What Is and What Has Always Been: The Search for Led Zeppelin

After countless biographies and interviews, what more could be explored with the rock band called Led Zeppelin? Their story has become myth and legend, elevating their status within the music industry to something almost God-like. Despite all this attention and focus, there is one area that has never been put under the microscope: their astrological chart. Similar to a living, breathing human being, every entity has a “natal” chart that provides a blueprint of their energies. Even rock groups. These charts are the map, a reflection of their collective identity, music, style and all of the wild events that may occur throughout the course of their career. In many ways, an astrological chart can be more revealing than any number of tell-all books and biographies. For a band as surreal as Led Zeppelin, this chart is almost certain to be just as extreme and mythological.

So, how do we find this chart?

Obviously, it should correspond with the “birth” of the band, but what moment would that be? There are a variety of “first” moments to choose from. Their first rehearsal (8/19/68)? Their first gig/concert (9/7/68)? Their official name change to Led Zeppelin (10/14/68)? The first publication of the new name (10/19/68)? Their first concert with the new name (10/25/68)? Their first major contract with Atlantic records (11/11/68)? Possibly their first album (1/12/69)?

The astrologer Nicholas Campion offers the following observation:

“So the question of which moment constitutes the birth time should really be rephrased as which moment constitutes the reorientation point of the collective expression. For it is this moment that the focal point is revealed, becomes relevant and effective in the world.”[i]

Based upon this framing, Led Zeppelin’s “collective expression” which became “relevant” to the rest of the world was potentially on September 7, 1968. This was the moment that the band took stage in front of a crowd for the first time. The band may have been working under the name “The New Yardbirds” at the time, but that is irrelevant. What was relevant was the intention of their collective expression. They were expressing who they were at their core to the rest of the world. This is day we will use for the chart.

Now we need to select a time. According to the historic flyers from this event, the concert started at 7:30 pm. Some sources have reported that the band arrived as early as 5:30 pm in order to start rehearsing, but if we base the chart around their collective expression to the rest of the world then 7:30 pm would make the most sense for the band.

With a chart selected, we will evaluate its potential from two different perspectives. First, all the planetary dynamics will be evaluated to see how well they match the band’s “personality”. Is it an accurate reflection of how they were perceived and the music they made? Second, all of the major events from the band’s biography will be compared to the planetary bodies and chart angles to evaluate timing. Do they align accurately to the transits, solar arcs and secondary progressions for each major event?

The “Natal” Chart[ii]

As with most astrological charts, the most immediate starting point is the Ascendant. Here, Led has Aries rising. Aries rising was the band’s lusty high energy. It represented the boldness and power of their music which was often described as raw, muscular and aggressive. It was their pioneering spirit in creating a style of music that is often thought to be the forerunners of heavy metal. But this reckless energy also came out in their sexual wild parties and destroyed hotel rooms.

We can’t consider the Ascendant without also considering the chart ruler as well. Aries is ruled by Mars so Mars would be the chart ruler. Mars is in the sign of Leo, a sign quality known for its larger-than-life presence, charisma, sense of self and talent for performance. By channeling their Aries high energy through Leo, this double fire combo was powerfully expressed through their swagger and bravado. Much of this energy can be felt in songs like “Good Times Bad Times”, “Whole Lotta Love”, “Heartbreaker”, “Black Dog”, “Rock and Roll” and “The Rover”. Their lead singer’s perspective of their music was captured in this interview.

“What Robert Plant would later characterize as ‘a much more carnal approach to the music and quite flamboyant.’”[iii]

Mars is also in square aspect to Neptune. This particular aspect has a reputation for individuals who like to fantasize about heroes. They idolize masculinity. Considering Leo’s involvement in this dynamic, it represented Led’s drive to become rock gods. Specifically, Mars’ first placement in the 5th house of creativity and Neptune’s connection to the imaginative faculties offered some reasoning as how this came about and why this iconic image is also synonymous with their immediate identity.

Venus is also connected to the Mars-Neptune dynamic though is conjunction to their midpoint. Venus is literally the archetype for art so its connection strengthens Led’s creative artistry, but it’s alignment at the South Node represents how this was intimately connected to influences from the past. This was most significantly expressed through their reinterpretations of old blues songs (“I Can’t Quit You Baby”, “Traveling Riverside Blues”, “You Shook Me”, “The Lemon Song”, “Whole Lotta Love”, “When the Levee Breaks”, “In My Time of Dying”). Interestingly enough, it was these songs that also brought them a lot of stress as well because of their refusal to credit the original artists connected to their reinterpretations. This is where some of that Aries energy shows up again. Aries does not have the best reputation for sharing and Led’s insistence on their reinterpretations of old blues classics as “their” songs is not surprising. Aries is a bold quality that does not always ask for permission. With Mars’ rulership and square to sneaky Neptune, Venus’ connection at the South Node highlights how this demeanor would become a problem down the line.

The Aries-Leo double fire combo didn’t just find its expression through their electrifying performances, but they also became connected to their epically wild and destructive parties and insane sexual escapades. With Mars association with sexual energy, it’s placement in the 5th house of parties, Neptune’s association with drugs and alcohol and its placement in the 8th house of sex (and death) it is pretty clear how this energy found other ways to manifest as well. Led’s reputation for destroying hotel rooms is well documented and their scenarios with groupies have become infamous. Also, Jimmy Page’s heroin addictions and John Bonham’s eventual death to alcohol highlighted how the square’s agitation of these energies exacerbated the manifestation in ways that went far beyond normal or healthy.

