Gemini Rap

I can’t believe that I have not found an analysis on the correlation between the sign of Gemini, its ruler Mercury and the artistry of rap. This is an area of creative expression where this sign is a genius.

Below is a brief overview of many of the major rappers in this industry. The table evaluates two major astrological dynamics:

  • Whether they have any bodies directly placed in the sign of Gemini.
  • Any prominent conjunctions or oppositions from Mercury to the midpoint of other bodies.

The results speak for themself.

RappersGemini PlacementsMercury Midpoints
50 CentMoon, Mercury 
Andre 3000Sun, Mercury 
Chance the Rapper Sun/Moon
Common Moon/Mars
Dr. Dre Sun/Venus
Drake Sun/Uranus
Eminem Uranus/Neptune
Ghostface KillahVenus, Mars 
Grandmaster Flash Venus/Neptune
Ice CubeSun, Mercury 
Ice T Sun/Moon
Jay Z Jupiter/Mars
Kanye WestSun, Jupiter 
Kendrick LamarSun, Venus 
Lauren HillSun, Mercury 
Lil Wayne Sun/Saturn
Ludacris Sun/Moon
MacklemoreSun, Mars, North Node, Mercury 
MC Hammer Sun/Mars
MCA Uranus/Pluto
Mike D Sun/Mars
Missy ElliottSaturn, Venus 
Notorious BIGSun, Saturn 
Sean Combs Jupiter-Venus/Neptune
Snoop Dogg Sun/Moon
TupacSun, Mercury, Venus 
Will.I.Am Mercury/Moon
Wiz Khalifa Venus = Mercury/Mars

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