The Story of Star Wars

Over the course of nine films, countless TV shows and cartoons and an almost infinite array of toys and merchandise, the Star Wars empire has become a ubiquitous presence within most cultures. In fact, the story and plot created by George Lucas are so well known that it has evolved into a modern day mythology.

What isn’t so well known is that this story of mystical Jedi’s and the Skywalker family’s tragic fall from grace and redemption is also reflected in its astrological chart. By this, we are referring to the chart that corresponds to the release date of the movie.

The first Star Wars movie (“A New Hope”) was released on May 25, 1977. Yes, May 4th is celebrated annually as the “birthday” of the Star Wars franchise, but we are concerned with the inception date of the release of the actual story. This chart (un-timed below) contains many facets and dynamics of this famous, mythic plot.


Before we dig into the details of the story, there are a few immediate, high level features that need to be addressed in this chart. To start, the Sun is in Gemini. The Gemini quality is often associated with storytelling and here it is aligned with Jupiter both by conjunction (longitude) AND declination (latitude). This “super conjunction” strongly hints that this isn’t any old story. Jupiter’s penchant for expansion turns this story into a saga. Possibly, an entirely different universe. One so large that it requires multiple sequels AND prequels to cover it all. The opposition to Neptune reflects an awareness from the storyteller that this story is acutely impacted by archetypal mythology. As a result, it has been widely reported that George Lucas was heavily influenced by Joseph Campbell’s “Hero With a Thousand Faces”, which showed the recurring nature of certain stories throughout history and cultures. Specifically, the “path of the hero” is one archetypal plot line that Lucas adopted and applied to his main protagonist, Luke Skywalker.

Astrologically, the “hero” archetype is often associated with Mars and Aries. Here, Mars is placed IN Aries so the correlation for this manifestation is very strong and effective. It is also positioned at the South Node. The South Node represents things from the past, so this alignment reflects Lucas’ use of this ancient archetype in his story. The conjunction with Venus shows that this expression would contain an artistic flair and Venus’ rulership of the North Node reflects how his influences would serve him well. In terms of how this story would be received we look to that North Node’s alignment with the fixed star, Spica. Generally speaking, the North Node is often seen as a beneficial point bringing fortunate opportunities with the general public and Spica is the star of fame, popularity and success. Taking into account all of these dynamics at the Nodal axis it is fairly clear: the general public loves the Star Wars mythology.


In regards to the story itself, some of these same bodies can be interpreted slightly differently to unlock their symbolism. For that Sun in Gemini, it should be noted that Gemini is the sign of the twins. As a result, this story revolves around Luke and Leia Skywalker, twin brother and sister who were separated at birth. While this small correlation is surreal in its literal manifestation, we should not ignore the square to the Moon. Sun-Moon squares are notorious for the internal dissonance and disconnect they produce as a result of conflicts that can be traced back to the family. Here, it reflects the internal dissonance Luke and Leia felt with their identities as a result of not growing up with their mother and father.

Jupiter also has a role in this story. While he may be responsible for the general expansion referenced above, Jupiter’s archetypal association with the role of the teacher is also well represented. Here, Luke has two (Gemini again) of them: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Master Yoda. The Sun’s applying conjunction to Jupiter shows that Luke will find them, but Jupiter’s debilitated placement in Gemini reflects that they aren’t in much of a place to help. The Jedi’s have been eradicated and Obi-Wan and Yoda have gone into hiding. This “hiding” theme is represented by Jupiter’s combust nature being so closely placed to the Sun and also in opposition to Neptune. Neptune is sometimes responsible with creating illusions or concealing things and the opposition exacerbates Jupiter’s combust nature. Also, it should not be ignored that while Neptune is opposite Jupiter, it is also loosely opposing the Sun as well. In other words, whether Luke and Leia are aware, their true identities are being obscured. Jupiter is the ruler of Neptune, so these teachers were responsible for hiding themselves and the twins away from the father. Finally, Jupiter is the natural symbol for Uncles and Aunts and Luke was raised by his Aunt and Uncle.

Neptune has multiple points of manifestation as well because it represents spirituality and the energies at work behind the veil of physical reality. With Star Wars, Neptune symbolically represents the mysticism of the Force. Here, the opposition also reflects the twins’ awareness of their connection to the Force and Jupiter’s rulership represents the Jedi Masters’ desire to teach it to them. Inherently, oppositions contain the need for balance and this was repeatedly referenced throughout the story. Specifically, Luke needed to bring balance to the Force.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, so it is ruling the Sun. This rulership infers a connection to Luke and Leia, one that we may see as supportive. Interestingly, Mercury is also opposite Uranus. This means that Mercury represents an individual who doesn’t follow rules and is extremely independent. The placement in the sign Taurus deals with material goods and things of value and Mercury is the natural ruler for transport. Given all of this, it is pretty obvious that Mercury is symbolic of the smuggler, Han Solo who would eventually become their ally.


Mercury’s opposition to Uranus is an appropriate segue into the major configuration containing the opposition. This major configuration is a t-square with Saturn in Leo at the apex square both ends of the Uranus-Mercury opposition.

Saturn is debilitated in Leo. Historically, this debilitation found its ugliest manifestation in the dictatorship of Adolph Hitler who also had this exact placement. Here, this potential becomes more plausible when we evaluate its position at the apex. Apex planets tend to amplify their strength in order to overcome or “control” the opposing bodies at the base. Here, Uranus represents the rebellion. Considering what we know so far, it isn’t a stretch to assume that Saturn seeks to squelch this rebellion. Also, this Saturn isn’t just an empty figurehead. It IS powerful. Saturn is harmoniously aspecting both Jupiter and Pluto while tightly aligning with their midpoints as well. Jupiter-Pluto dynamics are an astrological signature for big powerful entities. Saturn is the focus and epicenter of their dynamics. In others words, Saturn IS power – organizational, political and literal. It is the symbolic representation of Darth Vader. Additionally, Saturn’s trine to Neptune reflects Vader’s mastery of the Force. It is his talent. This chart is practically screaming that this villain is an absolute handful.

With Vader established, we can now understand the conflict between Saturn and Mercury a bit better. Again, Mercury is Han Solo. In the story, Vader takes Solo hostage and then freezes him in carbonite. Solo’s “solid” status reflects another literal manifestation because Taurus is the sign of fixed earth. Solo’s eventual fate reflects Mercury’s placement in this sign.

Interestingly enough, Saturn is sextile the Sun, who is also Saturn’s ruler. Again, the Sun are our core protagonists, Luke and Leia. This means that they don’t hate Vader. They care for him. In fact, they can feel the good in him. They can feel the warmth of Leo encased within that hardened shell of Saturn. They want to redeem him. Of course, redemption is another archetypal manifestation of Neptune. With Saturn forming a trine to Neptune and a sextile to the Sun, Vader is the key to balancing the force. By redeeming him, Luke and Leia can bring balance to their family history while also saving everyone in the process.


From the correlations and synchronicity, this chart is extremely resonant to the base Star Wars storyline. What is most fascinating about all of this is that many of the story’s details revealed by the chart were not available to the general public back in 1977. In other words, the astrology within the chart revealed where Lucas intended on taking this story. It was foreshadowing the future. Also, this delineation does not take into account the impact of any house placements. Just imagine how house dynamics would improve the accuracy of the delineation were they available. If nothing else, this exercise shows the power of astrology. Nothing is hidden.

As above, so below…


…may the force be with you.


[1] Featured image obtained from Google Creative Commons section.

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