Blind Spots

I cannot think of many structures of gaslighting larger than the denial of astrological correlation. This problem is so stark and acute that it will be remembered as the defining blind spot of this era.

The reality is that this correlation is omnipresent. We are literally swimming in it. Pluto in Sag opposed Saturn in Gemini on 9/11…and then collapsed the economy when it entered Cap. Donald Trump has Mars rising. An Aquarian basketball star is nicknamed “Air,” while a Taurean professional wrestler is named “The Rock”. The moment the nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima Uranus and Mars were aligned with the Midheaven. Mike Tyson has a Moon – Mars opposition. America was founded just five years prior to the discovery of Uranus. Most rappers have prominent Gemini or Mercury placements. Leo Whitney Houston wrote a ballad about falling in love with herself while Leo rising Muhammad Ali spent his entire career bragging about being the greatest. Since the French Revolution, there have been six charts for the country of France containing trine aspects to Venus. A double Scorpio wrote Dracula. Hell, the rise of Christianity coincided with the age of Pisces for Christ’s sake!

And these are just off the top of my head. I could go on, but the point is that these “meaningful coincidences” and surreal connections between astrological characteristics and manifested reality are everywhere. This stuff is not hiding. Yet, it is ignored because there is not a good way to quantify “meaningful”. Instead, we are told these instances are arbitrary and instructed not believe our own eyes, to doubt the clear and obvious truth staring us in the face.

It is often assumed that a misunderstanding of astrology’s multivalence, expressive nuance and holistic interpretive complexity is the reason others do not see this. That is probably part of it, but I think the core problem is more of a willful ignorance exacerbated by an inflated sense of ego. Yes, this is also at the root of many misunderstandings, but it is uniquely detrimental for astrology.

We live in an era defined by a refusal to accept the influence or existence of any determining factor of inherency. Astrology is the ultimate symbolic system of inherency and an existential counter point to this so it is only natural that everything it represents is automatically rejected. Unfortunately, this rejection has also made us stupid.

(It is painful listening to people accurately describe astrology when they do not know they are describing astrology…while they are “debunking” astrology.)

So, you can hit people with mountains of evidence and it won’t make a difference because the source of the issue isn’t resolved with evidence. It is a philosophical blind spot from minds that have already decided what astrology is because of a belief in what they think they control.

Astrologers are not geniuses because they know how to interpret astrological symbolism, but they are smart (and brave) because they can recognize truth. The curse is that this judgment and insight is surrounded by widespread and pervasive arrogance. More to the point, it is a kind of hell to exist in a time frame so dumb that it has chosen to ignore a truth that can be seen everywhere.

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