Living in the Age of Pluto

The discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have really thrown existence into overdrive. It is a little overwhelming to think about how fast humanity has progressed or evolved since the discovery of the first of these outer planets way back in the 18th century. While that may seem like a long time ago, their arrival in our history is relatively new. For thousands of years, we were governed by the traditional bodies of antiquity – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Astrologically, what these bodies represent and how they have impacted humanity have been well known and observed. That is why the significance of these outer planets is so great. It is a major transitional point in the history of our existence. It demands that we fully grasp and understand what they represent as well. 

In a sense, the naming of these planets carries a certain degree of synchronicity due to the loose correlation of their corresponding mythological symbolism and the planet’s archetypal, astrological function. In this way, astrologers were able to quickly hypothesize on how these planets may manifest and how this manifestation may change what it means to be a human being. Over time, the essences of these planets were further defined as their transits were tracked and characteristics of manifestation were noted by their aspectual relationships to other bodies. Eventually, change, chaos, breakthrough, freedom and innovation became associated with Uranus. Spirituality, illusion, imagination, the non-physical, empathy and connection is Neptune. Pluto is power, dysfunction/perversion, transformation and everything buried under the surface that we are unable or refuse to acknowledge. 

Pluto, the last of the three to be discovered, contains dynamics that are the most pressing for evolution and we have learned this first hand. Every student and astrologer looks upon an upcoming Pluto transit with some degree of outright panic to measured trepidation. We have learned that our lives will not be the same once Pluto is done with us.[i] According to the astrologer, Stephen Arroyo, “Everything connected to Pluto is slightly out of the ordinary, a bit eccentric, and indicative of a realm of cosmic immensity that boggles the mind.”[ii] Therefore, if this planet unleashes some of the largest impacts, it seems imperative that we fully understand this stage of evolution that it’s discovery initiated and how its ripple effects have impacted humanity to date. 

Again, in order to answer this question we can look to the planet’s broad, inherent mythological symbolism (i.e. god of the underworld, etc) or evaluate transits to individual natal charts or charts of groups, organizations or countries, but I think there is a more appropriate and significant analysis that can illuminate these potentials – the chart of the planet itself. 

“First” moments are huge in astrology. Our individual birth charts are constructed based upon the first breath of independent existence. With a marriage, the wedding chart is thought to become active when an authorized third entity formally recognizes two individuals’ intention to join together in a committed relationship. And for countries, these charts are usually constructed around the signing of a constitution. An astrological chart seems to “begin” upon the conscious intention or awareness of that entity’s existence (although, that moment of intention or awareness is sometimes of endless debate). For the planet Pluto, there actually exists a documented moment when this planet was discovered and confirmed to exist. As a result, we have a chart for its discovery. Since all charts contain the inherent characteristics of its entity, it is logical that the chart for the discovery of Pluto should contain the basic essence of this planet. 

There are very few other planets that have a working astrological chart and for that fact alone we may conclude that the mere existence of this chart is also not arbitrary. As a result, it underscores the necessity of understanding it’s dynamics. According to the astrologer, Isabel Hickey, “When a new planet is added to the hierarchy of our solar family, it is a sign of a new step in the evolutionary process of man.”[iii] If this theory is accurate, then the Pluto chart represents one of the largest, most significant active charts in existence. 

The Pluto Chart

Normally, the Ascendant would be a natural starting point, but given that this is a chart for Pluto we might as well start with Pluto itself. Pluto’s position within the 12th house reflects how real power is often behind the scenes or not visible. This may refer to the rise of gangs that often operate behind the scenes or powerful individuals controlling our leaders from the background as well. This placement may also have some connection to the transformational power contained in other spiritual realities. This hidden area also points to the unconscious manner in which we try to bury, avoid or conceal the parts of ourselves that we can’t confront. Pluto deals with the dysfunctions that can become monstrous because they are allowed to grow and fester in areas that do not see the light of day. When we think about the prominent degree of focus that the unconscious has received over the last century, it is not surprising to see Pluto’s placement here highlighting its significance. 

These themes are echoed by Pluto’s trine relationship with the 4th house Moon that is further strengthened by mutual reception. This is an extremely resonant connection. While this mutual reception dynamic is highly reflective of the sense of desperation and insecurity that correlated to the time frame from which it was discovered (The Great Depression), it must be noted that this specific manifestation was only temporary. Ultimately, the natal placements and characteristics are permanent. This means that these archetypal characteristics can manifest in a variety of other ways going forward. 

Consider the possibility that it is taken for granted how broken the family structure has become…and has been for generations. It is so ubiquitous that it is almost like a new normal. It seems like almost everyone is in some type of therapy as a result of wounding, neglect and abuse they experienced growing up. There is something genuinely unique about this characteristic of modern life that feels different than what was experienced historically. Again, Pluto’s 12th house position points to the possibility that the issues contributing to the emotional discord (Moon in Scorpio) in the family are connected to deep seated issues that may be unconscious. It points to levels of toxicity and dysfunction hiding behind the scenes. Maybe these things have always been there, but our awareness of Pluto’s existence seems to have triggered an equivalent awareness of these particular Plutonian archetypal dynamics and how they have impacted family life. 

The thing is, the breakdown at the family level is a microcosm for the much larger breakdown in the foundations of our societies and countries. If we cannot see our fellow citizens as part of a larger family within the society we belong, then division is an inevitable consequence. 

The Sun’s placement in the 8th house as well as its status as the chart ruler confirms these necessities. In fact, the Sun’s anaretic degree placement (29th degree) also emphasizes that in order to move forward, it is critical that we transform and fix the parts of ourselves that are broken (8th house). In doing so, it will impact how we express ourselves (rulership of the Ascendant) and how we form relationships with others (inherent polarity with the Descendant). This is a critical age in the evolutionary of humanity to confront how monstrous we can be and have been. 

Venus’ exalted status within the 8th also reflects a need for unconditional love, empathy, and grace. Its rulership of the 11th and dispositorship of the North Node underscores this evolutionary path by its impact on leadership, goals and reputation along with the cohesiveness with larger group networks and alliances. 

The discovery of Pluto has also intensified our existence and “sped up” our rate of growth as a result of transformations brought about by continuously expanding technology. These themes are powerfully expressed with Uranus’ placement at the apex of a t-square involving Saturn and Pluto as well as its placement within the 9th house. 

By modern rulerships, Uranus’ dispositorship of the Aquarian Stellium involving the Sun is a reflection of the ripple effects that technology has had on us. It has literally changed who we are (Sun), how we relate to each other (Mercury on the Descendant), but also the growing understanding of our connection to a larger group (Mercury trine to 11th house Jupiter). Specifically, Mercury’s tight alignment at the Descendant (within two minutes of arc!) and rulership of the 11th (groups) and 3rd (information) houses highlights how the Plutonian age would have an impact on our communication with each other through online groups and networking.

The mutual reception and sextile relationship with Mars reflects our excitement and drive for greater independence and freedom through technology. Uranus’ placement at the midpoint of Mars and Jupiter confirms that change and innovation via technology would be a driving force of expansion and one of the defining facets of transformation (square to Pluto) that would break through the structured, isolated existence (square to Saturn) that had persisted for centuries. 

At a high level, these delineations of the major chart dynamics offer some accurate correlations to much of the lived-in reality, experiences and observations for almost a century…but it does not exactly describe their feel. According to the astrologer, Tracy Marks, “One of the lessons which Pluto teaches us is how to live in a state of extreme intensity.”[iv] Much of our current age feels like we’re living within a pressure cooker. Even those manifestations that represent progress often carry with them some element of intensity. This would make sense because while all the dynamics within this chart have their own archetypal characteristics, their manifestation is ultimately contained within the backdrop of what Pluto inherently represents. As a result, Pluto’s characteristics color everything. 

Pluto’s titanic intensity has introduced humanity to the concept of transformation. It has awakened us to the unconscious and all the shadows that were hidden away. It has opened all the dark corridors and unleashed a depth of artistic expression rarely experienced historically. We are experiencing this exquisite richness constantly. It is unlike anything our ancestors could have imagined – awe-strikingly terrifying, but also beautiful. 

