Super Human: Generational Archetypes in the 1st House

Our natal charts provide insight into our passions. Our abilities. Talents. But it also shows something else: How the collective archetypal energies of humanity itself are hardwired and embedded into a personality.

In other words, we’re referring to power of the outer planets. The dynamics that define entire generations.

“In retrospect, the discoveries of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto appear to have coincided with the emergence of three fundamental archetypes into collective human experience in a newly constellated form, visible in major historical events…these three outer planets whose corresponding archetypal principles appear to be particularly relevant for illuminating the deeper trans personal and collective patterns of human experience.”[i]

The energies of these outer planets can be challenging for an individual to access. It is almost as if they are bigger than us. There are relationships where this is possible (aspects to personal planets, etc), but I have noticed that the 1st house is one of the strongest areas where these energies can be accessed, harnessed and channeled. The reason?

“In natal charts the first place becomes the place most closely associated with the native…in some sense, the first is the place of self…”[ii]

The 1st house is identity. Planets positioned here become a part of a person because they display and manifest their traits visibly to the world around them (sometimes more visibly than the sign quality of the Ascendant, Sun or Moon).

Consider the personal impact of the following collective archetypes:

Uranus turns an individual into a rebel. It deals with revolutionaries and pioneers. People who go against the grain and challenge the order. It represents change and innovation, break throughs and record breakers. It is an individualistic planet that infuses within its natives a desire to upset the status quo and break the rules.

Neptune turns an individual into myth. It deals with visionaries. People who inspire and motivate. It represents hope and belief as well as fantasy and illusion. It represents spirituality and other realities beyond the physical. It blurs the boundaries of any demarcation that sets things apart from each other. If an individual has a mass “following” or even appears to be “worshipped” or revered by large groups of people there is a good chance that Neptune is involved.

Pluto gives an individual power. This power could be literal (physical) or figurative (administrative, leadership). It could be a desire to transform the self, the identity or an entire culture or industry. It represents sexuality. It digs beneath the surface of things. It can be obsessive and isn’t afraid of anything that may be considered taboo by mainstream culture. If a native is projecting forth Pluto, there is a good chance they are triggering extreme reactions from those around them. The reason? The intensity that a Pluto native radiates and what they are uncovering may be a little frightening.

I have collected 33 human beings who became larger than life when their immediate self was infused with the energy and power of these generational archetypes. As a result, they became heroes, pioneers, leaders, stars, visionaries, geniuses as well as villains and monsters. While there may have been many astrological factors that contributed to this, the specific relationships of these planetary gods to these mere mortals played a major role in defining them.

This analysis is primarily focused on the movement (by transit or solar arc) of these generational archetypes through each individual’s 1st house and the high level correlations to the defining timeframes of their life. They were aggregated according to the planet that appears to best define the individual.

Fame and infamy are not the point of this analysis. These individuals may have gained a degree of notoriety that was otherworldly, but that is because they became these forces and were compelled to project forward and release the energy in manners that were visible and immediate. It is entirely possible that the embodiment and release of the energy was a goal, in and of itself.

Ultimately, the energies made them more than just human and for better or worse, it made many of them legends.