Before we leave this delineation surrounding the Ascendant, we must focus our attention to Saturn’s presence here as well. Typically, natal charts with Saturn rising tend manifest in individuals who can be a bit conservative in expressing themself and may hold themself back. They may behave as if they are afraid to put themself out there. This was definitely not the case with Led so what would have been some other possibilities of this placement? First, we must consider that Saturn is ruling the 11th house. The 11th house represents groups so it’s placement at the Ascendant was symbolic of Led’s immediate identity as a group of individuals. In terms of Saturn’s tendency to restrict or limit, it’s placement here is probably also reflective of the critics’ and experts’ harsh treatment of Led’s work in the early part of their career (its retrograde status reflects their reviews). But Saturn also represents control and every aspect of this band was controlled by Jimmy Page. He put the band together, he was the producer, scheduler, contract negotiator and most of the creative decisions (music, art, etc) went through him. It should be noted that Page was a Capricorn Sun which is ruled by Saturn.[iv] Page was aware of this which is why he selected the famous “Zoso” symbol for himself for Led’s fourth album. This symbol was originally designed by the famous renaissance polymath (and astrologer), Gerolama Cardano. According to Cardano, this symbol is partially representative for Saturn. With “Zoso” becoming the most popular image affiliated with most of Led’s marketing and products, it makes sense that it would be connected to the planet rising at their Ascendant as well as connected to the band member who controlled the group so tightly.[v]

With Led’s astrological dynamics connected to its Ascendant and chart ruler delineated we can now focus on its Virgo stellium placed within the 6th house. This Virgo influence is in stark contrast to the bombastic rowdiness of Led’s Aries rising and Mars in Leo. Despite all this bluster, at heart Led were musicians. They were craftsman intimately dedicated to honing their work into perfection. The reckless abandon with which Led conducted themselves off stage was in contradiction to their precision when performing. The intricacy and technical brilliance of the songs as well as their arrangement and production highlights to a heightened level of attention to detail and complexity. Many of Led’s songs could be classified as symphonies (“The Rain Song”, “Stairway to Heaven”, “Kashmir”). Musically, they were a very well organized and tight unit. All of which was a strong representation of their heavy Virgo influence.

This four body stellium is comprised of two sets of conjunctions: Sun-Jupiter and Pluto-Uranus. These particular bodies connected together via stellium is an explosive amount of energy and reflects the band’s equally explosive performances. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction within the middle is the focal point. Jupiter is at the midpoint of Sun/Pluto and Pluto is at the midpoint of Sun/Uranus (and exact). These midpoints and conjunctions reflect the massive amount of power they could wield through their music in songs like “Thank You (BBC Sessions)” and “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You”, “Heartbreaker”, “Since I’ve Been Lovin You” and most of the album, “Physical Graffiti”.

Jupiter’s conjunction to the Sun was also reflected in the band’s heavy commitment to touring. It was one of the main ways that Led established its identity in the early days. With Jupiter’s rulership of the 9th as well as the 6th’s derived house position as the 10th house from the 9th, it reflects how Led built their career and reputation through travel and expansion.

Honestly, the 6th house orientation for this stellium appears to be a little strange. The 6th house deals with health, diet, service and daily duties. At first glance, it does not appear to be a strong fit for any of the band’s characteristics, but if we dig a bit deeper it starts to make sense. Again, Led has strong connection to the 11th house due to their status as a group, Saturn’s rulership of the 11th and placement at the Ascendant. The 6th is the derived 8th house from the 11th. This means that this group was also heavily focused on 8th house affairs. Obviously, this may foreshadow the death of one of their group’s members (John Bonham), but it also reflected the band’s other passion: the occult. In order to understand the significance of this dynamic, we will briefly review some basic definitions and perspectives.

Led Zeppelin & The Occult

Broadly translated, occult means “hidden knowledge”. At a high level this knowledge may involve the workings of existence not readily available or intentionally hidden away. Also, occult knowledge or practices often include ritual magic, astrology (historically) and any type of operation that echoes alchemy, a process that attempts transformation through the intentional application of will.

The ancient grimoire, The Picatrix, offers a fairly explicit description of the nature of the occult:

“First of all, however, you must understand that this science has been hidden by the philosophers, and they have not wished to disclose it to humanity; nay, they have rather hidden it with all their might, and whatever they have said about it was phrased in secret words, and indeed in signs and similitudes, as though they spoke of other sciences.”[vi]

Eliphas Levi echoes this sentiment with the following:

“The secret of the occult sciences is that of Nature herself; it is the secret of the generation of angels and worlds; it is of God’s own omnipotence.”[vii]

So, why is this applicable to astrological 8th house dynamics? Derived house methodology may shed some light on this relationship.