The whole process of making thousands of years of unconscious, reactionary complexes suddenly conscious has been more jarring than we can comprehend. It almost feels like something very karmic has arrived and we are grappling with integrating the shocking awareness of what humanity has been. 

Our awareness and confrontation of these psychic energies is evolving us past a state of an animal. By healing and integrating these parts of ourselves we are learning how to create and maintain the foundations of family…a real global family. But most significantly, we are watching our world literally transform before our very eyes as technology expands our freedoms, independence, knowledge, speed of innovation, access, connections, relationships…everything. 

We are amazed at the degree to which everyday life has become unrecognizable to life from over a century ago. This is not hyperbole. Pluto’s work has transformed us into something that is beyond all previous iterations of what we knew our species to be. This challenge of transformation is so immense that its feel is omnipresent and impossible to ignore. This is Pluto’s intensity. And if we can reach actualization, the riches of what it means to be human could be greater than anything imaginable. 

The Events

While Pluto’s chart holds many clues, its dynamics can be confirmed through the interactions with transits, secondary progressions, and solar arcs. We must dig deeper.

For the following section, 24 landmark events were evaluated to confirm the extensiveness of Pluto’s impact since discovery. The events were categorized according to Pluto’s movement through the houses by solar arc. Solar arcs are some of the slowest and most powerful measurements, so it seems logical that Pluto’s solar arc movement within its own chart may offer specific symbolic themes which further defines many of the individual manifestations from the other measurements. 

In a way, Pluto’s beginning “natal”’position within the 12th house seems appropriate because its eventual arrival at the 1st house offers a symbolic starting point. In other words, humanity’s evolutionary journey of transformation mirrors the natural order of the houses. 

Let’s begin. 

The 1st House Journey

The 1st house is the most visible of all the houses. Planets that move through this area of life tend to showcase themselves in a quite surreal fashion as they project their archetypes outwards to the rest of the world. The horrors of World War II were a visceral example of Pluto showcasing the underworld and flexing its power, but much of the intensity from the 1960’s was also a reflection of this expression as well. While Pluto’s discovery may have coincided with the instability and insecurity of the Great Depression, this timeframe was when Pluto loudly and forcefully made its presence (identity) felt to the world. 

Event #1:         The attack on Pearl Harbor

Date:               December 7, 1941


  • Pluto conjunct natal Ascendant. 
  • Uranus square natal Sun. 
  • Mars square natal Pluto.


  • Moon conjunct natal Uranus. 

Solar Arcs

  • Midheaven conjunction natal North Node (partile). 


Pluto’s arrival at the Ascendant by transit was just a precursor of what was coming. Its retrograde status reflected America’s decision to reverse its stance of non-involvement as well as their mourning from the violence and destruction from the attack on Pearl Harbor.[v] This attack was a declaration of war (Mars square Pluto). The Moon’s conjunction to Uranus by progression reflected the surprise and shocking nature of the attack. 

Event #2:         The horror of the holocaust is revealed as US troops arrive at the Buchenwald concentration camp.

Date:               April 6, 1945


  • Pluto opposed natal Mars. 
  • Saturn opposed natal Saturn. 
  • Uranus opposed the midpoint of natal Moon/Saturn. 
  • North Node conjunct natal Pluto.


  • Nothing significant. 

Solar Arcs

  • Pluto conjunct natal Ascendant (partile). 
  • Midheaven square natal Mars (partile).


Pluto had just arrived by solar arc at the Ascendant, so this manifestation was one way of expressing how monstrous humanity can be. Also, we have another retrograde transit from Pluto. With this opposition, it reflected the internalization of the nightmare of violence (Mars) and torture (Pluto) discovered (opposition) at the concentration camp. This internalization process was further exacerbated since six bodies were in retrograde motion at the time of discovery. The world was coming to terms with the evidence of what the Nazi’s had done. The Saturn opposition reflects the world’s awareness that there must be accountability for these war crimes and abuses of power.

Event #3:         The atomic bomb is dropped over Hiroshima. 

Date:               August 6, 1945


  • Moon conjunct natal Ascendant. 
  • Pluto opposed natal Mars (partile). 
  • Saturn conjunct natal Pluto. 
  • South Node conjunct natal Saturn (partile). 


  • Nothing significant. 

Solar Arcs

  • Pluto conjunct natal Ascendent (partile). 
  • Midheaven square natal Mars. 


While the prior two events revealed the destruction and torture that can accompany Pluto transits, the solar arc from Pluto to the natal Ascendant (exact by less than half a degree) revealed in surreal fashion the concentration of power and annihilation affiliated with this planet’s archetypal dynamics.[vi] When combined with the tight opposition from transit Pluto (in direct motion here) to natal Mars, we have a picture of a massive attack of incredible violence and destruction. 

The conjunction from transit Saturn to natal Pluto represents that the decision to use nuclear power was made by people in authority and organized. The South Node’s tight conjunction to natal Saturn reflects the collapse of the structure of city. 

This was a defining event for Pluto’s full capacity of manifestation. Everything changed from this moment because humanity realized that we now have the power to annihilate ourselves. The tension from this realization carried forward for generations. All of this was emblematic of the new age governed by Pluto.

Because there was a time for the moment of impact, we can also include the Moon’s movement by transit. Here, it is also aligned with the Ascendant, providing further validation of the Pluto chart while also acting like a trigger for this event. 

Event #4:         The Cuban Missile Crisis

Date:               October 16, 1962


  • Mars-North Node conjunct natal Ascendant. 
  • Saturn conjunct natal Descendant. 
  • Neptune conjunct natal Moon. 


  • Moon opposed natal Pluto. 
  • Descendant conjunct natal Sun (partile). 

Solar Arcs

  • Pluto opposed the midpoint of natal Mars/Sun. 
  • Saturn conjunct natal Mars. 


There is only one significant partile connection here, but it would be an oversight to ignore the event that represented for many the height of the Cold War. The tension of Pluto’s solar arc journey through its 1st house was palpable in the tension between the United States and Soviet Union during this timeframe. For this particular event, the risk of nuclear war was high and felt most prominently from the opposition between progressed Moon to natal Pluto as well as solar arc Pluto to the Sun/Mars midpoint. These two oppositions represented the confrontation and “staring contest” between these two countries. Saturn’s conjunction to the Descendant by transit and to Mars by solar arc also represented the seriousn demeanor that this event cast across the populations. 

Event #5:         The assassination of JFK. 

Date:               November 22, 1963


  • Jupiter conjunct natal Uranus (partile). 
  • South Node square natal Saturn. 
  • Uranus opposed the midpoint of natal Mars/Uranus (partile).


  • Moon conjunct natal Descendant. 

Solar Arcs

  • Uranus opposed natal Moon. 
  • Saturn square natal Moon. 


The Uranian influence of this shocking event is represented in multiple aspects. The solar arc aspects from Uranus and Saturn created a t-square configuration with natal Moon’s fallen placement in Scorpio. With Saturn representing leadership, Uranus’ correlation with surprise events all triggering the Moon’s sorrow at the loss of one of their own (4th house placement), we have an apt alignment for this particular manifestation. Transit Jupiter’s partile conjunction to natal Uranus in Aries (which is also at a t-square apex) strengthens this delineation of surprising and shocking violence against a figure of authority. Finally, the partile midpoint opposition from transit Uranus is a quite literal picture of a surprise attack. 

Event #6:         The Civil Rights Act is signed into law. 

Date:               July 2, 1964


  • Mercury conjunct natal Pluto (partile). 
  • Uranus square natal Jupiter (partile). 
  • North Node – Mars conjunct natal Jupiter. 
  • Moon conjunct natal Uranus. 
  • Jupiter sextile natal Pluto. 


  • Moon conjunct natal Mars. 
  • Ascendant – Descendant conjunct natal Venus – Neptune.

Solar Arcs

  • Uranus opposed natal Moon (partile). 
  • Saturn square natal Moon (partile). 
  • Pluto trine natal Midheaven. 
  • Neptune – Venus trine/sextile natal Jupiter (partile). 
  • Mars trine natal Moon (partile).


The high volume of significant aspects and partile aspects is a reflection for how transformative and highly visible (1st house) this event was for American culture. The passage of this law changed just about every facet of life in the United States. 