  1. Muhammad Ali – Pluto (1951-1964) & Uranus (1960-1965). Pluto corresponds with Ali’s role as a transformative figure. It also gave him the power to be a successful fighter. Uranus corresponded to his name change (a perfect representation of rebellion against his immediate identity) as well as his rebellion against the draft. As talented as Ali was as a boxer, I find it interesting that what many tend to associate with him are his political stances.
  2. Rush Limbaugh – Uranus (1995-2006) & Neptune (1997-2017). Limbaugh revolutionized talk radio and much of his career was seen as a rebellion against perceived liberal overreach. In fact, he was credited with inspiring the 1994 Conservative Revolution. He has become almost mythical within his political party with a following that reveres him like a hero.
  3. Chris Brennan – Uranus (1999-2012) & Neptune (2005-2026). Brennan’s rise to prominence had a little to do with Uranus’ association with the practice of astrology and its transit through his 1st house. Brennan has become a highly visible figurehead in his role in revolutionizing the craft due to a renewed focus on traditional methods. In fact, it is not a stretch to say that he has become something of a rock star within the community as a result of this work.
  4. Donald Trump – SA Uranus (2021-2045). As politically charged as the topic may be, it is not a coincidence that Uranus’ arrival at Trump’s Ascendent coincided with his involvement with the insurrection on the United States’ capital on January 6, 2021. Despite anything else, many Americans (and others) now associate this moment of rebellion as an integral part of his identity. With Uranus’ slow movement by solar arc, we may expect more rebelliousness from him in the coming years.
  5. Adolph Hitler – SA Uranus (1896-1925). Hitler eventually became the archetype of a dictator, but it is sometimes overlooked that his rise to power started with the rebellions and insurrections he initiated early on. From 1919-1924, he created the Nazi party in opposition to perceived weaknesses within the existing government. Interestingly enough, Hitler was a Taurus Sun, Capricorn Moon with a Libra Ascendent, three energy qualities not readily known for rebelliousness or revolution. But, it is clear that he had integrated Uranus’ energy into his general identity, regardless.
  6. Dane Rudhyar – SA Uranus (1923-1962). Rudhyar was one of the most influential astrologers in the 20th century and a major figurehead within humanistic astrology. In the early 1920’s, he became focused on astrology and this coincided with Uranus’ ingress into his 1st house. Uranus’ manifestation during this timeframe was quite literal as Rudhyar was uniquely focused on an astrology of the person, the self. His book, “The Astrology of Personality” was published in 1936 and became one of the seminal texts of modern astrology.
  7. Madonna – SA Uranus (1985-2008). In many ways, Madonna is an icon of controversy, rebellion and individuality. What is unique about her astrological set up is that SA Pluto had just about completed a journey through her 1st house when Uranus arrived at her Ascendant. This means that Pluto had already deeply transformed her into an individual who was completely comfortable with sexuality and taboo topics. In this way, when Uranus followed behind the path already paved by Pluto, it became clear that Madonna had no fears or concerns in expressing herself, despite how shocking it might have been to the rest of the culture in the uptight 1980’s. All of this was represented in emphatic and surreal fashion through Madonna’s epic performance of “Like a Virgin” at the MTV music awards just as SA Uranus arrived at her Ascendant. By embracing these Uranian energies, she became a pioneer for future generations of female pop stars.
  8. Kurt Cobain – Uranus & Pluto (1985-1989). Cobain was born with the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto conjunction from the 1960’s directly on his Ascendant so it makes sense that he would go on to form a rock band that would change completely upend music in the 1990’s. But, Cobain is a bit of an outlier on this list because this cited timeframe doesn’t correspond to these bodies’ movement through his 1st house. Instead, it represents the time when his Sun activated their placements by solar arc (opposition). During this timeframe he formed his first band, then went on to form Nirvana and release their first album.
  9. George Carlin – Uranus (1959-1964) & SA Pluto (1955-1976). 1959 corresponded with Carlin’s entry into comedy. He was a trailblazer with a style of comedy that was unique and revolutionary. It was more than jokes and entertainment. It was social commentary that forced us to look at the ridiculousness of modern life. Carlin’s long term impact not only transformed the industry, but also the general culture as well.
  10. Wilt Chamberlain – SA Uranus (1953-1978). Chamberlain started playing basketball in high school just as Uranus reached his Ascendant. He went on to break many records throughout the course of his professional career. Many of those records still stand today.
  11. Steven Spielberg – SA Uranus (1967-1987). Spielberg received his first director’s contract from Universal Studios in 1968, just one year after Uranus entered his first house. Ultimately, Spielberg’s name became synonymous with unbelievable technological special effects and futuristic space movies.


