The 5th House

The 5th house is the house of good times. It is the area of life that represents parties, fun, play, romance, games and hobbies. But despite its somewhat frivolous nature, it is one of the most significant of the four succedent houses because it also represents the critical areas of creativity and children.

I am probably biased, but it has been my experience that nothing wipes your life clean faster than holding your child in the first few seconds of their life. You can feel it down to your bones. The feeling that everything in your life will change from that moment forward (8th). All goals and plans are upended (derived 8th from the 10th). The arrival of a child forces you to confront everything you have been and everything you are. For women, this transformation is also experienced physically as their bodies change to accommodate this creation (square).

Ask any parent. All of their hopes and dreams (11th) are balanced (opposition) by their children. It is impossible for any dream to exist without it being tempered by the existence of these human beings. To a large extent, children become the future we place our hopes upon.

And the price tag for all of this is steep. Kids are damn expensive (2nd). Braces, medical bills, eye glasses, clothes (constantly), Christmas, birthdays, food (teenagers never stop eating), video games, laptops, enrollment fees, musical instruments, art supplies, school supplies, bikes, cars, college, etc. The list is practically endless. If you’re a parent, you’re broke (square). It’s just that simple.

But children can define you (1st) and give meaning (9th) in a way that nothing else can. A long time ago someone told me that “you will never believe how much love you have in your heart until you have a child.” I had to experience this to understand it, but also didn’t expect it to be so…involuntary. So easy. Almost as if it requires no effort at all (trine).

Because of the 5th, I am not the same person anymore (8th). It has rocked my world more than any other house.

And I am so much better off because of it.

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