Solar Arcs

There are a multitude of methods to do prediction in astrology, but one of my favorites is solar arcs. It is one of the easiest to spot. With solar arcs, each planetary body moves at the speed of the secondary progressed Sun. This equates to roughly one degree per year. The beauty of solar arcs is that you can practically “eyeball” large themes very quickly without any books or programs.

While solar arc movement is slow, their impact is huge. For this reason alone I tend to think of them as “transits on steroids”. When a planet aspects another natal planet or angle by solar arc (especially conjunction) it almost always makes big waves. Also, because of their slow movement it is advised to use a very small orb. Less than two degrees is probably wide enough.

Use your chart as an example. Take note of any natal bodies close to an angle. The degrees apart from that angle equate to years. With this confirmed, you should then be able to quickly count the age when a specific solar arc went into effect.

This method works very well when combined with transits. Pay attention to when solar arcs and transits “stack up” on each other. For example, let’s say that an individual experienced a conjunction from both solar arc Uranus AND transit Jupiter to their natal Venus around the age of 31. These big “hits” should prompt us to explore positive possibilities with relationships around that age.

Let’s also look at an actual case study as well. John Lennon was assassinated on December 8, 1980. He was shot in the back of his head as he was returning to his apartment building. The chart below has been stripped down to just the planetary bodies forming significant solar arcs for the event.

Both solar arc Sun and Mars were forming oppositions to Lennon’s natal planets from his whole sign 8th house. The 8th’s association with death is well known and Mars’ reputation for violence is also not a surprise. What is interesting is the opposition to natal Jupiter. Here, Jupiter rules Lennon’s 12th house of hidden enemies. With the Sun’s opposition to Uranus, this highlights the potential for a surprise attack. Finally, solar arc Uranus’ proximity to the IC (4th house cusp) strengthens this theme with this potential being specifically connected to the home.

Of course, we would also want to combine this analysis with any transits for the timeframe of the event as well. But it is interesting (and sad) how well the solar arcs reflect this tragedy.

If you are interested in exploring this topic in further detail, Noel Tyl’s book is pretty good and very detailed. Lots of actual case studies to examine.

End Notes

[1] Featured image provided via Google Creative Commons license.

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