The 9th house represents philosophers and higher knowledge. It is the house of the highly educated and those who have gained knowledge through intense study. Also, according to ancient Hellenistic astrology, it is the house of God. If we turn the chart and make the 9th the 1st house and then count 12 houses over, we arrive at the 8th. This means that the 8th house is the derived 12th house from the 9th. Since the 12th house represents the areas of life that are hidden out of view then this methodology can be loosely delineated as higher knowledge about the mind of God that is hidden out of view or behind the scenes. Since the 8th house already inherently represents areas of transformation, this is how ritual magic is then blended with this knowledge.

“The eighth house is also associated with psychic and occult matters. The power that enables one totally to transform one’s life can also enable one to transform the world around one, as if by magic.”[viii]

It may seem like a stretch to take all this 8th house symbolism and then apply it Led’s 6th house stellium, but it is important to emphasize that their primary focus and reason for existence was to make music as a group of musicians. Their occult passions were an extension of who they were, but also an influential undercurrent not explicitly visible to the rest of the world (despite how they may have been under the microscope). In this manner, it would seem logical that we would have to do a bit of digging to unearth this connection.

Pluto is the epicenter for this energy. It’s opposition to Moon in Pisces in the 12th house manifested as their exploration of more fantasy elements (“The Battle of Evermore”, “What Is and What Should Never Be”, “Ramble On”), but also further reinforces this connection to energies hidden out of view, but could probably “feel” intuitively (Moon) together. Pluto’s exact conjunction to the midpoint of Jupiter and Uranus as well as its conjunction to the midpoint of Sun and Uranus can’t be overstated. Pluto is, quite literally, the planet of power and transformation. Ultimately, the blending of Jupiter’s expansive myth-making, Uranus’ sky breaking innovation, the Sun’s blinding light of self all channeled through Pluto’s volcanic implosions of power, coalesced together within a cauldron that made Led Zeppelin appear super human. Within the fertile occult ground of this derived 8th house, Pluto’s manifestation is powerful and heavy, maximizing its multi-generational sextile relationship to Neptune (the planet of non-physical energies) that is more directly placed in the actual 8th house.

With most individual natal charts, the Neptune-Pluto sextile is largely ignored because it is present in practically every person alive today. As a result, it can be difficult to identify the influence of this massive cycle within a single individual. But Led’s chart is a unique example where this cycle’s manifestation can actually be traced back to the creative output of the band. As a matter of fact, some astrologers have theorized that this particular sextile has a correlation with the birth of rock music. And, there is definitely a palpable energy to Led’s music. It is more than just decibel levels, volume, pitch or speed. It may even be thought to transcend emotion. It is a power arising from below the surface of things, musically excited into existence from other realities. An archetypally elemental splitting of the atom set to sound, but with an experience that isn’t isolated to just the ears.

While it isn’t certain whether this particular quality was intentional, that possibility shouldn’t be discounted. Jimmy Page possessed knowledge of these things. The full extent of Page’s involvement in the occult and its potential application to Led’s music as a form of ritual or invocational magic was captured beautifully in this passage from Mick Wall’s exhaustive biography:

“No mere meddler he. I once asked Jimmy if the apparently mystical aspect of much of Zeppelin’s oeuvre – be it the music, the album artwork, or simply the stage performances – was a product of the era the band reigned over (like Sabbath et al) or whether it was to do with a more longstanding personal interest. He replied: ‘I was like that at school. I was always interested in alternative religions.’ He added with a smile: ‘These days it’s alternative medicine, isn’t it? But, yes, I was always interested in mysticism. Eastern tradition, Western tradition. I used to read a lot about it so consequently it became an influence.’ And, I wondered, as the Zeppelin phenomenon grew ever larger and more unstoppable, did he feel he was tapping into something greater, some form of energy more profound than just good-time rock’ n’ roll, perhaps? He nodded. ‘Yeah, but, obviously, you can tell that from the live things. It was almost a trance-state sometimes, but it just sounds, you know…’. He fell silent.”[ix]

Page has admitted that he began studying the occult through the writings of Aleister Crowley when he was a teenager. As he matured and became more successful, he became an avid collector of all things Crowley, even purchasing his old home. Page was also involved in some visible occult side projects as well, writing the entire soundtrack for the film, “Lucifer Rising”.[x] So it is a legitimate question to ask, “How much of this passion and interest influenced Led Zeppelin?” Again, Page himself offered a key insight:

“And what did your sign mean? ‘Well,’ he sighed, ‘let’s just say we were breaking a lot of rules, and that was our intention.’ A pause, and then: ‘My symbol was about invoking and being invocative.’”[xi]


“But consider those words again – ‘invoking’ and ‘being invocative’ Clearly, ‘Zoso’ is an occult sigil. Make of that fact what you will, but Page wasn’t joking when he chose it. As he told Nick Kent in 1973: ‘What you put out, you get back again all the time. The band is a good example of that simply because there’s an amazing chemistry at work there.’ He added: ‘Astrologically it’s very powerful indeed.’ Or as he put it to Chris Welch a year later in an interview for Melody Maker: ‘There are powerful astrological forces at work within the band. I’m sure they had a lot to do with our success.’”[xii]

What all of this means is that the band’s occult undercurrent was a strong reflection of its “Zoso Magus” whose controlling influence was, in turn, astrologically represented through the group’s Saturn rising. Additionally, Saturn’s position at the apex of a YOD configuration with the aforementioned Neptune and Pluto sextile also infers the magnitude of the powers Page was attempting to “invoke”. When he hints that his occult studies influenced the stylistic direction of the group’s music, all of this is a reflection of that. Taking all of these factors into account, it can be easy to conclude that any of his experiences with invocational, ritual magic found its way (intentionally or otherwise) into Led’s music as well.

