Full Moon & Ingress

I got friends charting their auras and tracking their connections cosmologically.

Philosophers confirming Plato, explaining eternal maxims buried within shared experiential essences.

I got friends evolving their awareness, staring down and breaking curses that persisted for centuries.

Ptolemaic scientists and Aristotelian artists, opening chakras and channeling hadoukens of truth into the aether.

I got friends blazing a trail into the wilderness of the post-modern, studying the constitution and fated geometry of the soul.

Historians unlocking epic symmetries, the ages and avatar-defining arcs of human civilization.

I got friends accentuating love and passion with consciousness, knowing exactly what and why they feel, marrying heaven to hell.

Wild Ficinian wizards and mystics, looking like tarot card images, embracing sympathies and boldly rejecting foundations of physical laws.

I got friends who can tell you why and when religion started…and other myths we exaggerated.

Your stale world of accumulation and competition, a life of debt and servitude built upon the meek acquiescence to shallow necessary evils assumed too big to fail…

Your decaying state of grey pales in comparison to the noble vibrance of this community whose evolution and discoveries have matured into a chorus of existential fuck-you’s too big to ignore…

I’m howling before this pregnant full Moon, ravenous for change, knowing all necessary ingresses can only be suppressed for so long.

The orb has closed.

The time has come.

And we know why.

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