The Revenant & Scorpio

In honor of Scorpio season, it is probably fitting to quickly review one of the most Scorpionic movies in recent history: The Revenant.

(Spoiler Alert Ahead)

The Revenant is a harsh movie of survival and revenge. It is based upon the true story of a man (Hugh Glass) who was almost mauled to death by a bear and then left to die in the wilderness by his team. Somehow, not only was he able to survive, but he also found his way back to civilization in order to take his revenge on his betrayers. By definition, a revenant is, quite literally, someone who returns from the dead to haunt the living.

Any of this sound familiar?

It should. Much of this is a textbook delineation for the sign of Scorpio. The Scorpio is the sign of the Phoenix. It is the energy of rebirth and survival in the worst of circumstances. Individuals who have a preponderance of this energy in their chart are some tough, tough cookies. They can experience any pain, any defeat, any torture and have the ability to come back from it. Specifically, they have the courage and will power to come back from it. Their capacity for rebirth is super human.

But it is also the sign of revenge.

Scorpio is fixed water. That means unyielding emotion. Strong, intense and deep. Their hurt and anger doesn’t go away easily (if at all) and when wronged, the emotion can become a well of motivation, pushing them far beyond standard limits of endurance to exact vengeance against whatever/whoever has hurt them…no matter the odds, the cost or the time.

Again, this movie is based upon a true story. In fact, it has already been made into movie back in the 1970’s, but this iteration of the story appears to be the most acclaimed. At the Academy Awards of 2016, The Revenant was nominated in 12 categories and actually won for Best Director and Best Actor. All of this begs the question: why was this particular telling of the story able to garner such success?

My take? It had a lot to do with its lead actor.

Prior to this movie, Leonardo DiCaprio had been nominated for Best Actor five different times, but never won. He did here. Again, why was HE able to finally find success with this particular story?

It was because of the archetypes within his natal chart.

DiCaprio is a Scorpio Sun, but he also has Pluto between his Ascendant and his Moon. With Pluto’s archetypal functions affiliated with transformation and rebirth (both often painful), it is obvious why many in the astrological community consider it to be the ruler of the sign of Scorpio. All of this flowing through DiCaprio’s “big three” makes him somewhat of an avatar for these dynamics. Because the movie’s plot explores these archetypes in grizzly (no pun intended) detail, it created an alignment between DiCaprio’s energies and this art that allowed the truest and most accurate depiction of the archetypes. This is why the film was successful. This is why he was successful.

But don’t take my word for it. Go watch the film and experience it for yourself. It is a masterclass in the world of Scorpio.

End Notes

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