Mercury’s rulership of this stellium is also revealing because it is in conjunction with the South Node (along with Venus) and the midpoint of the similarly occultic square from Mars to 8th house Neptune. Again, some of this manifestation would represent Mercury’s creative “borrowing” (along with Venus) that Led utilized in their reinterpretations of classic blues songs, but given the nature of this stellium, it also infers that the influence pulled from the past wasn’t just old blues tunes. It was some of the occult knowledge passed down over generations and going back as far as the Renaissance, when the philosopher and astrologer, Marsilio Ficino, first proposed the sympathetic magical power of song and symbol.[xiii]

Based upon this brief delineation of the chart’s more prominent characteristics, we may conclude that it offers credible confirmation of the date, but we can’t leave the analysis here. As an additional level of confirmation, we will also compare the major events in the band’s history to this chart.

Major Events

The following is an analysis of 24 major events. These include all album releases, massive successes as well as gut wrenching tragedies. For each event, all relevant aspects by transit (t), solar arc (sa) and secondary progression (sp) are listed. The aspects reviewed are all standard: conjunction (conj), opposition (opp), square (sqr), trine and sextile (sxt). For solar arc and secondary progression, the aspects were kept tight. When applicable, a distinction was made for those aspects that were partile (p).

The purpose of this second phase of the analysis is to offer further confirmation of the chart’s date, but also the time as well. This will should be reflected in significant aspects to the angles: Ascendant (ASC), Midheaven (MC), Descendant (DSC and Imum Coeli (IC). For ease of analysis, all contacts have been abbreviated.[xiv] Finally, a brief delineation of the most significant and relevant contacts for the event was provided.

Event #1 – Signs with Atlantic Records.

Date: 11/11/68

Aspects: T.PL opp n.MO. T.CH opp n.UR. T.UR-t.MA opp n.CH. T.ME sxt n.MC. T.SU trine n.PL. T.SA conj n.ASC (P). T.NN sqr n.MC. Sp.MO opp n.UR.

Key Dynamics: This event is shortly after their first concert so we should not expect to see many significant solar arcs or secondary progressions. Transit Saturn’s aspect is impressively relevant. It shows that the group was taking a serious approach to their identity. Things were becoming formal and official.

Event #2 – Led Zeppelin 1 released.

Date: 1/12/69

Aspects: T.UR-t.JU-t.SN conj n.VE. T.NE sxt n.UR (P). T.SU trine n.PL (P). Sp.MO opp n.UR. T.SA conj n.ASC. T.MA-t.VE sxt n.MC.

Key Dynamics: This event is still too early for any significant solar arcs and secondary progressions. Uranus-Jupiter contacts are signatures for success so their alignment by transit with natal dignified Venus is a huge boost to their artistic capabilities. Also, the double sextile from transit Venus and Mars to the natal MC is also relevant as it shows their natural creative talents benefitting their career. These are also good aspects for the confirmation of the chart’s time.

Event #3 – Led Zeppelin 2 released.

Date: 10/22/69

Aspects: T.UR-t.VE conj n.VE (Venus return P) & sqr n.MC. T.JU sxt n.MA. Sa.SU conj n.JU (P) & t.JU sqr n.SU-JU. T.SN conj n.PL. T.MA trine n.PL. T.SU sqr n.UR. T.MO opp n.PL. Sa.ASC trine n.MA (P). T.SA trine n.MC. T.JU conj n.DSC.

Key Dynamics: This is where things really start to take off. What a wild stroke of luck to release an album on the day of the band’s Venus return. The partile trine from solar arc Ascendant to natal Leo Mars shows that the band had arrived, big time. That aspect alone feels like “Whole Lotta Love” sounds. It was also another confirmation of the chart’s time. The partile conjunction of solar arc Sun to natal Jupiter (amplified by transit Jupiter’s contact) was another massive hit that sealed the success of this album and also foreshadowed what was coming. Because all of the bodies involved in that stellium would eventually go into conjunction with each other and set off equally powerful events.

Event #4 – Led Zeppelin 3 released.

Date: 10/5/70

Aspects: T.SA trine n.PL. T.CH sqr n.MC & sxt n.Me-n.VE. Sa.ME conj n.SN (P). Sp.MO conj n.ASC. T.UR conj n.ME. Sa.MC sqr n.ME (P). Sa.VE conj n.ME (P).

Key Dynamics: Led 3 was considered a much less popular album in comparison to their first two and the partile square from solar arc MC to natal Mercury and square from transit Chiron to natal MC probably contributed to some of the friction. Also, the Moon’s conjunction by secondary progression to the natal Ascendant is another good hit for confirmation of the chart’s time.

Event #5 – Led Zeppelin 4 released.

Date: 11/8/71

Aspects: T.JU trine n.NN (P). T.PL-sa.UR opp n.CH (P). Sa.VE conj n.SN. Sa.MA sqr n.NE (P). Sp.MO trine n.MC. Sa.MC sqr n.NN. Sa.ASC conj n.SA. t.SU sxt n.SU (P).