  1. Barack Obama – Neptune (2006-2023). Obama’s book, “The Audacity of Hope” was published 2006, the same year the Neptune arrived at his Ascendent. This concept of “hope” also became a theme of his presidential election campaign and was represented quite literally with his image in the iconic “Hope” poster. He was viewed as less of a politician and more of a symbol, an icon that people placed their beliefs and hopes upon.
  2. Oprah Winfrey – Neptune (1984-2000) & Uranus (1988-1997). Her TV show began 1986, just a couple years after Neptune entered her 1st house. Very early on, many people noticed that this was more than just a talk show. In fact, it was often jokingly observed that the show was more of a cult because it’s fans would do anything that Winfrey suggested. If she recommended a book, it automatically became a best seller. Yes, she was a trend setter through Uranus’ influence, but Neptune’s manifestation turned her into an icon that attracted devotion and adoration from her fans.
  3. John Wayne Gacy – Neptune (1971-1986). Gacy’s first known victim was murdered in 1972. Gacy’s identity as the sadistic killer clown has been burned into America’s consciousness permanently and an accurate reflection of the illusions that Neptune represents. What Gacy was hiding was something monstrous. Since Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces and both Gacy’s Sun & Moon were placed in the 4th house of the home, it is not surprising that Gacy was hiding more than 30 bodies in the crawl space under his home.
  4. Sam Walton – Neptune (1960-1973). “Vision” is the one competency that tends to be emphasized for those in positions of leadership, especially those affiliated with a business or enterprise. Walton’s vision to build one of the largest retailers (Walmart) in the country is unquestioned. In fact, he opened his first store in 1962, just two years after Neptune arrived at his Ascendant. During this timeframe, he began to put his dreams and vision into action.
  5. Albert Einstein – Neptune (1906-1915) & Pluto (1924-1938). One of the primary roles of Neptune is to debunk the idea that anything is separate. Instead, Neptune suggests that everything is connected and dependent upon each other. With Einstein’s special theory of relativity, he confirmed the truth of this suggestion. His theory was initially published in 1905, just one year prior to Neptune’s alignment with his Ascendant. What’s interesting is that Neptune’s journey through his 1st house was closely followed by Pluto. So, what Einstein discovered via Neptune was then used to transform everything with Pluto. These generational forces made Einstein a face of a new frontier in science that dealt with the possibilities he channeled forth.
  6. JRR Tolkien – Neptune (1931-1950). Tolkien began writing the epic fantasy adventures of middle earth with “The Hobbit” in 1930, just one year prior to Neptune’s arrival at his Ascendant. Over the next couple decades he would create an entire fantasy universe with “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. To date, it is impossible to think of Tolkien without also thinking about the sprawling fantasy he imagined.
