated later.

This may all seem intuitive, but I wonder if we take for granted just how astounding astrological dynamics can be sometimes. If accurate, then there is no way that astrology can ever be considered a “science” in the manner that the physical sciences are currently defined…and then inappropriately applied to astrology.

So I’ll leave this question to the readers:

Why does/would astrological dynamics continue to “work” even after the person has left physical existence?

End Note

  1. Featured image obtained from under creative commons from Susan Ackeridge.

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