Key Dynamics: This was the album that changed everything. It is their best-selling album and one of the greatest rock albums ever made. The combo between transit Pluto and solar arc Uranus both in partile opposition to natal Chiron is revolution and power on another level. It is an epic hit. It reflects the band’s unbelievable drive to change everything and obsession to prove themselves. They went far beyond what anyone would have ever expected. The Jupiter transit and Moon progression were perfect compliments to how their efforts would be received. Also, this was the album that popularized Page’s “Zoso” symbol, to which we have shown to be a symbolic representation of Saturn within the band’s chart. As a result, the alignment between solar arc Ascendant and natal Saturn is fitting.

Event #6 – Houses of the Holy released.

Date: 3/26/73

Aspects: T.UR sxt n.MA (P). Sa.NE sxt n.UR (P). T.SU sqr n.MC. T.ME opp n.SU (P). Sp.MO trine n.PL. Sa.MO opp n.UR (P). Sa.ASC conj n.SA (P). Sa.MC sqr n.NN (P). T.UR conj n.DSC. T.NE conj n.VE. T.JU trine n.VE (P). Sp.MA sqr n.NE (P).

Key Dynamics: There are some who consider this album to be a bit of a letdown after Led Zeppelin 4, so it is surprising to see so many strong partile aspects. Of note, the solar arc Ascendant aspect reviewed in event #5 had come to full fruition here (within one degree of exact). The artwork for this album was some of the most occult heavy to date. This was probably a reflection of Page’s growing and evolving occult influence on the band. The multitude of Neptune aspects as well as the aspect from progressed Moon to Pluto also helped unearth the imagery and symbolism.

Event #7 – Broke the Beatles attendance record at Tampa stadium.

Date: 5/5/73

Aspects: T.UR conj n.DSC (P). Sa.MO opp n.UR. Sp.MO-t.VE trine n.PL. Sa.ASC conj n.SA (P). Sa.CH sqr n.MC (P). Sa.MC sqr n.NN (P). T.NN sqr n.NN (P). T.NE sxt n.VE (P).

Key Dynamics: Uranus partile transit to the natal Descendant is a huge hit and highly resonant for the record breaking crowds for this event. It is also another major confirmation of the chart’s time. This transit was reinforced by solar arc Moon.

Event #8 – Swan Song label launch party in NYC.

Date: 5/7/74

Aspects: T.UR opp n.SA (P). Sa.PL conj n.UR. T.NN trine n.SA. Sa.JU conj n.PL. T.VE conj n.CH. T.JU opp n.SU-n.JU (Jupiter opposition). T.PL sqr n.MC & conj n.VE. T.SA sqr n.CH (P). T.SU trine n.JU (P). Sp.MO trine n.VE.

Key Dynamics: Wow, the aspects involving Jupiter are all over the place. This would make sense as this event represented a major expansion of the band through the creation of their own label that would attract other bands. The Uranus transit reflected the band’s desire to break free of the structure that I’m sure they felt was holding them back. Also, the conjunctions by solar arc within their stellium were about to go exact. The next event would represent a peak time.

Event #9 – Physical Graffiti released.

Date: 2/24/75

Aspects: T.JU conj n.MO & trine n.NE (NE P). T.JU opp n.PL. t.PL conj n.ME-VE & sqr n.MC (ME P). Sa.JU conj n.PL (P). Sa.PL conj n.UR (P). T.SU sxt n.MC (P). T.MA sqr n.SA (P). Sp.MO sqr n.SU. T.VE conj n.CH (P).

Key Dynamics: The impact of natal Pluto and Uranus receiving partile conjunctions from solar arc Jupiter and Pluto at the same time (both within one minute of exact) is massive. It is a reflection of the success of this album, but also the huge amount of artistic material that was released as well as more deep occult influenced songs (“Trampled Under Foot”, “In the Light”, “Kashmir”). The epic ambition of this album is unreal and can be felt in its signature song, “Kashmir”. This song was otherworldly, “trance-like” in its occult imagery, powerful in feel and a ground breaking achievement in rock music. This song is these solar arc aspects.

Event #10 – Car crash hospitalized Robert Plant’s family.

Date: 8/4/75

Aspects: T.JU-t.CH conj n.SA (JU P). T.MA sqr b.MA. T.SA sqr n.SA (opening Saturn square). T.NE trine n.NN. T.NN conj n.NE. T.PL conj n.VE-n.ME & sqr n.MC. Sa.JU conj n.PL (PL). T.UR sxt n.MA.

Key Dynamics: Plant was confined to a wheelchair for an extended period of time after the crash. Hardly any significant solar arcs or progressions for this event. Driven completely by transits. The opening Saturn square is the focal point here with transit Jupiter and Chiron arriving at natal Saturn and transit Mars square to itself as equally detrimental for this event. It represents how their expansionary efforts were derailed due to injuries and obstacles of a violent nature. This opening Saturn square was a transition point that represented an overall trend of decline for the band’s remaining years.

Event #11 – Presence released.

