The Part of Fortune & the Power of Privilege

The recovery of ancient astrological methodologies has really changed how we look at astrology. But with this exposure to techniques that were lost in the sands of time and rediscovered methods for analyzing a chart, it has also revealed the heavy focus on fate that many ancient astrologers held for this art. The philosophical implications of these discoveries have not yet settled, so as these techniques are incorporated into our work and studies it is important to revisit that age old discussion of fate vs free will. To that end, I offer one area that appears to be quite rich – the Part of Fortune. 

Calculating the Part of Fortune

The Part of Fortune is not a physical body, but instead a calculated point within the chart. The calculation varies depending on whether the individual was born during the day or night and is as follows:

  • Day Time Birth: Ascendant + Moon – Sun
  • Night Time Birth: Ascendant + Sun – Moon

If these equations are a bit too difficult to grasp then we can also consider this visually as well. For a day time chart, project the Sun to the Moon (according to the order of the signs) and then project that distance forward from the Ascendant. For a night time chart, project the Moon to the Sun and then project that forward from the Ascendant. 

Modern and Traditional Conceptions

The part of fortune is not a new concept to astrology. In the last half a century, numerous books have cited the influence of this astrological concept, but its description was very different than how it was conceived when it was originally developed. In fact, some of the more recent conceptions were somewhat abstractly psychological or esoteric. Even the legendary Dane Rudhyar observed:

“And because this soli-lunar relationship is actually the foundation for the elusive and capricious factor which is named ‘personality,’ the Part of Fortune is the most characteristic indication of the type of ‘personality’ which an individual may succeed in developing and projecting.”[i]

He continues:

“…the Part of Fortune in an individual birth chart reveals the particular and strictly individual way in which this life-force is received and used by the particular person, subject to the influences of a particular environment. And it is the character of this reception and use of the life-force which determines whether or not an individual displays ‘personality’ – and the nature of that display.”[ii]

Until he concludes:

“…the Part of Fortune in a natal chart can give information concerning the personality of an individual and the best ways in which he can operate in society, seek happiness and release his vital energies…”[iii]

Of course, this is fine, but it is a slight departure (if not, reformulation or extrapolation) from traditional perspectives. Also, it should also be noted that the ancients did not refer to this point in the chart as a “part,” but instead a “lot”. Consider some of the following evaluations of the ancient perspective of the Part of Fortune: 

“This was connected to the ancient practice of casting or drawing lots, which is somewhat similar to the modern practice of entering into a lottery. The casting of lots was done in order to decide matters by leaving the outcome up to a chance of fortune. ‘Kleromancy,’ or lot divination, was used as a method of ascertaining the will of the divine through the casting of lots. Part of the rationale for this type of divination was the notion that there is some sort of divine agency at work in the seemingly random acts of chance or fortune.”[iv]


“In this way, the Lot of Fortune appears to have been integrated into the approaches of some astrologers as a means of determining the role that chance or fortune played in the lives of individuals.”[v]

Another more expansive understanding: 

“The overarching emphasis of the Lot of Fortune, however, is on the body, or, more specifically, on how the living soul fares in the body as the person inhabits the physical world of incarnation. The Lot of Fortune also indicates the relative quantity of a person’s good fortune in receiving wealth and prosperity. This material bounty enhances a person’s physical well-being and general happiness.”[vi]

While I am not casting judgment on either approach, it is clear that they are different. With one approach leaning more towards the metaphysical and the other more literal and straightforward, it may be argued that the Part of Fortune is one of the larger gaps in interpretation between modern and traditional astrological methods. But, because traditional explicitly includes “privilege”[vii] as part of its meanings for the Part of Fortune, this analysis will focus on this dynamic of fate. This is an exploration of privilege. 

Factors of Strength

First, we must identify the characteristics that contribute to the strength of its manifestation. In analyzing the Part of Fortune, these factors will impact the relative ease an individual experiences throughout their life. It may also describe their attitude towards wealth and success as well. These factors are listed below: 

  1. House Position of the Lot – A Part of Fortune placed in an angular house (1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th) is the strongest consideration for the accumulation of wealth and riches. Succedent placements (2nd, 5th, 8th, or 11th) are also considered good or helpful, but not as as strong as angular. Cadent placements (3rd, 6th, 9th, or 12th) are considered weak and not helpful in these matters. 
  2. House Position of the Lord – The same factors for # 1 applies here as well, but for the ruler (Lord) of the sign of the Part of Fortune instead. The Lord can represent the involvement of the individual in manifesting their fortune. 
  3. Aspects from Benefics – Any aspects from Venus or Jupiter (especially by conjunction) to either the Lot or Lord offers strong support and assistance. Conversely, aspects (especially by square or opposition by Malefics are considered to have a significant detrimental influence.[viii] 
  4. Dignity – If the Lord has dignity by being placed in the sign of its rulership, exaltation, or triplicity then this will be a beneficial consideration in how effective it can be in manifesting fortune. 
  5. Derived 10th or 11th Placements – The 10th or 11th houses from the house containing the Part of Fortune or supposed to represent the areas of career or acquisition as related to the individual’s fortune. Benefics placed here or other well aspected bodies can be supportive. 
  6. Under the Beams or Combust – This may be more of a minor consideration, but when the Part of Fortune is within 15° (under the beams) or 8° (combust – stronger affliction) of conjunction with the Sun it is viewed to have a detrimental influence on the individual’s fortune. 

Chart Examples & Methodology

Most of the following 24 individuals and charts need little introduction. Their fame and reputation of wealth precedes them. The factors connected to the Part of Fortune (abbreviated POF) will be evaluated using the traditional guidelines detailed above in order to determine the degree of fate in receiving and manifesting luck and fortune.[ix] While this evaluation will give primary consideration to traditional methodology (which includes whole sign houses), other astrological techniques (midpoints, etc.) may also be considered as a case demands it.