  7. Abraham Lincoln – Neptune (1844-death). What can possibly be said about Lincoln that has not been extensively covered by hundreds of historians and books? There is little debate that he is one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States as he is memorialized through countless statues, speeches and art. Lincoln’s rise to prominence coincided with Neptune’s journey through his 1st house. He was quickly immortalized into legend through numerous soaring, inspiring speeches. His brilliance was not only in realizing America’s unique historical position being founded upon aspirations of the highest ideals (namely, freedom and unity), but also in his eloquence in inspiring others that these aspirations were worth sacrificing their lives. When people are broken and hurting, uncertain and scared, they need a vision, an ideal to believe in. By projecting forth the energy of Neptune, Lincoln became that symbol, an embodiment of high ideals and beliefs. It saved America.
  8. Karl Marx – Uranus (1834-1850) & Neptune (1844-1872). Uranus’ journey through Marx’s 1st house corresponded with his time as an editor of a magazine that began printing extreme revolutionary, Democratic and communistic articles. Apparently, they became so radical that it attracted the attention of the government who shut him down. But all of this was just in preparation for the more significant arrival of Neptune. As we explored with Einstein, Neptune represents the truth that nothing is separate. All of existence is connected. Shared. For Marx, this archetypal urge was expanded to another possibility: resources are (or should be) shared as well. As a result, Marx’s and Engel’s “The Communist Manifesto” was published in 1848, just four years after Neptune’s arrival at Marx’s Ascendant. From that point, Marx’s identity became indistinguishable from the political ideology he helped to develop under Neptune’s influence.
  9. Prince – SA Neptune (1973-2005), Uranus (1979-1986). Both Uranus and Neptune were simultaneously moving through Prince’s 1st house during the early 1980’s, arguably, the peak of his fame. His image at this time was ground breaking, elegant and stylish. People didn’t just enjoy Prince’s music. They fell in love with his persona.
  10. Bruce Lee – Neptune (1972-death). Lee’s identity became synonymous with a highly stylized form of karate that he introduced to the western world via movies. This is reflective of Lee’s Sun rising which was accentuated with Neptune’s arrival at his Ascendant around the time of the release of his greatest film, “Enter the Dragon”. As much as this film became an extension of his identity, Neptune also influenced the nature of Lee’s death. Lee died of a cerebral edema, which is an excess accumulation of fluid in the brain that creates pressure which can cause death. Neptune is the planet most commonly associated with fluid. The mysteriousness of Lee’s death has contributed to many rumors and conspiracy theories over the years that have become just as much a part of his immediate identity as this film.
  11. Princess Diana – Neptune (1979-death) & Uranus (1985-1996). The Queen of Wales. The ubiquitous “People’s” Princess. Diana was one of the most popular individuals of British royalty in recent memory. During her time, she was something of an idol to her fans because of her caring and empathy for the welfare of others. Her existence and demeanor, in and of itself, became an act of rebellion and protest against a royal family who she exposed as “stuffy”, cold and out of touch. Prince Charles and Diana announced their engagement in 1981. This is only two years after Neptune’s arrival at her Ascendant, so it is probable that their courtship began around that time frame as well. Her surprising death coincided with Uranus’ exit out of her 1st house.
  12. Aretha Franklin – Neptune (1963-1977). The “Queen of Soul” won ten Grammy Awards from 1967-1974. Neptune arrived at her Ascendant just three years after the release of her first album. Neptune is the planet often associated with music.