Date: 4/5/76

Aspects: Sa.UR conj n.VE & sqr t.MA (P). T.SA sqr n.SA. T.CH conj n.SA. T.PL conj n.SN (P). Sp.MO sqr n.UR. T.UR sxt n.MC. T.SU-t.ME trine n.ASC. Sa.SU conj n.PL (P). T.NE trine n.CH (P).

Key Dynamics: Presence was one of the weakest albums and it shows as it was released while the band’s opening Saturn square was still in orb. Transit Chiron was involved as well and this probably reflects the fact that Robert Plant recorded this album while he was still in recovery. Transit Pluto over the South Node feels like the band was drained. These transits feel like an uphill battle with the square from solar arc Uranus pushing hard to overcome the obstacles.

Event #12 – The Song Remains the Same is released.

Date: 10/20/76

Aspects: Sa.MC trine n.SU. Sa.PL opp n.CH. Sa.SU-sa.JU trine n.SA (JU P). T.UR-t.NN-t.MA sxt n.MC (UR P). T.ME sqr n.SU (P). T.JU trine n.UR. Sa.UR conj n.VE & sqr n.MC (P). Sa.JU sxt n.NE (P).

Key Dynamics: This event is strange. While it was generally panned and received negative criticism from the critics, it did fairly well at the box office and has developed a cult following over the years. There are enough harmonious aspects to bring about a solid degree of success. It should be noted that the progressed Ascendant had moved into Taurus years ago and the solar arc Ascendant was winding down its journey through Aries.

Event #13 – Set Guinness Book of World Records for attendance at Silverdome concert.

Date: 4/30/77

Aspects: T.SA conj n.NN (P). T.VE conj n.NN. T.JU trine n.VE. Sa.JU sxt n.NE (P). Sa.UR conj n.ME. Sa.NN conj n.ASC. Sa.MC trine n.SU. Sp.ME conj n.DSC. Sp.MO sqr n.NN (P). T.SN conj n.ASC. Sp.ME opp n.ASC. T.NE sqr n.SU (P).

Key Dynamics: This event was a bright spot over the band’s final years and was brought about by many nodal aspects occurring simultaneously, specifically their inverse nodal return. The band was cashing in on their popularity. This return was amplified by the North Node’s arrival at the natal Ascendant by solar arc (another piece of confirmation for the chart’s time) which helped to manifest the benefits of the trine between solar arc MC and natal Sun as well as Mercury’s arrival at the Descendant by progression.

Event #14 – Robert Plant’s son dies. The rest of the tour is canceled.

Date: 7/26/77

Aspects: T.SA conj n.MA. T.NE sqr n.SU-JU. T.MA trine n.VE (P). T.VE sqr n.PL. Sa.JU opp n.MO (P). Sa.NN conj n.ASC. Sa.MC trine n.SU (P). T.SN conj n.ASC. T.UR sxt n.MC. T.SA trine n.ASC. T.CH trine n.MC. Sp.ME opp n.ASC.

Key Dynamics: With this event, the nodal axis is actually hurting the band. The South Node’s arrival at the natal Ascendant by transit (another confirmation of the chart’s time) while Saturn is arriving at Mars by transit is something of a “double whammy”. It is blocking their efforts and hurting their ability to project their image outwards. Jupiter’s opposition by solar arc to natal Moon and Neptune’s square by transit to natal Sun all highlight the death of a child due to a virus.

Event #15 – In Through the Out Door released.

Date: 8/20/79

Aspects: T.SA conj n.SU-JU. T.MA sqr n.VE-ME. T.JU conj n.MA (P). Sp.MO sxt n.ME (P). Sa.MO opp n.VE (P). Sa.SU opp n.MO (P). Sa.SA trine n.MC. Sa.ME conj n.DSC. Sa.ASC ingressed into Taurus. T.JU trine n.ASC. T.MA sqr n.MC. Sp.VE conj n.DSC (P).

Key Dynamics: The natal Ascendant’s ingress into Taurus by solar arc is a primary focus. It is a major transition in energy. Much of the heavy hard rock sound from the earlier albums was gone or muted. Even the artwork appears very different from what is typically expected. While the progressed Ascendant transitioned years ago, this ingress by solar arc feels like a final change in their transformation. Additionally, transit Saturn once again brings more disappointment that began with its opening square. Here, it is beginning is long conjunction through the band’s stellium. Finally, the opposition between solar arc Sun and natal Moon seems to infer an end. There are some other decent aspects, but the first three dynamics represent a stark difference in energy from the band.

Event #16 – John Bonham’s death.

Date: 9/25/80

Aspects: Sa.JU conj n.UR. T.UR conj n.NE. Sa.UR conj n.SN (P). T.SA-t.SU opp n.CH. Sp.MO sqr n.NE. T.ME opp n.SA. sa.ME-t.PL conj n.DSC (P). T.VE-t.NN-t.NE trine n.ASC (NE P).

Key Dynamics: In the main chart delineation, we noted that how 6th was the derived 8th house from the 11th and that a death of a group member may be the undoing for the band. Here, solar arc Mercury (ruler of that 6th house Stellium) alignment with transit Pluto on angle (another confirmation of the chart’s time) feels like the tragedy that the chart initially foreshadowed. Also, it doesn’t help that natal Neptune (alcohol, drugs) received some strong aspects from progressed Moon and transit Uranus or that solar arc Jupiter (the ruler of the standard 8th house) was aligned with natal Uranus. All of these aspects reflect the surprise nature of this event that destroyed the group.