Bill Gates

As the founder of Microsoft, Gates has been widely recognized as one of the wealthiest people in the world for decades. His name has become synonymous with the ultra-rich. 


  • POF (Aquarius) is succedent (8th house). 
  • POF lord (Saturn) is succedent (5th house). 
  • Venus in conjunction with POF lord.
  • Venus – POF lord in the derived 10th house from the POF. 
  • Mercury trine POF. 
  • POF opposing midpoint of Uranus & Jupiter. 


His POF in Aquarius provides an immediate correlation to the technological and innovative work often associated with this sign quality that was responsible for his riches. 

The lack of angularity may seem a little surprising given his massive wealth, but the double succedent placements obviously manifested in an exaggerated manner when amplified by the combined strength of all the other factors. 

Of those supportive factors, Venus’ conjunction to the POF lord in the derived 10th house is a strong alignment. Venus is a natural significator for money and its conjunction to the lord represents Gates’ natural fortune or luck in manifesting riches through his career. It is also a representative of these riches becoming his reputation and social standing. 

The trine from Mercury represents his talent in leveraging his intellect for the programming work that easily translated into success. 

Some may take issue with the use of a midpoint as these were not a historic consideration when evaluating the POF. The incorporation of this methodology would represent a deviation from traditional methodology, but this analysis would be remiss if this dynamic was ignored. Uranus – Jupiter combinations are typically associated with some type of breakthrough success so their placement in the 2nd house money with the POF opposing their midpoint offers one final powerful piece of evidence for Gates’ overwhelmingly good luck and massive fortune. 

Again, the combined weight of these supportive factors is quite overwhelming and extremely resonant for an individual who became something an icon of financial success. With this juggernaut of energy aligned with his POF, it is possible that Gates would have been successful in any venture or career that he pursued. 

Warren Buffett

Buffett built his riches through years of accurate and shrewd investing and stock purchases. Buffet’s accuracy in this industry has made him something of a legend and he was recognized as the richest person in the world in 2008. 


  • POF (Pisces) is angular (4th house). 
  • POF lord (Jupiter) is succedent (8th house) and dignified (exalted). 
  • Moon (8th ruler) in derived 10th house. 
  • Moon in mutual reception with POF lord. 
  • POF opposing midpoint of POF lord & Moon.
  • Pluto trine POF. 
  • Pluto conjunct POF lord.
  • Uranus square POF lord. 


Buffett’s alignments with the POF are just as powerful as Bill Gates’. The angular placement of his POF ensures that his fortune and luck with be very active. 

A dignified benefic as the POF lord represents that Buffett’s talent and ability in taking the luck generated by the POF and turning it into wealth. Its placement within a succedent house also confirms that the wealth he generates will be stable and solid. Also, Buffett’s career as an investor correlates very well with the POF lord’s placement within the 8th house of stocks, finances, and investments. 

The Moon’s placement within the derived 10th is significant because it is in mutual reception with Jupiter (again, the POF lord). This strengthens the connection between the POF lord’s investments in the 8th as a result of the fortune from the POF and the Moon’s intuition within the derived 10th. Finally, the POF’s opposition to the midpoint of this Moon – Jupiter mutual reception was the factor that manifested Buffett’s wealth in such an exaggerated manner that he became one of the richest individuals in the world. The interplay of these final dynamics is ridiculously and powerfully fortunate. 

Bernard Arnault

Arnault is the founder of Louis Vuitton, the largest luxury goods company and recently identified as the wealthiest person in the world. 


  • POF (Scorpio) is angular (4th house). 
  • POF lord (Venus) is succedent (8th house). 
  • POF lord is combust, but sextile a dignified Moon. 
  • A dignified (rulership, triplicity) POF lord trine POF. 
  • POF opposing midpoint of POF lord & Uranus. 


Arnault is another example of a well-placed POF (angular) solidified by a well-placed POF lord (succedent). As in other examples, this shows how Arnault was able to effectively use the luck that the POF provided. 

Granted, the POF is combust so there may be some degree of difficulty in actualizing his opportunities, but the sextile to a dignified Moon (who is also tightly conjunct the Midheaven) has probably offset that a bit. While the Moon is not a benefic, its dignified status as well as its placement on an angle will provide much support in its aspect to the POF lord. The Moon amplified the POF lord’s ability to leverage its opportunities in a manner that benefits career. 

The trine aspect from Venus to the POF is the strongest factor. Venus is heavily dignified and also the natural significator for beauty, cosmetics and luxury items. Of course, Venus is also representative of money. The trine relationship reflects the ease in which Arnault can attract riches as a result of good luck. 

That Venus is also connected to a midpoint relationship involving Uranus and the POF. With the POF opposing the midpoint of these two planets we have a final determining factor conclusively confirming his beneficial fortune to become extremely wealthy. Specifically, this midpoint paints a picture of Arnault’s genius and innovation (Uranus) in developing and marketing luxury items (Venus), but in a manner effectively combined with the opportunities gifted by the POF. 

John D Rockefeller

Rockefeller was the world’s first billionaire and one of the most enduring images of ultra wealth for over the past century. His wealth was built upon the oil company he founded, Standard Oil. 


  • POF is succedent (2nd house). 
  • POV lord (Venus) debilitated (fall) and cadent (6th house). 
  • POF lord square malefic (Saturn).  
  • POF lord opposing midpoints of Neptune and North Node, Pluto and Midheaven. 
  • Neptune & Jupiter trine POF. 
  • Sun & Uranus sextile POF. 


Rockefeller’s alignments with his POF provide a type of counter narrative to the guidelines set down by traditional methodology. While his POF was well placed in a succedent house (fitting that it was the 2nd house of money and resources) and supported by a benefic POF lord, that lord was also debilitated, cadent and in hard aspect to a malefic. 

