As Above, So Below

This can’t just be all about spirituality. The time frame in which we exist is too important. We are in transition between ages and empires, dealing with unbelievably heavy issues that not only hit at the very foundation of two thousand years of evolutionary growth, but also the foundation of one of the most powerful empires in the history of humanity. The deeply ingrained philosophical perspectives being challenged right now are not for the faint of heart or timid of conviction. The vision of civilization in the wake of their potential collapse is not only frightening, but also empowering and invigorating. Over time, we must own the possibility that we have an opportunity to give birth to a new paradigm.

In some ways, grasping this weight and significance is also a responsibility. To think historically, philosophically and politically. To not be afraid to think big. To take everything in and question it all.

How have we evolved? Do our historic structures continue to support this growth? Have they become restrictive? Have they been outgrown? What was founded incorrectly? What needs to be improved? What do we keep? What do we end? What are we becoming and what are we willing to sacrifice? To what extent have the “comforts” of modern living been exceeded by the existential debt(s) they embody? What does a better world look like? What is the vision of a more perfect union? Does astrology provide any insight? If so, should it be censored in the midst of this tornado of change?

Yes, we need to become more conscious and continue our work on our energies, but the ripple effects of this drive for balance may not automatically translate epochally. And most importantly, we must not deny that some of these energies exist for the sole purpose that this time frame demands. If astrology provides any degree of awareness, it is the confirmation of teleology. There are no coincidences. You’re here for a reason.

While some of this transcends astrology, it is heavily dependent upon its wisdom as well. Most people do not have this line of sight, but we do. So, while we look to the stars, we must not forget to keep our feet on the ground. We must exist in both realities simultaneously. While we evolve inward, we must have the courage to use this knowledge to inform externally as well.

We must shine forth our energies because they aren’t just ours…and we didn’t incarnate into this era in order to be silent.

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