Event #17 – Official break up.

Date: 12/4/80

Aspects: T.SA conj n.SN-n.ME (P) & sqr n.MC. T.JU conj n.VE (P). T.PL opp n.SA. T.NE sqr n.PL (P). T.MA sqr n.NN. Sa.JU conj n.UR (P). Sa.UR conj n.SN (P). Sa.SA trine n.MC (P). Sa.ME opp n.ASC (P).

Key Dynamics: Saturn’s arrival at the natal South Node at the same time Uranus arrived by solar arc would have been enough disruption to end the band. With the addition of Pluto’s opposition by transit to natal Saturn, we have a clear picture of a group collapsing under the weight of their grief. What began with the Pluto transit to the 6th ruler (Mercury) in the last event was finalized here with its transit to the 11th ruler (Saturn). The band had been destroyed and they were recognizing it. This has a feel of mourning and the aspect from transit Neptune to natal Pluto confirms some of that.

Event #18 – Coda released.

Date: 11/19/82

Aspects: Sa.VE conj n.DSC (P). Sa.MA trine n.MC. Sa.NN conj n.SA (P). Sa.MC sqr n.ASC (P). Sa.PL sqr n.MC (P). T.SN conj n.MC (P). T.UR trine n.VE. T.SU-t.ME sxt n.UR (P). T.JU sxt n.PL (P). Sp.MO conj n.PL (P).

Key Dynamics: This album was released years after the band’s breakup. It was one of the worst selling albums in their category. The South Node’s alignment by transit with the natal MC is not only a fantastic piece of confirmation for the chart’s time, but also very resonant for the event. Something from the band’s past was impacting their careers again. The partile aspect from solar arc North Node to natal Saturn is good and feels like the decent critical reception that this album received. The conjunction from progressed Moon to Pluto is equally strong, but when considered alongside the square from solar arc Pluto to natal MC it starts to feel like the release of a posthumous work.

Event #19 – Led Zeppelin Box set becomes one of the best-selling sets of all time.

Date: 9/7/90

Aspects: Sa.MC trine n.UR. Sa.SA trine n.JU (P). Sa.SU conj n.VE (P). T.MA trine n.VE. T.UR conj n.MC. Sa.NE sqr n.SU (P). T.ME-t.SU conj n.SU (ME P). T.PL sxt n.SU (P). T.NN conj n.VE. T.JU opp n.VE. T.CH sqr n.SA (P).

Key Dynamics: Really decent aspects for this event. The first three solar arcs listed are very supportive for the business, career and creative artistry and identity of the band. The transiting Nodal Axis to Venus is equally fabulous for this release.

Event #20 – Inducted to Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame.

Date: 1/12/95

Aspects: T.UR trine n.UR. T.NE-t.SU sxt n.NE & trine n.PL (P). Sa.MA conj n.JU (P). Sa.UR opp n.SA (P). Sa.SU conj n.SN (P). Sp.MO sqr n.NN. Sa.MO trine n.MA. Sa.CH opp n.UR. Sa.NN trine n.MC (P). Sa.ASC trine n.JU (P). T.SU-t.NE sqr n.ASC.

Key Dynamics: The Sun’s alignment by solar arc with the natal South Node is actually fitting for this event. Led was being recognized for who they were and what they created in the past. The partile trine from the solar arc North Node to the natal MC is a fantastic representation for a hall of fame induction as is the partile trine from the solar arc Ascendant to natal Jupiter, which was further reinforced by solar arc Mars’ (chart ruler) partile conjunction to natal Jupiter as well. That is quite the celebration for who they were. The partile orb of both angle aspects provide some of the most powerful confirmation for the chart’s timing given their correlation to the event. In fact, these are probably strong enough to clinch it.

Event #21 – Led Zeppelin 4 (album) Grammy Hall of Fame induction.

Date: 2/24/99

Aspects: T.NN conj n.MA (P) & trine n.ASC. Sa.MC sqr n.ME (P). Sa.MO-t.SA conj n.SA (Saturn return). Sa.SA opp n.NE (P). Sa.NE trine n.SA. Sa.MC trine n.VE (P). T.SU sxt n.MC. T.VE-t.JU sqr n.MC. Sp.MO trine n.MC.

Key Dynamics: It makes sense that Led’s first Saturn return would involve a review of their greatest accomplishment, the creation of the album, Led Zeppelin 4. The transiting North Node was also very supportive of their identity with its partile conjunction to natal Mars. Finally, the partile opposition from solar arc Saturn to natal Neptune was significant as it also recognized their achievement in the artistic fantasy they created with that album.

Event #22 – Grammy Lifetime Achievement award.

Date: 2/13/05

Aspects: T.NN-t.MO conj n.SA & sqr t.SA. Sa.NN trine n.JU (P). T.PL sqr n.MO & trine n.SA (P). T.SA sxt n.PL. T.UR sxt n.MC (P). T.SA sqr n.ASC. Sa.SU conj DSC (P).