The trine aspect from solar arc Pluto to natal Midheaven is a great reflection of how Pluto’s power of transformation was being manifested in a manner that would allow this law to pass and become a visible symbol (Midheaven) of historic significance.  

Jupiter’s rulership of the 9th house of laws, values and ethics is also very resonant for this event when we consider the empathetic and caring partile soft aspects from solar arc Venus – Neptune as well as the partile hard aspect from transit Uranus to drive home big change. 

Interestingly, the same t-square (solar arc Saturn – Uranus to natal Moon) from event #5 shows up here as well, although this time it is stronger (partile). This is a good example as to why astrology is sometimes challenging to understand. In event #5, this t-square manifested as a shocking event to a figure of authority that created much emotional sorrow amongst the general public. Here, it is manifesting more powerfully as sweeping change to the structure of society in a manner that would revolutionize our foundations and history of horrific treatment of some of our people. As strange as it may sound, both events would be accurate manifestations within the archetypal sphere of influence for these planetary bodies.[vii]

The 2nd House Journey

Pluto’s journey by solar arc through the 2nd house focused on many of the standard areas of life that correspond to this house – money, resources, values, self-esteem and security.

Of note, the focus on resources became quite literal with the 1970’s oil crisis and the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency where Pluto intensified and transformed how we manage, protect and share natural resources. This intensification also extended into the areas of finance and money (even when that focus manifested in different directions). For much of the 1980’s, the United States became so obsessed with materialism and consumerism (the often cited “decade of greed”) that it came crashing down on “Black Monday” while the Soviet Union collapsed in large part due to long standing economic problems (the often cited “Great Stagnation”). 

While any of the following manifestations should be considered historic milestones, it can be argued that this particular phase of Pluto’s journey was a bit more subdued when compared the bombastic intensity that Pluto unleashed as it moved through the 1st house. This is significant, because it subtly confirms a long standing astrological rule that manifestation from the angular houses (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) is usually more active, extreme and visible than any of the other houses. 

Event #7:         Human beings walk on the moon. 

Date:               July 21, 1969


  • Jupiter – Uranus trine natal Mercury. 
  • Saturn square natal Mars.


  • Sun – Moon conjunct natal Uranus. 
  • Ascendant trine natal Midheaven (partile). 
  • Midheaven square natal Venus – Neptune. 

Solar Arcs

  • Jupiter conjunct natal Pluto. 
  • Mercury trine natal Moon. 


This may seem like an odd manifestation for Pluto’s second house journey, but when considered a bit more closely it starts to make sense. 

The achievement of leaving the earth and walking on another planetary body was monumental. It was huge boost of confidence to all of humanity. It was confirmation that we have the intelligence, ability and talent to travel away from the earth. The level of pride this instilled (especially for the United States) can’t be overstated. There was almost a feel of, “If we can do this then we can do anything.” This is sense of self-esteem corresponded with this event that manifested shortly after Pluto’s ingress by solar arc into the 2nd house. 

The tight trine from the progressed Ascendant to the natal Midheaven is probably one of the most resonant contacts for this event. It reflects that powerful Leo energy shining brightly and reaching to the highest point in the sky (Midheaven), space. This aspect feels like, “…one giant step for mankind.”  

The progressed new Moon aligned with natal Uranus was equally powerful. This event was a new beginning for humanity. Through our growing technology, we proved we could accomplish wonders. 

The transiting Jupiter – Uranus conjunction (within seven minutes of exact!) is a signature for surprising breakthroughs and unusual success. Its trine to natal Mercury in Aquarius is a strong expression of how our innovative intelligence and understanding of physical laws had expanded so greatly that it had developed the technology that would allow us to expand beyond the boundaries of our world. 

The goal of that intelligence was represented quite literally in solar arc Mercury’s trine to the natal Moon. We had figured out a way to walk on the Moon. 

The expansiveness referenced by Jupiter – Uranus was further echoed and magnified by solar arc Jupiter’s conjunction to natal Pluto. These connections to the Pluto chart reflect that this moment would transform humanity forever. 

Event #8:         The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is formed. 

Date:               December 2, 1970


  • North Node conjunct natal sun. 
  • Saturn sextile natal Pluto (partile).
  • Venus opposed natal Chiron. 


  • Mercury conjunct natal Uranus (partile). 
  • Venus conjunct natal Midheaven (partile).

Solar Arcs

  • Pluto opposed natal Sun. 
  • Jupiter conjunct natal Pluto (partile). 
  • Midheaven trine/sextile natal Ascendant – Descendant (partile). 
  • Moon trine natal Midheaven (partile). 


With the 2nd house representing natural resources, the synchronicity for the formation of the EPA is so surreal it is slightly humorous. This accuracy of manifestation is probably confirmed in the high volume of partile contacts, but solar arc Pluto’s opposition to natal Sun (also the ruler of the 2nd house) was the most fitting contact for the event. 

The sextile from transit Saturn to natal Pluto represents a governing body bringing structure in a way that would transform how we manage our land and resources. 

Progressed Venus’ partile conjunction to the natal Midheaven as well as transit Venus’ opposition to Chiron in Taurus were both equally strong contributors to this manifestation. Chiron in Taurus represents challenges using our resources appropriately, but Venus is the ruler of the Taurus. This “double-contact” emphasizes how it was time to start managing thing a bit more wisely. 

Event #9:         Roe v Wade. 

Date:               January 22, 1973


  • Uranus conjunct natal Imum Coeli (partile). 
  • South Node conjunct natal Pluto. 
  • Venus opposed natal Pluto. 
  • Sun conjunct natal Descendant. 
  • Neptune opposed natal Jupiter (partile).


  • Moon conjunct Algol (partile). 

Solar Arcs

  • Moon opposed the midpoint of Jupiter/Pluto (partile). 
  • Midheaven conjunct natal Jupiter (partile).


So much of the culture war within the United States can be reduced to a clash in values. With the Supreme Court case, Roe v Wade, the issue of abortion was intensified to one of the top areas of contention within this “war” over the past 50 years. 

On one side is a group who values their reproductive freedom and personal independence of autonomy of their bodies. On the other is a group who values the life of the unborn child based upon a belief that life begins shortly after conception. The intensity of this argument cannot be overstated. It is white hot and has much of the feel of Pluto’s archetypal fingerprints all over it. There is little doubt that this issue transformed life into a much more intense place, where one must tread carefully even inferring this issue because of the level emotion it can unleash.

But this level of emotion appears to transcend even the intensity that Pluto may manifest. Most prominently, this may be connected to the progressed Moon’s partile conjunction to the fixed star, Algol. The Moon is literally the archetype of emotion and mothering while Algol has a particularly nasty reputation for a degree of passion that reaches levels of insanity. This might explain some of emotion that is connected to this issue and most definitely explains the murders of abortion doctors throughout the country. 

These dynamics are further reinforced by solar arc Moon’s partile opposition to the midpoint of natal Jupiter/Pluto (huge intensity or transformation as it relates to the concept of motherhood). All this influence from the Moon ensured that the intensity connected to its archetypal dynamics would be exacerbated going forward. 

The other major connection was transit Uranus’ partile conjunction to the natal Imum Coeli (4th house cusp). With the 4th house often viewed as the house of motherhood and Uranus’ association with the archetypes of freedom and independence, we have a compelling (and accurate) image of women winning their freedom and autonomy to decide when they will become a mother.[viii]

Finally, it should be noted that the 2nd house forms a natural square aspect relationship to the 5th house (house of children), so it inherently represents an area of life that contains an element of challenge or conflict in regards to children or the biological process that creates them. 

Event #10:       President Nixon resigns from the Presidency. 

Date:               August 9, 1974


  • Saturn conjunct natal Pluto. 
  • Chiron conjunct natal Midheaven.
  • Jupiter trine natal Pluto. 


  • Mercury square natal Pluto (partile). 

Solar Arcs

  • Pluto conjunct natal Neptune & opposite Venus (partile). 
  • Venus – Neptune square natal Pluto.
  • Mercury – South Node trine natal Pluto (partile). 


If walking on the Moon represented the pinnacle of pride, then it can be argued that this event represented one of the lows in disillusionment. This was represented most significantly by solar arc Pluto’s partile conjunction to Neptune as well as solar arc Neptune’s square to natal Pluto. As the archetype of power, Pluto is also associated with abuses of power. Neptune has an association with illusions and deception. Their conjunction revealed to the general public President Nixon’s abuse of power and attempted cover-up via the Watergate scandal as well as his secret recordings of conversations within the Oval Office. 