  1. Jeffrey Dahmer – Pluto (1980-1991). Dahmer killed his first victim in 1978 with Pluto in orb of his Ascendant. Pluto’s association with power over others, destruction, cruelty and obsession reached demonic levels of depravity with Dahmer. He will forever be remembered as a monster, a perverse manifestation of those who misuse Pluto’s power.
  2. Bill Clinton – Uranus (1970-1978) & Pluto (1973-1986). Clinton got into politics in 1972 working on the campaign for former Presidential candidate, George McGovern. Pluto arrived at his Ascendant one year later. While Uranus’ journey through his 1st house may have helped shape some of the more progressive agendas and ideals, it was Pluto that helped with his rise to power. Over a 13 year journey, Pluto activated Clinton’s massive Libra Stellium of charm, persuasion and diplomacy, helping him to win the gubernatorial race four times and pave the way towards the presidency.
  3. Steve Jobs – SA Pluto (1982-2008). In 1980, Apple went public, making Jobs a multimillionaire and cementing his power within the technological industry. This was just two years prior to Pluto’s arrival at Jobs’ Ascendant. Of course, this power was short lived as Jobs was forced out the door by Apple’s board a few short years later. Jobs rebounded from this defeat by forming the animation company, Pixar. Pixar went public as well, making Jobs a billionaire. Eventually, Apple brought back Jobs and he revolutionized the entire world with the release of the iPod and iPhone. Jobs’ rollercoaster career with numerous “rebirths” is emblematic of Pluto, but the enormous scope of the transformation Jobs’ eventually initiated appears to go beyond that of just a standard Pluto transit and possibly more reflective of the power of a long solar arc.
  4. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – SA Pluto (2022-2057). AOC is a very interesting case. Pluto just finished its transits through her 1st house and some of this manifested with her rise to power as the youngest woman ever elected to congress. But Pluto has recently returned, this time by solar arc. This longer return journey promises to carry a stronger, more significant impact. Considering that the initial transit has already shown AOC to be a transformative figure, this stronger measurement will be interesting to watch manifest.
  5. Richard Nixon – Uranus (1966-1972) & Pluto (1966-1978). One of the surprising things about Nixon’s presidency was the amount of progressive regulations and agencies that were created and signed into law (OSHA, EPA, SSI, Clean Air act, Clean Water act, Endangered Species act, National Environmental Policy act). Nixon also ended the United States’ involvement in Vietnam, ended the military draft and lowered the voting age to 18. This sweeping list of changes and innovations could be affiliated with Uranus’ journey through Nixon’s 1st house. The problem is that in addition to change and innovation, Uranus also represents rule breaking and risk taking. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Nixon did as Uranus was exiting his 1st house while Pluto was also transiting in square aspect to his natal Pluto. In other words, due to concerns of losing his power, Nixon took a risk and broke the rules with the Watergate scandal. Because Pluto is a karmic planet, this resulted in a fall from grace that tainted his image and identity. Ultimately, Nixon has forever been remembered for this abuse of power that cost him the presidency.
  6. Oliver Stone – SA Neptune (1970-1999), Pluto (1984-1995). With Neptune’s association with illusions and Pluto’s with things being concealed, it can be easy to see why Stone established himself as someone who is focused on conspiracy theories. All of these bodies went into conjunction around the time of the release of his most controversial film, “JFK”. Since that point, “conspiracy” is a common association when the general public thinks of Stone.
  7. Elton John – Uranus (1962-1967) & SA Pluto (1962-1986). Both of these bodies went into conjunction at John’s Ascendent the year he started his first band. Despite John’s break through talent, his is also known for his struggle with his identity. In 1976, when SA Pluto was opposing natal Mercury, he admitted to the world that he was bisexual. Also, similar to Ali, John’s name change is also highly reflective of the dynamics addressing identity.
  8. Marilyn Monroe – Pluto (1948-death) & Uranus (1958-death). The original sex symbol which was represented by transit Pluto intensifying her natal Neptune. Also, Pluto’s arrival at her Ascendent in 1948 coincided with her first film. Uranus’ journey through her 1st house was brief and possibly contributed much to her chaotic life before she died. Her death coincided with Pluto’s exit.
  9. Andy Warhol – SA Pluto (1956-1978) & Uranus (1959-1964). One of the most visible figures in the “Pop Art” movement. Some consider Warhol as the creator of this movement. Pluto’s movement through Warhol’s 1st house probably had much to do with Warhol’s transformative impact on the industry.
  10. Kim Kardashian – Pluto (2001-2017) & SA Uranus (1999-2032). Kardashian’s astrological set up is similar to Monroe’s. Here, we have another example of Pluto transiting through the 1st house and aligning with natal Neptune. Just like Monroe, Kardashian became a sex symbol and she did not shy away from projecting this image everywhere. Uranus’ journey through her 1st house corresponds to the “alternative” and somewhat chaotic path she took towards establishing herself. In 2003, she received her first big break as a stylist and shopper to the stars. Both Pluto and Uranus had aligned by conjunction just one year prior. In 2007, Uranus was aligned with natal Neptune corresponding to the surprise release of a sex tape of her and then boyfriend, Ray J. 2007 was also the year that “Keeping up with the Kardashians” first aired. Many people have criticized that Kardashian has done little to deserve her notoriety (“she’s famous for being famous”). What they don’t understand is that the outer planets can make a person famous regardless of what they may or may not have accomplished.

[i] Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of New World View, Plume Book, 2006, p.100.

[ii] Chris Brennan, Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune, Amor Fati Publications, 2017, p.353.

[iii] All images provided via Shutterstock subscription.

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