Key Dynamics: The two aspects from transit and solar arc North Node are powerful and a good representation of receiving praise from the general public. I also like the double harmonious aspects from Saturn and Pluto to each other. Their relationships highlight the achievement of a transformative legacy. The Sun’s arrival at the Descendant by solar arc is yet another great piece of confirmation for the chart’s time.

Event #23 – Led Zeppelin reunion at O2 concert.

Date: 12/10/07

Aspects: Sa.ASC trine n.UR (P). Sa.SU-sa.JU opp n.SA (JU P). Sa.VE sxt n.SU (P). T.UR opp n.SU. T.PL-t.JU sqr n.UR (P). T.MA sqr n.NN. T.VE sxt n.MC. T.NE opp n.MA. T.CH conj n.SN. Sp.MO conj n.MA (P). Sp.ME conj n.DSC (P).

Key Dynamics: There are many strong aspects of resonance with this event. The partile aspects to natal Uranus are powerful. The square from transit Jupiter-Pluto once again activated Led’s mythological power for an electrifying performance. The trine from solar arc Ascendant highlighted their identity and this was further reinforced by the progressed Moon’s partile conjunction to natal Mars (chart ruler). Most significantly, progressed Mercury, the ruler of Led’s powerful Stellium, had finally returned to the Descendant by partile retrograde conjunction. Led has returned for one final concert for the general public. This Mercury aspect is another strong piece of confirmation of the chart’s time.

Event #24 – The band, Spirit, files a lawsuit claiming Led Zeppelin stole their music for the song “Stairway to Heaven”.

Date: 5/31/14

Aspects: Sa.ME-sa.SN-sp.MO conj n.NE (SN P). Sa.MA & t.MA sqr n.MC & conj n.VE (sa.MA P). Sa.SA conj n.SN. Sa.CH trine n.JU (P). T.CH opp n.JU. Sp.SU ingressed into Scorpio. T.NE sxt n.MC. T.SA sqr n.MA. T.JU sqr n.ASC (P).

Key Dynamics: Spirit claimed that Led stole a riff from their song, “Taurus”. The most significant aspect here is the solar arc nodal axis across the Taurus-Scorpio polarity (issues of balance with what is owned). It is a quite literal reflection of this event. The South Node aligned tight to Led’s natal Neptune reflected Spirit’s assertion that Led stole (solar arc Mercury) their music (natal Neptune) in past recordings (solar arc South Node). Also, Neptune is another literal symbol for “Spirit”, thereby revealing more astrological symbolism from the band’s chart that would one day become a reality.

Closing Thoughts

Based upon the planetary aspects and their correlation to the band’s general identity as well as the manifestation of various events over the years, I am very confident with this chart’s date. Also, there appear to be more than enough significant aspect hits to the angles to feel comfortable with the accuracy of this chart’s time as well. This should not be interpreted to mean that this is definitely THE chart, but that it is a workable chart for manifestation. Because this analysis supports the character of the band and timing of events, then it is highly probable that this resonance and reflection will continue for future events as well. For all intents and purposes, this is an astrological chart for the rock band, Led Zeppelin.

End Notes

[i] Nicholas Campion, Mundane Astrology: An Introduction to the Astrology of Nations and Groups, Thorsons, 1992, p.90-91.

[ii] Led’s first concert was in Copenhagen, a city with a latitude that tends to “exaggerate” the size of the houses within the Placidus house system. As a result, this analysis has defaulted to Whole Sign house system instead.

[iii] Mick Wall, When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography of Led Zeppelin, St. Martin’s Griffin, 2019, p.159.

[iv] To be fair, John Paul Jones was also a Capricorn Sun, but his controlling influence on the band was nowhere as pervasive as Page’s. Also, Jones did not possess anywhere near the occult knowledge that Page possessed.

[v] Astrologically, Led’s Saturn was also in conjunction with Page’s Jupiter, another telling indicator of which individual Saturn represents within Led’s chart.

[vi] John Michael Greer and Christopher Warnock, The Picatrix, Adocentyn Press, 2010, p.21-22.

[vii] Eliphas Levi (translated A.E. Waite), The History of Magic, Weiser Books, 2001, p.358.

[viii] Robert Hand, Horoscope Symbols, Whitford Press, 1981, p.291.

[ix] Mick Wall, When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography of Led Zeppelin, St. Martin’s Griffin, 2019, p.228.

[x] There have also been rumors that Page was a member of secret occult societies (O.T.O.) and that occult (“Satanic”) imagery was inferred in the lyrics of songs like “Stairway to Heaven”, “In the Light”, and “Trampled Under Foot”. It should also be noted that Page used bits and pieces of his soundtrack for “Lucifer Rising” in some Led songs.

[xi] Mick Wall, When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography of Led Zeppelin, St. Martin’s Griffin, 2019, p.275.

[xii] IBID, p.277.

[xiii] To that end, it should be noted that Led’s Venus-Mercury was in the sign of Libra, the sign of Aleister Crowley’s Sun. In fact, Crowley’s nodal axis was in conjunction with Led’s nodal axis. For more historical synchronicity, Led’s South Node was in partile conjunction with the midpoint of Marsilio Ficino’s Mercury/Neptune square.

[xiv] For most astrologers, the rest of the abbreviations for the planetary bodies should be fairly intuitive.

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