Meaning & Joy

Behind all this study and work, all this mining of synchronicity is an underlying belief…nay, an awareness and acceptance…that this physical reality isn’t all that there is.

To find a path that provides consistent and credible proof and evidence of this is like finding holy grails and eternal fountains.

How can we not be invigorated and inspired to explore connections and hunt down answers? To chase down the proofs of immortality hidden within the darkness of our mortal cage?

It is bigger than ego or popularity. Bigger than money or clout. The surreal juxtaposition of finding a method to light the mind with a truth that is the intuition of the soul within the midst of all this corollary suffering is the ultimate redemption. And doing this the hard way was probably the reason for incarnation…which is why it brings so much satisfaction.

As a result, astrology is just a means to end with that end being meaning and meaning producing the energy of infinite joy.

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