Progressed Mercury in square aspect to natal Pluto reinforces President Nixon’s desperate attempts to maintain power by attempted spying and recordings. 

Transit Saturn’s conjunction to natal Pluto represents the karma that had arrived for President as a result of his abuses. 

Overall, the overwhelming number of contacts that involved Pluto (six out of the seven!) were a glaring signal for the fall from grace that often corresponds with abuses of Pluto’s archetype. 

Event #11:       First CDC report on the discovery of AIDS. 

Date:               June 5, 1981


  • Pluto conjunct natal Imum Coeli. 
  • Uranus square natal Sun.
  • Venus conjunct natal Midheaven (partile). 
  • Neptune trine natal Midheaven (partile). 


  • Nothing significant. 

Solar Arcs

  • Venus – Neptune conjunct natal Imum Coeli – Midheaven (partile). 
  • Pluto quincunx natal Uranus & Mars (Yod configuration). 
  • Saturn conjunct natal Sun (partile). 


The fear of the AIDS virus was a defining feature of the 1980’s. This wasn’t unwarranted. During these early years, the death count from this disease was staggering. Contracting AIDS almost felt like a death sentence. 

The “double contact” to the Imum Coeli from both solar arc Neptune (viruses) and transit Pluto (death, sex) were deeply destabilizing for the foundation of the United States. The rise of AIDS forced the country to question many things about our families and relationships. This was more than just a disease. It struck widespread fear into the general population. All of this was a reflection of both Neptune and Pluto manifesting through different levels of measurement.[ix] 

The attacking (Mars) nature of this virus (Neptune) was also represented in the Yod configuration between solar arc Pluto’s quincunx to both natal Mars & Neptune. Pluto’s journey through the 2nd again destroyed our sense of security with the deaths that occurred from this disease. That fear of death and restriction was also exacerbated by solar arc Saturn’s conjunction to the natal Sun in the 8th house (again, an area of life involving death). 

Finally, transit Neptune’s retrograde trine to the natal Midheaven represented the study and focus on this new virus that had sprung into prominence. 

Event 12:         The Chernobyl disaster. 

Date:               April 26, 1986


  • Pluto conjunct natal South Node (partile). 
  • Sun conjunct natal North Node (partile). 
  • Jupiter trine natal Moon. 
  • Saturn opposed natal Jupiter. 
  • Mars opposed natal Pluto. 
  • Neptune trine natal North Node (partile). 


  • Mercury conjunct natal Chiron (partile). 
  • Moon square natal Neptune & Venus (t-square configuration). 
  • Descendant conjunct the midpoint of natal Venus/Uranus. 

Solar Arcs

  • Pluto sextile natal Moon (partile). 
  • Jupiter conjunct natal Ascendant. 
  • Chiron sextile natal North Node (partile). 
  • Moon conjunct natal Saturn. 


With Chernobyl’s status as a nuclear power plant, it fits well for this category of 2nd house themes (natural resources, etc). Also, with Chernobyl’s strong correlation with Pluto’s archetypal function (nuclear power), it isn’t surprising see so many partile contacts (six). 

What is also fascinating is that the transiting Sun – Pluto opposition that has been well known for this event is also aligned with the Pluto chart’s nodal axis. Of course, this underscores the connection between nuclear power and Pluto, but it also highlights the importance of learning and embracing the humility required to manage that power. 

The conjunction from progressed Mercury to natal Chiron in Taurus represents the “education” we would receive as a result of long-term damage to the area and health problems to the citizens as a result of the meltdown. This also represents the debate that would continue afterwards in regards to the appropriate use of nuclear power as a resource.  

Transit Saturn’s opposition to natal Jupiter as well as solar arc Jupiter’s alignment with the natal Ascendant seems to reflect some of the Soviet Union’s arrogance in expanding into nuclear power too quickly without the proper safeguards in place or ignoring some safety protocols all together. Transit Jupiter’s opposition to solar arc Pluto with both bodies in aspect to natal Moon hint at the risks they were inviting. 

Event #13:       Black Monday (Wall Street crash).

Date:               October 19, 1987 


  • Jupiter conjunct natal Midheaven. 
  • Venus – Pluto opposed natal Chiron. (partile). 
  • Venus – Pluto square natal Mars (partile). 
  • Mercury conjunct natal Moon. 
  • Neptune conjunct natal Saturn. 
  • Mars opposed natal Uranus. 
  • Uranus trine natal Midheaven (partile). 
  • Sun conjunct natal Imum Coeli. 
  • Moon opposed the midpoint of natal Venus/Uranus. 


  • Mercury opposed natal Moon (partile).

Solar Arcs

  • Uranus conjunction natal Jupiter (partile). 
  • Saturn square natal Jupiter (partile). 
  • Pluto conjunct the midpoint of natal Pluto/Moon (partile).
  • Chiron opposed natal Saturn. 


In terms of a finances, the stock market is represented primarily by the 8th house, but its ripple effects eventually impact the 2nd house (personal finances and general economy) as these houses have a type of symbiotic relationship with one another. 

This is telling because this stock market crash correlated with transit Neptune’s conjunction to natal Saturn, the ruler of the 8th house. As a result, it represented a type of disenchantment with the structure of our financial system that is built around the stock market. 

Pluto’s movement though the 4th house represented a bit of a threat to the foundation of the country, so its opposition (along with Venus) to Chiron in Taurus manifested in terms of a wound to its resources. 

The more significant contact came from the solar arc Saturn – Uranus square. Their movement had tightly aligned with natal Jupiter, bringing both the surprise disruption and collapse along with the sobering reality of restriction to correct (Saturn was moving through the 8th house) the expansive attitude that permeated some of the greed and excess of the 1980’s. 

Of course, Pluto’s 2nd house journey corresponded to this event with its conjunction by solar arc to the midpoint of natal Pluto/Moon. This represented the deep panic and dread that the impact would have on the economy (progressed Mercury’s aspect echoed some of this as well). 

Event #14:       The Berlin Wall falls.

Date:               November 9, 1989


  • Sun – Mercury – Pluto trine natal Pluto. 
  • Chiron conjunction natal Pluto. 
  • Uranus trine natal Neptune & sextile natal Venus (partile). 


  • Moon opposed natal Pluto. 
  • Chiron opposed natal Chiron (partile). 
  • Venus – Mercury sextile natal Pluto. 

Solar Arcs

  • Pluto sextile natal Pluto (partile). 
  • Chiron square natal Uranus (partile). 
  • Mars conjunct natal Uranus. 
  • Saturn sextile natal Saturn (partile). 
  • Moon sextile natal Moon. 


The revolutionary atmosphere or zeitgeist that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification of Germany was due, in large part, to the efforts of Uranus and Pluto. Anytime these two bodies are active simultaneously, the potential for massive transformational change is always a potential. Here, both transit and solar arc Pluto formed harmonious aspects to natal Pluto. With much of the motivation for the fall due to long standing dissatisfaction with the standard of living and poor economic conditions in the eastern Soviet side (solar arc Pluto’s journey through the 2nd house), destruction of the wall allowed the very foundation of the country to experience transformation in a literal fashion (transit Pluto’s journey through the 4th house).[x]

In terms of revolution and change, transit Uranus’ harmonious aspects to both sides of the natal Neptune – Venus opposition represented the idealistic feel of freedom and independence through unification. Here, Uranus’ mediation of that natal oppositional polarity became another literal correlation to what was happening on the ground with two sides that had also been at odds for a generation. Additionally, the aspects from solar arc Mars & Chiron to natal Uranus reflect the tremendous motivation to free the eastern bloc as a result of their suffering under the poor conditions of Soviet authoritarian control. What’s interesting is that these harmonious aspects were reflected by the fact that this uprising was largely non-violent and peaceful. 

The opposition from progressed Moon to natal Pluto represented the feel of this zeitgeist across the population. They knew the time had come to dismantle things. 

Event #15:       The collapse of the Soviet Union. 