This lord could not be in worse shape. An immediate impression may be of an individual who squandered their luck or was unable to maximize the gifts that were bestowed upon them. Obviously, that is not the case here. This lord manifested in a different manner. Throughout his career, Rockefeller was repeatedly criticized for the ruthless tactics he employed to gain control over his industry and competitors. This questionable (and possibly unethical) behavior is probably a reflection of the poor condition of this POF lord as well as its obsession for power and control (Pluto/Midheaven) through his success and fame in oil (North Node/Neptune).

In terms of the ease in which Rockefeller was able to maximize his opportunities and good fortune, this is represented by the numerous harmonious and supportive aspects coming from four planets (including the Sun) and his nodal axis. Of note, the double trine aspects from Neptune and Jupiter are highly resonant because Rockefeller built his wealth because Neptune is a natural significator for oil and Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Neptune is also representative for charity as well and this was reflected and Rockefeller’s second career in philanthropy after retiring from oil. 

Ultimately, while Rockefeller’s POF and POF lord provide a picture that is a bit contradictory, the aspects from other bodies provided the windfall offered by the POF and ruthlessly managed by its lord. 

Oprah Winfrey

Winfrey is probably one of the most recognizable personalities in the world. Through the popularity of her talk show, she was able to build an empire that sells a wide array of products in addition to publishing a magazine at one point as well. Oprah’s influence on general culture is undisputed and sometimes comically referred to as a “cult.”


  • POF is angular (4th house). 
  • POF lord (Jupiter) is angular (7th house), but debilitated (detriment). 
  • POF lord trine Midheaven & Mercury. 
  • POF lord opposing midpoints of Moon and Ascendant, Saturn and North Node, Sun-Venus, and Neptune. 
  • Moon is in derived 10th and square POF. 
  • POF opposing midpoint of POF lord (Jupiter) & Mars. 


The double angularity between POF and POF lord is powerful. It is an immediate indicator that her fortune would be very active and Winfrey will benefit tremendously from the manifestation of high degree of luck in her life. 

The POF lord is a benefic, but also debilitated and retrograde. In Winfrey’s case, this debilitation may be helpful because it is in the sign of Gemini (the sign quality associated with communication) and her primary success came from her talk show.

The effectiveness of this POF lord is further accentuated by its double trine aspects to Mercury (its dispositor) and the Midheaven. This symbolizes that Winfrey’s talent to actualize her fortune by translating her ability to talk (Mercury) with others (7th house Gemini) over to a career (Midheaven). These connecting trines amongst ensure ease in manifesting their effectiveness which ultimately benefits Winfrey financially because of the POF lord’s involvement. 

But the final factors involving the POF lord are possibly the most powerful because they involve three different midpoints (six planets, the Nodal axis, and the Ascendant) all opposing the lord of fortune. This convincingly shows that Winfrey’s lord of fortune is a powerfully active force due to its angularity, beneficial aspects and alignment with majority of her chart via midpoints. 

Also, this example is interesting due to the unique way in which she manifested the dynamics of the POF lord so that it closely resonated with its archetypal quality. In a way, this alignment allowed it to “override” some of the more challenging characteristics associated with its placement. 

While other additional factors are also helpful, the power of this lord is probably enough to show the manifestation of her luck in terms of extreme wealth.

But this example also infers an important counter perspective. Despite coming out of poverty and was experiencing extreme abuse, Winfrey was able to find a way to success and riches. As a result, her story is often cited as evidence that hard work can overcome all odds. The issue with this belief is that her POF dynamics also show the power she also possessed as a result of providence. It shows that there was more at work here than just work itself. 

Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg is both a billionaire businessman and politician. He founded his company, Bloomberg LP, in the early 1980’s and became wildly successful based upon the development and sales of software that provides real time financial information to Wall Street brokerages. He also served three consecutive terms as the mayor of New York City. He consistently shows up in most lists of the richest people in the world. 


  • POF is angular (1st house). 
  • POF sextile malefic (Mars). 
  • POF lord (Moon) is succedent (8th house). 
  • POF lord square malefic (Mars). 
  • POF lord trine benefic (Jupiter). 
  • POF lord conjunct Mercury. 


The angular, succedent placements of the POF and POF lord offer another strong testimony of Bloomberg’s luck as well as his ability to translate that luck into solid financial security. 

Mercury’s conjunction to the POF lord in the 8th house literally reflects the software (Aquarius placement) developed to track financial data (Mercury) for Wall Street stock brokers (8th house). The POF lord’s trine to Jupiter (benefic) brings more benefits and support to these efforts. 

Mars’ involvement with these dynamics is a bit of a mixed bag. While it is sextile the POF, it is also square the POF lord. Mars is the ruler of the 10th house of career, so its aspects to both major factors reflect Bloomberg’s motivation and work to maximize his luck and opportunity to benefit his career. But it should not be ignored that Mars is debilitated (fall) and a malefic. This probably has some connection to the many complaints of harassment by women who worked for Bloomberg over the years. 

Tucker Carlson

Carlson was a long-time conservative commentator on the Fox News channel. While Carlson was one of the highest paid commentators on television, he also came from an upper-class family with an elite childhood. 


  • POF is angular (1st house). 
  • POF lord (Moon) is succedent (11th house). 
  • Benefic (Jupiter) sextile POF and trine POF lord. 
  • Benefic (Venus) in derived 10th house. 


Carlson’s POF alignments follow the similar pattern of other wealthy individuals in that the two most important factors (POF and its lord) are well placed (angular and succedent). As we have seen elsewhere, this usually reflects an individual with a high degree of luck or opportunity along with the ability to maximize or leverage those offerings. 

