Radically Foreign & Existentially Rebellious

I spend so much time focusing attention on the invisible world of energy and connection that I sometimes take it for granted how that sensitivity grows over time. The “feel” of the ineffable within and without. But in parallel with this concentration, I also notice the divide with those who are completely ignorant to this world. To them, astrological delineations (both mundane & personal) may appear radically foreign, possibly because they have rarely reflected on their inner world. Some (many) people live entirely in the moment, striving to satisfy every whim or urge without analyzing the source of these things. In varying degrees, those who have never studied astrology tend to fall into these subsets.

So I think it is easy to lose track of how different we are, how different we become from the some of the rest of the world. Yes, the eternal challenge and responsibility remains in succinct description, but it is also the responsibility of others to focus on what these things mean for them as well. To open themselves and entertain the existence of these energies in their lives. To meditate on how they are manifesting. To momentarily break free of a frenetic omnipresent demanding constant reaction (subservience?) and try to “feel” the “energy” of a planet changing directions, changing signs, making aspects, etc. To detach and exist on the outside looking in.

This is not easy because it requires a conscious effort in taking that bold first step that involves accepting that what they (we) have been taught about physical reality may not be complete.

And for those who approach this from a position of surrender, believing these things to be outside the capacity of a human being, this doesn’t just represent something radically foreign, but existentially rebellious as well. For astrology is a tree of knowledge branching out above and below in an infinite number of directions. It is the plan. Even grand sweeping conceptions of metaphysical, religious thought do not exist outside the contours of its cyclical synchronicity. The threat of this truth looms over cracking foundations like the shadow of a nuclear bomb falling from the sky.

In other words, the chasm is wide and deep.

I keep this in mind as I go about my studies and explore and practice in this world. It is invigorating because I KNOW I am on the fringe of something beautiful and true that shapes all of reality…ages ahead of others who have yet to break themselves free.

End Notes

[1] Image provided via Google Creative Commons section.

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