Date:               December 26, 1991


  • Saturn conjunct natal Descendant. 
  • North Node conjunct natal Saturn. 
  • Chiron opposed natal Mars. 
  • Uranus sextile natal Moon (partile). 
  • Jupiter sextile natal Moon & Pluto. 
  • Uranus – Neptune opposed natal Pluto (Neptune partile). 
  • Uranus trine natal Midheaven. 


  • Moon square natal Chiron (partile). 
  • Sun ingress into Taurus.

Solar Arcs

  • Pluto opposed Venus/Uranus (partile). 
  • Jupiter opposed natal Mars. 
  • Uranus sextile natal Moon (partile). 
  • Uranus – Saturn opposed and square the midpoint of natal Moon/Saturn (partile). 


Historically, this watershed event was one of the biggest in the twentieth century and echoes the significance of the progressed Sun’s transition into Taurus. With this change, the Soviet Union was in desperate need of stability. The heavy burdens represented by transit Saturn’s conjunction to the natal Descendant as well as the transit North Node’s conjunction to natal Saturn could not be sustained and led to the collapse represented by transit Neptune’s partile opposition to natal Pluto. 

The midpoint images for this event were stark. The sense of collapse or surrender under terrible conditions was probably reflected the strongest in the tight midpoint contacts to natal Moon/Saturn from solar arc Uranus and Saturn. This image has a feel of a need for change that was desperate. This is a picture of an unstable structure collapsing under its own weight. 

Solar arc Pluto’s opposition to the midpoint of Venus/Uranus represents the dismantling and revolution as a result of economic conditions that had been languishing for years. 

It is significant that this was the last major event before solar arc Pluto finished its journey through the 2nd house. It was quite a statement as to the degree of transformation that is possible under Pluto. It toppled a country. 

The 3rd House Journey

Broadly speaking, the 3rd house is an area of life that governs how we obtain, communicate and share information. It represents basic learning and our general consciousness and observations of the world around us. It also representative of our general locality, sometimes our neighborhoods (possibly counties or cities) and our ability to navigate and move around within that immediate sphere of location. 

Obviously, the major transformational milestone during solar arc Pluto’s journey through this house was the rise of the internet and social media. Our ability to have any amount of information at our fingertips has probably been one of the most profound advances in history. It has also broken down the traditional borders that defined what it meant to be a “neighbor”. Now, everyone is our neighbor, even those a half a world away can be quickly accessed through the internet. 

But with all this new access to information, in many ways, it has also increased the level of arguments and debates as well. One facet of this timeframe was the level of information that is not true and borderline propaganda. The 3rd house is in opposition to the 9th house, the house where we make judgments about the information we acquire. This polarity demands a healthy balance between the information and observations collected and its accuracy, appropriateness and ethical use. 

With the intensity of discussion coming from this house, Pluto’s journey has also coincided with the rise of terrorism, whether foreign or domestic. It has underscored the importance of finding compromise in our opinions so that these disagreements do not devolve into anger or violence. Unfortunately, one of the defining features of this timeframe has been a tendency toward absolutes. This is the work of Pluto. We must find a way to prevent our opinions from becoming so intensified that we view those who disagree as enemies who must be destroyed. Otherwise, Pluto’s eventual ingress into the 4th house of foundations and families may contain the karma of our failure. 

Event #16:       America Online (AOL) starts mailing discs across the country.

Date:               1993


  • Uranus – Neptune opposed natal Pluto. 
  • Jupiter opposed natal Uranus and trine natal Jupiter. 


  • Moon conjunct natal Sun. 

Solar Arcs

  • North Node square natal Uranus.
  • South Node conjunct natal Saturn. 
  • Jupiter opposed natal Mars (partile). 
  • Midheaven conjunct the midpoint of natal Jupiter/Pluto. 
  • Moon opposed natal Pluto
  • Venus – Neptune aligned with natal Nodal axis (partile). 
  • Descendant – Mercury sextile natal Jupiter (partile). 


The internet had been around in different forms in years prior, but this event is when it became available in mass to the general public. I was not able to identify a specific date as to when this event occurred so the astrological measurements were defaulted to mid-year (7/1/93) as a broad estimate for the potential contacts. 

The four different Jupiter contacts highlight the massive expansion that humanity would experience. Jupiter’s movement through the 1st house by solar arc and movement though the 3rd house by transit in addition to their aspects to natal planets ensured that expanding our identity as well as our communication via technology (opposition to Mars in Aquarius and Uranus) as a potential manifestation. 

Transit Uranus and Neptune both moving in opposition to Pluto confirms this event as another transformational moment when technology would remove the boundaries of distance and access that historically separated human beings. 

The progressed Moon’s conjunction to the natal Sun in Aquarius was symbolic of a new beginning where technology, innovation and progressive ideas would create a global network connecting all of humanity. 

Event #17:       Oklahoma City bombing. 

Date:               April 19, 1995


  • Chiron – Saturn opposition aligned with the midpoint of natal Venus/Uranus (partile). 
  • Pluto square natal Sun. 
  • South Node conjunct natal North Node (inverse nodal return).


  • Moon conjunct the midpoint of natal Venus/Uranus (partile).
  • Chiron opposed natal Moon (partile). 

Solar Arcs

  • Neptune conjunct natal South Node. 
  • Moon opposed natal Pluto (partile). 
  • Descendant – Mercury conjunct natal Uranus. 
  • Saturn trine natal Moon (partile). 
  • Uranus & Mars both quincunx natal Moon (Yod configuration). 


This event was one of the first (and worst) examples of domestic terrorism in the history of the United States. 

The combination of solar arc Pluto’s ingress into the 3rd house and transit Pluto’s (in Sagittarius) tight square to the natal 8th house Sun reflect how the opinions, observations and judgments of a deeply angry individual had become deadly. This individual had decided to murder scores of random innocent people because of their disagreement and hatred of the government. 

This decision to commit a crime of domestic terrorism and attack their own citizens/homeland was most prominently represented by solar arc Moon’s partile opposition to natal Pluto as well as the Yod configuration to natal Moon in the 4th house from solar arc Uranus and Mars. 

The Moon also represents our emotional nature, so these aspects and placements reflect the turmoil from witnessing this horrific act. The mourning that resulted from it was best symbolized by both the progressed Moon and transit Chiron – Saturn all aligned with the midpoint of natal Venus/Uranus (Venus is the ruler of the 4th house). It also symbolized the twisted mindset of a deeply flawed individual whose need to control opinions was exacerbated by an equally disturbing lack of empathy.

Event #18:       September 11th terrorism attack. 

Date:               September 11, 2001


  • Uranus conjunct the midpoint of natal Mars/Sun. 
  • Neptune opposed the midpoint of Mercury/Mars (partile).
  • Saturn – Pluto conjunct the midpoint of natal Chiron/Pluto.  


  • Moon conjunct the midpoint of natal Chiron/Pluto.

Solar Arcs

  • Saturn – Uranus square aligned with the midpoint of natal Venus/Uranus. 
  • Neptune conjunct natal Moon (partile). 
  • Venus opposed natal Moon (partile). 
  • Sun conjunct natal Chiron (partile).


The transit Saturn – Pluto opposition is probably the most well-known aspect for this event as it famously aligns with the Ascendant – Descendant axis of the United States astrological (Sibly) chart. Saturn represents buildings and structures and its placement in Gemini symbolizes the “twins”. As a result, it is a literal symbol of the Twin Towers. Pluto in Sagittarius is the death and destruction brought about by those whose spiritual beliefs had become radicalized (Pluto again).  

Within the Pluto chart, this opposition aligns with the midpoint of natal Chiron/Pluto. As we have seen, any contact with Pluto in its own chart has been deeply impactful and Chiron’s involvement shows how this attack created wounds amongst the population that remained for years afterwards. This attack motivated extreme levels of concern (progressed Moon’s involvement) for our security. In response, the federal government created a new department aptly named, “The Department of Homeland Security.” This was represented by both Chiron’s placement in Taurus as well as solar arc Sun’s partile conjunction to Chiron.

The alignment from solar arc Saturn – Uranus to the alignment of natal Venus/Uranus midpoint is another fitting set of contacts. With Venus ruling the 4th house of home and Uranus representing surprise attacks, the alignment from these specific solar arcs is another symbolic manifestation of buildings being toppled within this attack. The surprise nature of this attack was further represented by transit Uranus’ conjunction to the midpoint of natal Sun/Mars. 