These factors are amplified by the supportive relationships from a benefic (Jupiter) to both POF (sextile) and its lord (trine). If the first set of dynamics was not enough, this second dynamic clinches it: this individual had an unusual amount of “privilege” in their life. 

Of course, the last dynamic adds more weight to this conclusion due to the presence of the other benefic (Venus) placed in the fortuitous derived 10th house. Also, Venus’ conjunction with the Midheaven adds more emphasis to its impact of ease and gifts in Carlson’s life. 

Steve Jobs

Jobs was the cofounder of Apple computer, Pixar and visionary behind many of the products (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.) that have become ubiquitous in general culture. He was one of the youngest people to ever reach Forbes magazine’s list of richest of people in the world. He was also one of the few to have done it without inherited wealth. 


  • POF is cadent (12th house). 
  • POF conjunct Pluto. 
  • POF square malefic (Saturn). 
  • POF opposite Mercury. 
  • POF lord (Sun) is angular (7th house). 
  • POF lord sextile North Node. 
  • Pluto opposite midpoint of POF lord & Mercury. 


Jobs’ status as an icon within his industry as well as his enormous wealth may appear to be a bit of a contradiction when compared against his cadent POF that is in square aspect to a malefic (Saturn). Typically, these dynamics would symbolize a lack of fortune or luck and barriers against whatever fortune is provided. But if the particulars of Jobs’ early life are scrutinized, we find that this delineation would not be too far from the truth. 

Jobs was not born into money. His adoptive parents often struggled financially so he did not have much (if any) capital to start up Apple. As a result, he struggled to get it off the ground. Also, once Apple was up and running, Jobs was eventually forced to resign due to a power struggle (Saturn and Pluto influence) with the company’s board and executive leadership. All of this is quite a bumpy road to fame and fortune. 

As strange as this may sound, this cadent placement may have benefitted Jobs because of his interest and focus in spirituality and mysticism. His interest Buddhism and Zen was so pronounced that it has been suggested that it influenced the design and “look and feel” of many of Apple’s products. The 12th house is associated with areas of life that include spirituality, solitude, and meditation so it seems logical that Jobs found his fortune incorporating these pursuits and passions into his work and aesthetics. 

Additionally, Jobs was more interested in “changing the world” and less concerned with getting rich. This was an example of Pluto’s conjunction with his POF. Jobs was a transformative figure and that archetypal impulse and drive (even obsession) became a vehicle for delivering his wealth. Pluto’s opposition to the midpoint of the Sun (again, POF lord) and Mercury reflects how he pulled off major transformations through technology (Mercury in Aquarius) by becoming the face (Sun) of a movement that provided technology in a format that was sleek but simple, artistic but efficient (Mercury at the midpoint Sun & Venus).

The POF lord is where the strongest degree of Jobs’ fortune is found. In one sense, his Sun in Pisces represents his strength of vision as well as talent for product design. Also, Pisces has a quality that is often underrated because of its ability to turn individuals into symbols or icons that become “larger than life”. They become inspirational. This is why Jobs’ personality and ego became the face of Apple and attracted legions of fans (POF lord sextile North Node) to himself and the organization in a manner that was almost like a “cult”. 

What is amazing about this manifestation is that Jobs was not a programmer. He did not write or develop the code for Apple’s products, so it seems strange that he became the face of this technological organization. This dichotomy highlights another key facet of the strength of this POF lord: its angularity within the 7th house of others and relationships. This manifested quite literally as Jobs’ luck in meeting just the right people who would help him build Apple. Most significantly, this was Jobs’ relationship with Apple’s cofounder and programmer, Steve Wozniak. It is doubtful that he would have been as successful without meeting and relying on talented people who could partner with him and component of success and riches is often overlooked. 

Ultimately, Jobs is an interesting case study. While the traditional delineations of a weakened, cadent POF may have been accurate in how Jobs’ life manifested, it cannot be ignored that he found a way to manifest his fortune in a manner that was true to that specific house placement and outer planet alignment due to the strength of his POF lord. By aligning with the dynamics of both the POF and its lord, he was rewarded. 

Dwayne Johnson

Johnson’s grandfather and father were both professional wrestlers. Because of his father’s career, his early life was constant travel. He lived all over the country and had a difficult time settling down. He tried to build a career playing football, but this was derailed due to injuries. Eventually, his father agreed to train him for a career in professional wrestling and the contacts from his grandfather opened doors to opportunities with the WWF. 

As “The Rock”, Johnson became a massive success which ultimately catapulted him into an acting career. From there he became a movie star and is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, regularly appearing and starring in multiple films per year. 


  • POF is cadent (9th house). 
  • POF conjunct a dignified (triplicity) malefic (Saturn). 
  • POF copresent with a benefic (Venus) and malefic (Mars). 
  • POF lord (Mercury) is angular. 
  • POF lord in mutual reception with a malefic (Mars). 
  • Sun conjunct the midpoint of the POF and its lord. 


Johnson’s two major significators offer an example like Steve Jobs in that his POF is cadent, but it’s lord (Mercury) is angular. At a high level, this would indicate that while his luck and fortune was challenged, he was in good and active position to maximize what was offered. 

The POF’s placement in the 9th house of travel and in conjunction to Saturn correspond to Johnson’s early difficulties due to the constant travel (9th house) demands from of his father’s career (Saturn rules the 4th house of family and home). Saturn’s conjunction may also have some connection to Johnson’s injuries that stopped his football aspirations. 

But while these dynamics all hampered him initially, they were not permanent.  With Saturn’s connection to the 4th house of family, Saturn’s dignity by triplicity began to benefit Johnson when he decided to follow on the path of his grandfather and father to become a wrestler.[x] And in true Saturn fashion, Johnson had to put in the work through the training with his father in order to realize his fortune through Saturn’s dignity. 

