Forms & Qualia

You get to a point where you’re not just listening to what people say anymore, but instead existing in an in-between state of consciousness where every unique expression is translated and cross-walked to its potential corresponding archetypal astrological source. It’s a fluency where comprehension includes both the intellectual content as well as the intrinsic feel (and appreciation) of the underlying energy.

Historically, the 9th house has sometimes been associated with the practice of astrology. This is interesting because it has also been known as “The Place of God” which was then extended to philosophy and religion as well. I guess all of this makes sense because many higher forms of thought are like this – searching for the mind of God in the echoes of everyday reality. Astrology takes this a step further by organizing and systematizing this search. It’s study and practice inherently evolve into understanding the pure forms of every phenomena in existence. As a result, it unites the mind with truth and meaning. This is why astrology is so much more than just “validation”. The meaning it offers breeds existential strength and endurance.

Sometimes, this is all we need.

End Notes

[1] Images provided via Shutterstock subscription.

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