In regards to the specifics related to this attack, we look to transit Neptune’s conjunction to the midpoint of natal Mercury/Mars. Mercury/Mars is a strong representation of an attack by an airplane. Neptune inherently represents spirituality, it’s transit through the 7th house of others while rulership of the 9th house of foreigners along with its retrograde status forced us to explore how spiritual beliefs could have compelled a group to commit such an atrocity. This delineation is further reinforced by solar arc Neptune’s partile conjunction to natal Moon in the 4th house. 

Event #19:       Facebook is launched. 

Date:               February 4, 2004


  • Neptune square natal Moon.
  • Pluto opposed the midpoint of natal Jupiter/Pluto. 
  • Uranus conjunct natal Venus & opposed natal Neptune.
  • Jupiter sextile natal Pluto (partile).
  • Saturn opposed natal Saturn & square natal Uranus (t-square configuration). 


  • Moon conjunct natal Pluto. 

Solar Arcs

  • Pluto ingress into Libra. 
  • Mars conjunct natal Midheaven.
  • Mercury square natal Pluto.
  • Jupiter opposed the midpoint of natal Mars/Sun (partile). 
  • Uranus sextile natal Midheaven. 


Solar arc Pluto’s ingress into Libra is a great correlation for this event when we consider Libra’s talent for socializing. Solar arc Mercury’s square to Pluto reflects the expansion or communication that would transform our lives. This square also corresponded to the intense discussions and arguments that are often found online in many social media groups. 

Uranus’ presence shows up in a variety of different ways. Solar arc Uranus’ sextile from the 11th house to the natal Midheaven represents the technology and programming that opened up connections that became part of Facebook’s reputation. Transit Uranus’ aspect to natal Venus – Neptune echoed this by breaking down any boundaries in connecting relationships. But, natal Uranus’ placement at the apex of a t-square activated the chart’s natal “promise” with an expansion of technology breaking us free of historic traditions, structures and/or limitations (transit Saturn opposite natal Saturn at the base). 

In terms of unlimited relationship connections, transit Neptune’s square from the 7th house to natal Moon is probably one of the strongest representations of this manifestation. Neptune’s placement in Aquarius offers details that highlight social groups and progressive, new innovative ways to bringing these groups together. 

Event #20:       Pluto was stripped of its planetary status by astronomers.

Date:               August 24, 2006


  • Jupiter conjunct natal Moon.
  • Uranus trine natal Moon (partile). 


  • Descendant – Mars conjunct natal Uranus (partile). 

Solar Arcs

  • Pluto trine natal Ascendant – Descendant (partile). 
  • Jupiter conjunct transit Mercury & natal Midheaven & conjunct the midpoint of natal Saturn/Uranus.  
  • Saturn – Uranus conjunct transit North Node, square transit Pluto & conjunct the midpoint of natal Mars/Chiron (partile).
  • Neptune trine natal Pluto (partile). 
  • Imum Coeli conjunct natal Saturn (partile). 


This may seem like a strange event to include with the rest of these milestones, but because it specifically impacts Pluto’s status as a planet, I thought it might show up visibly within the chart. 

It does, but surprisingly with many harmonious aspects. Solar arc Pluto’s partile trine from the 3rd house to natal Ascendant – Descendant axis (and natal Mercury) reflects how our observations and opinions of Pluto planet designation had changed.   

This changing viewpoint on its historic classification was also represented in the conjunction between transit Mercury and solar arc Jupiter, their trine to the midheaven and conjunction to the midpoint of natal Saturn/Uranus. 

But the most significant correlation to this event was the t-square configuration comprised of solar arc Saturn – Uranus, transit North Node, transit Pluto with apex Saturn conjunct the midpoint of natal Mars/Chiron. The delineation for such an involved combo may seem a bit complex, but it can be reduced an authoritative body changing the classification of Pluto and this change was actually supported by the majority of the astronomical community (the downgrade was approved by a vote). 

This event shows that the quality of the event itself (growing scholarship, evolution in education, broad consensus) is more important than the event itself. In other words, Pluto didn’t care that it wasn’t considered a planet. It was more concerned that its archetypal function was manifesting.

Event #21:       Subprime Mortgage Crisis.

Date:               September 29, 2008


  • Uranus conjunct the midpoint of natal Venus/Uranus (partile).
  • Jupiter opposed natal Pluto.
  • New Moon opposed natal Uranus. 
  • Mercury – Mars conjunct natal Imum Coeli. 
  • Pluto sextile natal Sun. 
  • Neptune conjunct the midpoint of natal Sun/Mars. 
  • Saturn conjunct the midpoint of natal Pluto/Moon. 


  • Descendant conjunct natal Uranus (partile).
  • Sun sextile natal Pluto. 

Solar Arcs

  • Chiron – Mars square & opposed transit Mars (partile t-square configuration) and opposed the midpoint of natal Moon/Uranus. 
  • Pluto trine natal Jupiter. 
  • Uranus conjunct the midpoint of natal Jupiter/Pluto (partile). 


It is difficult to isolate one particular date for this event because the situation had been slowly devolving over a long period. On September 29th, the stock market experienced (at the time) the biggest drop in history. This was precipitated by the United States Congress’ initial refusal to pass a bank bailout that would stabilize the financial system. 

The high degree of panic that corresponded to this event probably had a correlation to the high volume of Uranus contacts. Transit Uranus’s retrograde motion through the 8th house of stocks and loans and partile conjunction to the midpoint of natal Uranus/Venus (Venus is a natural significator of money as well as the ruler of the 4th house of home) was one of the stronger representations for the shock to the financial systems. Solar arc Uranus’ partile conjunction to the midpoint of natal Jupiter/Pluto further exacerbated things by confirming that this crisis would not be small or isolated and had potential ripple effects to take down everything. 

This “attack” on our financial security was represented by the partile t-square configuration between solar arc Chiron – Mars and transit Mars with apex Chiron also in conjunction with the midpoint of natal Moon/Uranus. This collection of dynamics brought everything together. The long-term wounds we would carry with us as a lesson of the threat that these sketchy or predatory mortgage loan schemes posed to the country’s overall foundational stability. 

The overall story of this event was told quite literally by a handful of transits: Mercury’s retrograde motion over the Imum Coeli, new Moon’s opposition to natal Uranus, Jupiter’s opposition to natal Pluto and Saturn’s 2nd house (money) partile conjunction to the midpoint of natal Pluto/Moon. These “triggers” were the sudden awareness (Mercury) of the potential damage the collapse of the housing bubble (Jupiter) posed, the shock (new Moon) of the dramatic drop in stock prices and the seriousness (Saturn) of a potential collapse of finances in general. 

While this financial crisis was arguably worse than “Black Monday”, it should be noted that one of the root causes was the unethical practices surrounding home mortgages. Since the 4th house represents the home then the 3rd house represents the 12th house from that position. In other words, the 3rd is the derived 12th house from the 4th. In this way, solar arc Pluto’s journey through the 3rd house house accurately represented our undoing (12th house) as a result of shenanigans connected back to homes (4th house). 

Event #22:       Occupy Wall Street begins.

Date:               September 17, 2011


  • Neptune conjunct natal Sun.
  • Saturn square natal Pluto (partile).
  • Jupiter conjunct natal Chiron. 
  • Uranus trine/sextile natal Ascendant – Mercury – Descendant. 


  • Moon conjunct natal South Node (partile). 

Solar Arcs

  • Pluto opposed natal Uranus & square natal Pluto (partile).
  • Mars sextile natal Sun (partile).
  • Uranus trine Sun (partile).
  • Ascendant conjunct natal Imum Coeli. 
  • Midheaven trine natal Imum Coeli (partile). 
  • Moon conjunct natal Descendant – Mercury (partile).


This was one of the major events to manifest out of the epic Uranus – Pluto square in the early 2010’s. This watershed astrological event aligned significantly with the Pluto chart due to transit Uranus’ harmonious aspects to the natal Ascendant – Descendant axis and Pluto’s trine and sextile to the natal nodal axis of finance and investments (Taurus – Scorpio). 