Once Johnson started correctly manifesting his POF, then it’s lord began maximizing his fortune, luck and opportunities. With the lord (Mercury) in mutual reception with Mars, Johnson’s innate talents of natural athleticism and physicality (all Mars) would become the vehicle through which he would find his fortune. Yes, he tried using these talents playing football, but football did not align with his POF’s connection to the 4th house of family heritage. By aligning his energies correctly, he was then able to maximize the success of his efforts and work. With his Sun aligned with the midpoint of both major factors of fortune, his personality then became a force that was recognizable and loved (the influence of Venus-Mars copresence). 

Johnson often preaches (9th house Gemini) about the value of work (Saturn POF) on YouTube, TikTok and many other social media outlets. Of course, he’s not wrong about this, but it can be argued that his position on this topic does not take into account the full picture of how fortune is realized. If his case study offers anything, it is that this picture is much more complicated than just raw effort and persistence.  

Donald Trump

Trump is a billionaire who became President of the United States and is quite possibly the most controversial and polarizing figures in modern history. His wealth was built in various ways: inheritance, gifts, real estate, hotels, casinos, and other various Trump-branded merchandise. 

Trump has developed a reputation for being aggressively litigious, being involved in around 4,000 lawsuits by the time of his entrance into the 2016 Presidential campaign. 


  • POF is angular (7th house). 
  • POF opposite a dignified (term, face) malefic (Mars). 
  • POF trine Sun & sextile Moon. 
  • POF opposite the midpoint of Mercury and Jupiter, POF lord and Neptune. 
  • POF lord (Saturn) is debilitated (detriment) and cadent (12th house). 
  • POF lord conjunct benefic (Venus). 
  • POF lord conjunct the midpoint of Sun and Mars. 


Trump’s angular POF is the first piece of evidence supporting the existence of a high degree of luck or fortune, but it is opposite a malefic (Mars). With Mars’ rulership of the 4th house of home and family, this opposition has a correlation with real estate and his family legacy. 

Mars also represents the aggressive nature Trump displays in pursuing his fortune and specifically manifested in many battles through the legal system (Mars also rules the 9th house of courts). This Mars a bit of dignity, but it is only by term and face. In other words, is constantly in a position where he feels he must fight for survival to earn his fortune. 

Some clues for these battles may be found in the POF lord, Saturn. This lord is in pretty bad shape. One possible delineation for this could represent Trump’s inability to maximize this good luck or squander and waste it. Fortunately, a benefic (Venus) is conjunct this lord so that alters the standard delineation. Given the 12th house placement, this may also represent shady business deals (12th house) involving that yield money (Venus). In other words, these dynamics infers the possibility that Trump uses his fortune in a manner that is underhanded and often results in his undoing. 

The POF is also opposing two different midpoints: one involving Mercury and Jupiter and the other involving Saturn (again, the POF lord) and Neptune. This is a complex picture, but it is an alignment of Trump’s talent as a salesperson (Mercury and Jupiter) to communicate big ideas and promises to maximize his wealth through organizational (Saturn) visions (Neptune). 

The midpoint with Mercury and Jupiter is significant for another reason: they are the rulers of the 2nd house (money) and 8th house (inheritance). Their alignment with the POF via midpoint is a final indicator that Trump’s good fortune and luck was connected to his family inheritance. 

Juan Rodriguez

This is the only non-famous private individual in the list. Rodriguez won $149 million in the New York lottery. It was the largest in history. He was working as a parking lot attendant at the time of the win. 


  • POF is succedent (5th house). 
  • POF conjunct the midpoint of the North Node and Mars. 
  • POF lord (Saturn) is succedent (2nd house). 
  • POF lord is partile conjunct debilitated (detriment) benefic (Venus). 
  • POF lord and Venus in derived 10th house. 


Both of Rodriguez’s major significators are succedent, so this offers some testimony of luck and good fortune that is a bit stronger than expected. Also, the specific houses that were activated by these factors highlights the degree of accuracy involved with the manifestation. The 5th house is the house of games and chance while the 2nd house is the house of money. The fact that Rodriguez built his wealth literally through these two avenues is a bit surreal. 

These dynamics are strengthened by the tight conjunction (within 7 minutes of arc) of Venus (benefic) to the POF lord. The presence of this conjunction in the derived 10th house from the POF is a testimony that his money and wealth would bring a degree of status and viability. These characteristics were major significators foreshadowing the incredible potential for good fortune that Rodriguez would experience at some point in his life. 

This conjunction of the POF to the midpoint of the North Node and Mars is a final minor, beneficial because the North Node brings positive gifts and opportunities while Mars was the ruler of the 2nd house of money. 

The combined delineation of all of Rodriguez’s characteristics connected to the POF paint a picture of an individual who appeared to be destined to “hit it big” at some point in time in their life. 

Phil Ivey

Ivey is widely regarded as one of the greatest poker players in the world. He has won ten World Series of Poker bracelets and World Poker tour title. He was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2017. 

Despite this success, Ivey was not very good when he first started. He was beaten so often that he developed a reputation as a “sucker”. But he worked hard to understand the game and refine his playing style. Additionally, he had difficulty breaking into the game because of his age and anonymity. As a result, he used a fake ID to enter games in Atlantic City. 

While he is not a billionaire his success in a game often debated over a perceived inherent degree of luck is an interesting selection for this analysis. 


  • POF is succedent (8th house). 
  • POF partile opposing Neptune. 
  • POF trine Sun and Pluto. 
  • POF sextile malefic (Saturn). 
  • POF conjunct the midpoint of the Moon and a benefic (Jupiter). 
  • POF opposing the midpoint of Uranus and the POF lord. 
  • POF lord (Mercury) is cadent. 
  • POF lord conjunct a dignified (exalted) malefic (Mars). 
  • POF lord trine benefic (Jupiter). 
  • A dignified (exalted) benefic (Venus) in the derived 10th house. 