The Uranian impulse was represented more powerfully with solar arc Uranus’ partile trine to natal Sun. The revolutionary zeitgeist that propped up quickly across the country to protest the impact of America’s perceived economic system of plutocracy was a reflection of these supportive aspects. 

But the strongest dynamics to this chart was the t-square configuration solar arc Pluto created with natal Uranus and Saturn. The intense communication that was previously referenced with Pluto’s movement through the 3rd house had found its manifestation through the revolutionary impulse of Uranus and directed at the “one percent” establishment represented by Saturn at the apex. It should also be noted that Saturn is the ruler of the 8th house of stocks so the “occupation” of Wall Street was a fitting expression of this configuration’s energy and solar arc Saturn’s partile square to natal Pluto confirmed this manifestation. 

Event #23:       Edward Snowden releases documents revealing that the NSA had been spying on the general public. 

Date:               June 6, 2013


  • Uranus conjunct natal Uranus (Uranus return). 
  • Pluto square natal Uranus.
  • Saturn conjunct natal South Node (partile). 
  • North Node conjunct natal Moon.
  • Mars conjunct natal Jupiter. 
  • Neptune opposite natal Neptune (The Neptune Opposition). 
  • Moon conjunct natal Mercury. 
  • Mercury square natal Uranus (partile). 


  • Moon square natal Sun.

Solar Arcs

  • Pluto opposed natal Uranus (partile). 
  • Jupiter opposed natal Sun (partile).
  • Chiron conjunct natal Ascendant. 


With this defining moment of synchronicity for Pluto’s journey through the 3rd house, solar arc Pluto contributed to a grand cross configuration involving natal Uranus, transit Uranus, natal Saturn, transit Mercury and transit Pluto. 

With this tremendous amount of energy, Pluto’s association with secrets and things hidden below the surface was turned on its head by the opposition to natal and transit Uranus. The powerful energy coming from the Pluto chart’s Uranus return reflected Snowden’s rebellion against his own country to expose this dysfunction. The axis from 12th house transit Mercury to retrograde transit Pluto was the awareness and review (retrograde) of our personal information (Mercury) being misused (Pluto) by massive institutions (natal Saturn). Along with transit Mercury, the transit Moon’s conjunction to natal Mercury was another apt trigger for this manifestation. 

The transit Neptune Opposition represented our deep disenchantment, disillusionment and distrust of government entities spying on us. Natal Venus’ involvement via conjunction resulted in ripple effects of this breach of trust that ultimately undermined the foundations of society (Venus is 4th ruler). 

Event #24:       The Covid-19 outbreak is disclosed by the WHO & CDC. 

Date:               January 10, 2020


  • Saturn – Pluto – Sun – Moon – Mercury  square natal Imum Coeli – Midheaven
  • Jupiter conjunction natal Saturn (partile). 
  • Uranus square natal Ascendant – Descendant.
  • South Node conjunct natal Saturn (partile). 
  • Mars opposed Jupiter. 


  • Moon opposed the midpoint of natal Mars/Sun. 
  • Sun – Mercury square natal. 

Solar Arcs

  • Opening square – all bodies. 
  • Uranus opposed natal Saturn.
  • Chiron opposed natal Mars. 
  • Nodal axis conjunct natal Ascendant – Descendant axis (partile). 


The transiting Saturn – Pluto conjunction that was triggered by the January 2020 full Moon and Mercury was one of the pivotal astrological line ups of the past couple years. Its manifestation of Covid-19 was probably one of the most destructive events in generations. It literally “locked down” the entire world. The myriad of ways in which this health crisis transformed our existence are virtually infinite.  

The most immediate reflection of the impact of this transiting Capricorn Stellium can be found in its movement through the 6th house of health and in square aspect to the cusp of the 4th house, the Imum Coeli. A high-level delineation for these dynamics offers a quite literal representation of its manifestation: An existential struggle of life and death in the area of health created challenges and conflicts in the very foundations of our lives. This struggle was so great that it actually enslaved many of us to our homes because of the fear of death and/or hospitalization that these health risks posed. The basic structure(s) of society were irrevocably transformed in the aftermath of this crisis. 

In terms of worldwide shutdown this crisis precipitated, this is most vividly represented by the t-square configuration from solar arc Saturn – Uranus, natal Saturn, and transit Jupiter – South Node. With solar arc Saturn at the apex and focal point while moving through the 9th house, we have a accurate depiction of the travel ban (9th house) that occurred as result of the rapid spread of Covid-19. 

But the most significant astrological dynamic that this event corresponded to was the opening square by solar arc for every planetary body within the Pluto chart. The year 2020 represent 90 years since Pluto’s discovery in 1930. As a result, this year represented the first major crisis (a square aspect is 90 degrees) to the entire chart.[xi] In other words, everything Pluto represents as a new archetype for humanity was brought to bear in a manner that was difficult. The Capricorn Stellium may have been strong enough to trigger much of the manifestation connected to this event, but the activation of the opening square of the Pluto chart literally shut down the entire world with a death toll that was catastrophic and breath taking. The correlation between every aspect of daily living being disrupted and transformed (Pluto’s influence within the 6th and 3rd houses) was a perfect replication of the universal stress and conflict that every planetary body was feeling from the opening square aspect. This high degree of synchronicity confirms this chart as one of the most powerful in existence. Aspects to its natal bodies must receive the highest priority for any major event, both past…and future. 

This last point is key because when we consider the power of this astrological milestone (the opening square) and all of the evaluated synchronicity from every prior event, we are compelled to inquire, “So what major milestone is next?”

The 4th House Journey

That answer is obvious: Solar arc Pluto will arrive at the Imum Coeli and enter the 4th house in roughly four years. This event will be a milestone for humanity because the 4th house is an angular house. In astrology, the angular houses are the most active. For comparison, reflect upon all the magnitude of surreal and tumultuous events that manifested while Pluto was journeying through the 1st house. It was not a coincidence that the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima as Pluto arrived at the Ascendant, the cusp of the first house. Here, the 4th house represents the area of life that includes our families, roots and home. In many ways, it is the foundation upon which all of society rests and is built upon. It is our sense of security. Pluto is transformation, but the way that archetype transforms is through introducing challenging circumstances of intensity (sometimes horror and catastrophe) that compel humanity to make necessary changes and/or corrections. Given the sensitive area of life that is governed by the 4th house and Pluto’s ruthlessly thorough nature of forcing deep transformation, we can start to get an idea of what might be coming. 

The following times frames should not be viewed as concrete predictions, but instead an exploration of future archetypal dynamics that are significant (with the most prominent of these being solar arc Pluto’s arrival at the 4th house around the same time transit Pluto arrives at the 7th house). Starting in 2025, these time frames require a heightened degree of interest and evaluation in order to prepare for the impact Pluto may hold for this area of life.[xii]

Timeframe:               June 2025 – January 2026


  • Pluto conjunct natal Mercury – Descendant. 
  • Uranus square natal Sun. 


  • Moon sextile natal Sun. 

Solar Arcs

  • Mars opposed natal Moon (partile). 
  • Chiron square natal (partile). 
  • South Node conjunct natal Mars. 
  • Venus conjunct natal Jupiter (partile). 
  • Neptune opposed natal Jupiter. 


Solar arc Pluto has not yet reached the Imum Coeli, but transit Pluto has reached the Descendant (and Mercury). Its retrograde movement over this angular cusp will coincide with transit Uranus’ square to natal Sun. This time frame may represent some of the initial “rumblings” that will start to impact our relationships (7th house). Typically, Pluto moving through the 7th house usually reveals major problems in our relationships that must be confronted before things start to fall apart. With Uranus’ modern rulership of the 7th house and the Sun’s rulership of the 1st house (heightened status as chart ruler), there is a possibility of two sides confronting each other. This energy is rebellious, irreverent, chaotic and has the feel of a protest or some type of major upheaval. 

Also, the t-square involving solar arc Chiron – Mars and natal Moon is challenging and combative. With Chiron in Leo at the apex and the 1st house, there will be some type of wounded pride or sense of self that is making its presence known in a very immediate and visible way. 

These dynamics hint at much unrest and anger aimed directly at the base of a country and the relationships that hold it together. 

Timeframe:               August – December 2026


  • Pluto conjunct natal Descendant. 
  • North Node conjunct natal Sun.
  • Uranus trine natal Ascendant – Descendant axis. 
  • Saturn conjunct natal Uranus & square natal Saturn. 
  • Neptune trine & sextile natal Ascendant – Descendant axis.
  • Chiron sextile natal Sun. 


  • Moon conjunct natal Chiron & opposed natal Moon. 

Solar Arcs

  • Pluto conjunct natal Imum Coeli.
  • Neptune opposed natal Jupiter.
  • Moon conjunct the midpoint of natal Sun/Mars.
  • Mercury square natal Mars.


Solar arc Pluto is less than a degree away from the Imum Coeli, but transit Pluto is still dancing around the Descendant. At this point, there will probably be a general acceptance of things that have been broken for a long time and need to be fixed. There may also be much stress over the knowledge that irrevocable changes are coming that may be frightening for how we relate to each other. 

Also, the Uranian themes impacting relationships referenced in the last timeframe continue here. Transit Uranus’ harmonious aspects from the 11th house to both sides of the Ascendant – Descendant axis point to changes brought about by various groups that challenge how we get along. The nature of the involved trine and sextile aspects infer that these changes may happen quickly and with a certain degree of support and consensus. 

The Ascendant – Descendant axis is also receiving harmonious aspects from transit Neptune as it moves through the 9th house. The changes initiated by transit Uranus may be connected to or influence philosophies that have inspired a type of zeitgeist that is idealistic, imaginative and passionate. 

The growing square from solar arc Mercury to natal Mars will probably reflect the growing debate around this time frame that will continue to impact our relationships. 

The natal Uranus – Saturn square in the Pluto chart is inherently rebellious and seeks to change or challenge the established order, structure, or authority. With transit Saturn activating these natal dynamics, there a couple ways it can manifest. First, it may represent pushback from some of the more conservative, traditional elements of society. Second, it may represent how organizations and/or governments are recognizing and supporting a drive or movement for change. Third, it may also represent how structures and large organizations are being radically changed, period. 

The Aries nature of transit Saturn and Neptune (and Chiron) give pause because it highlights the possibility for a certain degree of aggressiveness and initiative. 

The high degree of retrograde activity (Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) reflect that all of their corresponding archetypal impulses will be under review. There will be much awareness and adjustment at this time. Some of it may be connected to the events from the prior year. 

Timeframe:               May 2027 – December 2027


  • Saturn conjunct natal Midheaven. 
  • Chiron square natal Ascendant – Descendant axis. 
  • Uranus sextile natal Uranus. 
  • Neptune sextile natal Jupiter. 
  • Pluto trine natal Jupiter & conjunct the midpoint of natal Mercury/Mars. 


  • Moon square natal Sun.
  • Sun conjunct natal Jupiter. 

Solar Arcs

  • Pluto conjunct natal Imum Coeli (partile). 
  • Mercury square Mars (partile). 
  • Descendant – Mercury conjunct natal Chiron & square natal Mars (partile). 
  • Moon conjunct the midpoint of natal Sun/Mars. 
  • Venus trine natal Mars. 
  • Jupiter sextile natal Moon. 


With this timeframe, Pluto has finally arrived by solar arc at the 4th house cusp. At the same time, transit Pluto has also gone into conjunction with the midpoint of natal Mercury/Mars. The significance of these “double Pluto” contacts in the angular houses cannot be overstated. It will define this era as one of the most volatile and deeply transformative in generations. What was previously known and trusted to be home, family, relationships and a general sense of kinship (possibly, patriotism) will be dramatically challenged. Transit Saturn’s opposition to solar arc Pluto and their alignment across this axis may put stability and security at risk with an intensity felt across many areas of life. There may also be fears of authoritarian control. 

The themes involving security will be echoed by Chiron’s “double” emphasis in Taurus. This is represented by the alignment of the solar arc Ascendant – Descendant axis with natal Chiron as well as transit Chiron’s alignment with the natal Ascendant – Descendant axis. The potential for historic wounds or problems now affecting how we relate to each other and their impact on society’s foundations may be prevalent. Some of these historic problems may revolve around the distribution of money and resources. 

While many of these delineations may appear dire, there is the possibility that the transformations initiated by Pluto may result in a reformed and stronger social safety net which can form a healthier foundation upon which society can build. 

Timeframe:               July 2029 – January 2030


  • Pluto conjunct natal Mars. 
  • Neptune conjunct natal Uranus & square natal Saturn. 
  • Chiron opposed natal Moon. 


  • Moon – Jupiter sextile natal Midheaven. 

Solar Arcs

  • Uranus conjunct natal Pluto. 
  • Saturn square natal Pluto. 
  • Moon conjunct the midpoint of natal Sun/Mars (partile).
  • Neptune conjunct the midpoint of natal Moon/Saturn.


By this point, solar arc Pluto has moved off the 4th house cusp, but transit Pluto has gone into conjunction with natal Mars in the 7th house. This particular transit is high energy with a strong motivation that can become a bit obsessive and ruthless in the area of relationships. Some of this energy may be directed towards transforming our relationships to offer more independence. With this conjunction, there is also the potential for conflict and combat. If conflict is already underway then this may represent an escalation.  

The revolutionary feel of all of these years will be continued here as well with solar arc Uranus – Saturn aligned with natal Pluto and transit Neptune’s alignment with natal Uranus – Saturn. As we have seen with many other events, contacts to Pluto’s natal position is often key to big manifestations. I have a suspicion that this particular time frame will be no different. Here, a massive change to the existing structures will represent long term transformation that may shape the fabric of society going forward. As with previous timeframes, Neptune’s involvement again highlights some of the idealism that will motivate and infuse these changes, but here it will be more direct due to the nature of the conjunction aspect. 

Despite the images of revolution and change that are being delineated here, I don’t want to discount the possibility to new technology that may offer equivalent archetypal manifestations. That is always that possibility with Uranus’ involvement. 


Mundane astrology is tricky because much of its challenge relies on finding the “right” chart to compare transits for any major event. All too often, if a mistake is made it is usually because an astrologer has selected the wrong chart as the base “natal”. What is proposed with this brief analysis is that in addition to any country, nation, city or organizational chart, this chart for the discovery of Pluto must also be considered for astrological insight into any major event. The accuracy of timing and manifestation for each of the 24 past events is so rich that it is hard to ignore. As the last planet to be discovered in over a hundred years, Pluto’s archetypes represent a clear and pressing challenge of evolution. As a result, it’s chart is highly resonant for every major event. It may be thought of as one of the higher priority charts for mundane work. More to the point, Pluto’s chart is a driving force for the trajectory of humanity. 

End Notes

[i] In this regard, the United States’ Pluto return has been a fascinating milestone to witness and observe.

[ii] Stephen Arroyo, Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart, CRCS Publications, 1992, p.51.

[iii] Isabel Hickey, Astrology: A Cosmic Science, CRCS Publications, 1992, p.291.

[iv] Tracy Marks, The Astrology of Self-Discovery, CRCS Publications, 1985, p.204.

[v] It should also be noted that Pluto’s Ascendant is also in conjunction with the North Node in America’s chart. In this way, much of the power and destruction expressed by Pluto during this time frame would intimately involve the United States. This war would become one major expression of America’s destiny of power and leadership.

[vi] From a rectification perspective, the tightness of alignment of Pluto to the Ascendent by solar arc is also strong evidence for the accuracy of the chart’s 4:00 pm time.

[vii] Of course, it should also be noted that the corroborating aspects in each event also contributed to the direction of manifestation for that t-square.

[viii] The partile alignment with this angle, also provides compelling evidence for the accuracy of the chart’s 4:00 pm time as well.

[ix] This partile alignment pass solar arc Neptune offers more evidence for the accuracy of the chart’s 4:00 pm time.

[x] The Stellium of additional transmitting planetary bodies joined Pluto for this event, strengthening the magnitude and significance of manifestation.

[xi] For additional context on the magnitude of opening square by solar arc, the United States experienced its initial opening square in 1866. At this time, the Civil War had just ended and the Civil Rights Act of 1866 was signed, recognizing African-Americans as citizens and protected under the law.

[xii] These timeframes only represent estimates where the potential for manifestation may be considered higher than usual.

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