Ivey’s POF is a powerhouse. 

Its succedent placement is strong by itself and its 8th house is extremely resonant for a poker player because this is the house of other people’s money. 

What gives this POF strength is the high volume of aspects leveraging its good fortune. It reflects Ivey’s attraction to and motivation for this game. 

The most significant is the tight opposition from Neptune (within 3 minutes of arc). Ivey’s preferred strategy of creating confusion amongst his competitors is well known. In fact, a well-placed Neptune is probably a beneficial asset for any poker player due to the misdirection and bluffs that are a natural part of the game. 

Ivey’s success in utilizing this Neptune with his POF is due primarily to the alignment between them and two significant midpoints. The first midpoint involves the Moon and Jupiter and represents his strong intuition (Moon is dignified in Cancer) for playing the game (Jupiter is ruler of the 5th house). The second midpoint involves Mercury (POF lord) and Uranus and represents his genius ability for incorporating confusion (Neptune) into his playing style. 

This second midpoint is a good segue into understanding Ivey’s POF lord as well. This lord is not in great shape being placed in a cadent house and conjunct a malefic. This probably corresponds to Ivey’s work ethic (dignified Mars) in learning (3rd house placement) how to play the game, developing his proficiency and coming up from anonymity to become the best in the world. The trine to Jupiter (benefic) provides a major boost to this placement, offering rewards for Ivey’s efforts invested into learning the game (Jupiter rules the 5th house). 

Finally, Venus’ placement within the derived 10th house from the POF along with its strength in sign of its exaltation shows that by pursuing this career Ivey will find great success and fortune (Jupiter is the dispositor for Venus). 

Ivey’s case study is interesting because his unique skill set (represented by these various astrological factors) confirms that poker is not just a game of chance. But his alignment with the POF also shows that he does enjoy a high degree of good fortune in this path as well. In this way, Ivey’s biography and astrological delineation are something of a microcosm of the balance between fate and fortune and effort and intention. 

Mackenzie Scott

Scott is a published and acclaimed writer. She is also the ex-wife of Amazon founder and billionaire, Jeff Bezos.[xi] She was instrumental for the startup of Amazon and an early partner of Bezos. 

Their divorce made her the third wealthiest woman in the world. She is a philanthropist who has committed to donating half her wealth to charity.


  • POF is succedent (2nd house). 
  • POF conjunct two malefics (Saturn and Mars). 
  • POF lord is succedent (2nd house). 
  • POF copresent dignified (rulership) POF lord (Venus). 
  • POF opposing midpoint of Jupiter and Neptune. 
  • POF lord partile conjunct dignified (exaltation) Moon. 


Scott’s massive Stellium in the 2nd house of money is the driving force for this chart and exacerbates the strength of her POF placed in this succedent house. Yes, she may have worked very hard in helping her ex-husband start up Amazon, but it is a fact that her wealth is based upon the luck or good fortune of that initial marriage. The POF lord’s dignity, copresence status and rulership of the 7th house of marriage partners confirms this. This Stellium involving a strong POF and lord confirms her security and comfort as a result of the fortunate circumstances that led to her riches. 

There are a few interesting counter points to the delineation. The first is the fact that the POF is bracketed or enclosed by two malefics (Saturn and Mars). With Mars ruling the 8th house of divorce and Saturn ruling the 10th house of reputation, it makes me wonder if Scott sees her wealth as burden due to the stress it has injected into her life. 

The other counter point is the POF’s opposition to Jupiter and Neptune. These planets are the traditional and modern rulers of Pisces, so they are co-rulers of the 12th house. The 12th house is the area of life that represents charity (as does Neptune). This alignment would make sense given her promise to donate half her wealth to charity. If our suspicions are correct in the first counter point then this second one adds legitimacy to her claims. She probably will give much of it away. 

Joe Rogan

Rogan hosts the popular Joe Rogan experience podcast. He got into martial arts at an early age and won many competitions before retiring early due to health concerns. Afterwards, he became a stand-up comedian and actor. He gained more exposure later as an interviewer and color commentator for Ultimate Fighting Championship and then as the host of the TV show “Fear Factor.” Finally, he broke through to fame and fortune with his podcast. 

Through his podcast, Rogan has become something of a motivational spokesperson that has attracted a huge following. He regularly preaches the value of hard work, overcoming laziness and the importance of determination and “hustle” and loving the “grind.” 


  • POF is succedent (11th house). 
  • POF opposing debilitated (Fall) benefic (Venus) and Pluto. 
  • POF trine dignified malefic (Mars) and Neptune. 
  • POF ruler (Jupiter) is angular (4th house). 
  • POF ruler conjunct (combust) the Sun, trine Saturn (malefic) and square Mars (malefic). 
  • POF opposing midpoint of POF lord, Sun, and Moon. 


Rogan’s POF and POF lord are an extremely effective combination in the amount of luck generated and ability in knowing how to leverage it. Their placements in succedent and angular houses reflect this strength and advantage. 

Mars’ involvement is specifically impactful since it is aspecting both of major factors and dignified by being placed in the sign of its rulership. This reflects Rogan’s natural athletic ability, physical strength, and enjoyment of exertion. 

Its trine to the POF shows that Rogan has instincts for how to turn the opportunities or luck from the POF into beneficial connections or relationships (7th house placement) with others. The square from the lord reflects his need (square) to put all his energy into big initiatives (Jupiter’s involvement) without any fear (Mars’ strength). This lord is extremely active and effective due to this angularity, but is also combos. This means that Mars’ heavy focus is motivated by Rogan’s extreme concern with being ignored, invisible or not being famous (combust Jupiter in a Leo). His strong work ethic derives from a need to be seen. It is a need for exposure. Basically, Mars is his indomitable (Scorpio) drive to become famous (Leo Sun) through the natural luck and opportunities provided by the POF. 

The POF’s opposition to both Venus (benefic) and Pluto is a signature for extreme wealth, but their sign placement is also resonant to his life. Rogan’s love of the “grind” has some correlation with their placement in the sign of Virgo. This sign quality does not mind “rolling up its sleeves” to get some work done. It is an earth sign that is typically hard working, pragmatic and concerned with improving things. Venus is debilitated in this sign, so it may be argued that Rogan has a difficult time relaxing or that his relaxation usually involves some sort of project or task. Pluto’s involvement reflects Rogan’s understanding that hard work (“the grind”) is how you improve (Virgo) and transform (Pluto) your life. The fact that Pluto (and Uranus) are also aligned with the midpoint of Jupiter (lord), Sun and Moon, it is easy to see why he defines himself by these dynamics (Venus also rules the chart as well as the 6th of daily chores and errands), how they became an expression of self and how they translated into wealth.

The problem with Rogan’s message is that it does not emphasize these innate characteristics that were just as valuable to his financial success as hard work. This is not to devalue the concept of work, but that everyone was not born with the same energies, motivations, or advantages as Rogan. Blind work without some idea of who we are and the structure of our energies within our chart can be just as counterproductive as doing nothing at all. 

Mitt Romney

Romney is a Senator from the state of Idaho, former Governor from state of Massachusetts and previous Presidential candidate. His father was the CEO of American Motors and then former governor of Michigan. His mother was an actress. He obtained a JD-MBA from Harvard and then went to work as a management consultant before co-founding a private equity investment firm (Bain Capital). This firm’s primary source of revenue was leveraged buyouts, where the firm bought struggling companies, restructured them (which often resulted in layoffs) and then profited from the savings. 

Due to the wealth he made from Bain capital, Romney is frequently at the top of any list of richest people currently serving in the United States government. 


  • POF is cadent (9th house). 
  • POF conjunct benefic (Venus) and Midheaven. 
  • POF trine Neptune and North Node. 
  • POF opposing the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto. 
  • Derived 10th house contains a partile (within 3 minutes of arc) conjunction between Jupiter (benefic) and Moon. 
  • Ruler (Mars – malefic) of derived 10th house in mutual reception with Jupiter. 


Romney’s two major factors contradict what we would expect to see in terms of manifestation. Both the POF and the POF lord are cadent which usually means that his luck and opportunities as well as his ability to leverage them would be in a weakened state. Obviously, Romney’s status as a successfully wealthy multi-millionaire offers a counter narrative to the expected manifestation. 

One reason for this contradiction is because a benefic (Venus) is in conjunction with the POF. This conjunction is also in opposition to the midpoint of the POF lord (Saturn) and Pluto. This represents how Romney restructured (Pluto) organizations (Saturn) to become rich (Venus – POF). 

This alignment between the planetary archetypes, the connection of the lord to the POF via midpoint and the presence of a benefic at the POF all combined to override any inherent weakness represented by their cadent placements. 

Additionally, the derived 10th house also contains a tight conjunction between the Moon (2nd house ruler – money) and Jupiter (the other benefic). This represents how Romney’s career would support the expansion of his wealth. 

Overall, this is an interesting example because it shows how cadent placements can be offset by other beneficial dynamics. 

Kim Kardashian

Kardashian is the wealthiest of her family’s social media empire. Through various fashion lines, beauty products, film and tv appearances her net worth is currently valued at close to $2B. Her father was an attorney who represented OJ Simpson during his infamous murder trial. Kardashian rose to fame in part due to a sex tape that was released (without consent) of her and her boyfriend. Her fame was further consolidated with her involvement as the popular tv series, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” 


  • POF is cadent (6th house). 
  • POF conjunct Chiron. 
  • POF lord (Venus) is angular (10th house) and debilitated (Fall). 
  • POF lord copresent with Jupiter and Midheaven. 
  • POF lord trine POF. 
  • POF lord conjunct the midpoint of the North Node and Pluto. 
  • Pluto conjunct midpoint of POF and Moon. 


Kardashian is another case where there appears to be a conflict between the strengths of the POF and its lord. While the POF is cadent, its lord is angular. So, while the luck and opportunity offered by the POF to be weak, her ability to maximize what was provided, will be her strength. 

Chiron’s connection to the POF is key to understanding the weakness symbolized by its cadent placement. With its placement in the sign of Taurus, there is some wound of security that Kardashian endures as a result of the luck that was provided to her. This wound impacts how she feels comfortable in her own skin as well as her sense of self-worth. All of this sounds quite impossible until we remember that Kardashian experienced her big break through a violation of her most intimate moment: the leak of a sex tape involving her. As crazy as it sounds, this tape made her a household name and eventually catapulted her to success. For an explicit representation of this violation, we look to Pluto’s opposition of the midpoint involving the POF and the Moon. Pluto is the planet most associated with these types of violations, its placement in the 11th house highlights how the tape was leaked online, the Moon rules the 8th house of sex and the 6th house is the derived 8th house from the 11th house. Given these dynamics, we can conclude that the “luck” provided by the POF was in a manner that also wounded Kardashian deeply. Sometimes we gloss over this event, but when we consider what happened to her, all the embarrassment and shame, this would be a representation of that. 

On the other hand, the POF lord is strong in an angular house. Its copresence with Jupiter (the other benefic) and the Midheaven symbolizes how Kardashian was able to take this unintended fortune and leverage it into greater success and wealth. The presence of both benefics aligned at the Midheaven (with one being the POF lord) cannot be overstated. Even their debilitation by sign cannot offset the strength of their manifestation.

The trine aspect from the lord to the POF further strengthens the ease and support in which she translated notoriety in money. Its conjunction to the midpoint of Pluto and the North Node explicitly confirms how the popularity and opportunities (North Node) of this violation (Pluto) would yield financial benefits (POF lord). There are examples where an unintended sex tape release had a detrimental effect on an individual’s career. Kardashian’s case is unique because she found a way to turn it into success and that ability and talent is represented by the strength of her POF lord. 

Michael Jordan

Jordan is one of the most recognizable figures in the entire world. He is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time and one the greatest athletes of all time as well.

After winning championships while playing for the Chicago Bulls he retired and became the owner of the professional basketball franchise, the Charlotte Hornets. Despite these lucrative successes, it has been Jordan’s merchandise (clothes, shoes, etc.) that have made him a billionaire. Specifically, his Air Jordan tennis shoes from Nike are one of the most popular brands in history and contributed to the overall success of Nike as well. 

Jordan is currently the richest athlete in the world. 


  • POF is angular (10th house). 
  • POF sextile Sun. 
  • POF lord (Mars – malefic) succedent (2nd house). 
  • POF lord conjunct the midpoint of the Ascendant and Uranus. 
  • POF lord opposing the midpoint of malefic (Saturn) and Mercury. 
  • POF lord trine the Moon and square Neptune. 
  • Dignified (triplicity) benefic (Venus) in derived 10th house. 
  • Uranus conjunct the midpoint of the POF and Venus. 


Jordan’s factors for his POF are so powerful it almost feels like we interpreting the chart of a super hero. From a high level, the coordinated strength of an angular POF maximized by a succedent POF lord would be represented by an individual with not only a high degree of luck and advantage, but also the ability and talent to maximized those opportunities. But Jordan’s contributing factors go so much deeper and are so much more coordinated than just the two most significant factors. 

Starting with his POF lord, Mars in Leo is usually emblematic of someone who wants to be the best at something. Mars is retrograde so this need goes very, very deep. This desire consumed Jordan’s thoughts to such a degree that it may have been a bit obsessive. This obsession is confirmed by the aspects to the Moon and Neptune. The Moon’s alignment with the intense fixed star Antares shows that Jordan’s emotions were equally supportive of this need to be great with an intensity that was all encompassing, but Neptune’s involvement shows that this desire to be great was not enough. He wanted to become an icon (Neptune is placed in the 5th house of sports), a figure of veneration so elevated that it borderlines hero (Mars in Leo is the heroic warrior) worship. Because the POF lord was in the 2nd house of money, these factors ultimately translated into massive wealth. 

This 2nd house theme of money carries over to connections with the POF as well. The Sun through its rulership of the 2nd house (and Mars) shows that Jordan’s general life force, core energy and ego would be instrumental in securing wealth. Its connection to the POF by sextile shows how Jordan’s personality was instrumental through the sales of many products branded around him.

Additionally, Venus’ dignified placement within the derived 10th house from the POF highlights the benefits and gifts (Venus’ status as a benefic) Jordan would receive throughout his career 

Uranus’ contributions are some of the strongest. Its connection to two powerful midpoint pictures (Uranus=POF/Venus, POF lord=Ascendant/Uranus) specifically ties Jordan’s status as a revolutionary, record-breaking athlete to his ability to generate wealth and riches. This is his immediate identity (Ascendant) expressed through the various “Air Jordan” brands. It is also his record breaking (Uranus) career (Venus in derived 10th house). 

Throughout much of Jordan’s career there was an informal “rule” that opponents were not allowed to talk “trash” to him. This rule was often enforced by the opposing themselves. The reason? They were afraid of motivating him. Every player in the league knew that Jordan was so talented that if you gave him any reason to push himself, that additional effort would translate into an explosion on the basketball court that would get their team beat. In a way, this provides an interesting lesson in how luck, advantage and effort come together. Jordan’s work ethic is unquestioned, but it should not be discounted that the extreme degree of advantage and “privilege” in this chart (one of the most powerful in this entire group) would offer strong rewards in response to any degree of effort expended. Jordan gave maximum effort and the rewards were unimaginable. For someone else who does not contain this unique structure of luck and fortune, the same degree of effort may not have provided the same return on investment. 

Rupert Murdoch

Murdoch is the conservative media mogul who owns the Fox News channel and many of the major newspaper companies across the world. 

Murdoch grew up on a large farm in Australia. His father was a well-known and respected journalist who owned multiple local newspapers. Upon his father’s death, Murdoch inherited and took control of these publications. Under his direction, the focus of the newspapers changed to scandal and controversy and became widely popular. 

With the success of this strategy, Murdoch expanded into other markets by purchasing struggling newspapers and changing the focus to a more sensationalist style of reporting. He expanded into Sydney, London, and the United States. As a result of this aggressive expansion, Murdoch acquired many of the largest newspaper publications in the world. Eventually, his focus turned towards television and he purchased several stations, consolidating them into Fox Inc, one of the first conservative news stations. 

Due to this “monopolization” of the news, Murdoch has become one of the most powerful people in the world. His news and media outlets have essentially become an extension of his personality and conservative political views. 


  • POF is cadent (3rd house). 
  • POF is conjunct the Sun and copresent a debilitated (detriment) Mercury. 
  • POF conjunct the midpoint of Mercury, Uranus, and the North Node. 
  • POF trine one debilitated malefic (Mars) and sextile the dignified other (Saturn). 
  • POF lord (Jupiter) angular and dignified (exaltation, term). 
  • POF lord trine Mercury. 
  • POF lord mutual reception with the Moon. 
  • Moon in derived 10th house. 
  • Pluto conjunct the midpoint of the POF lord and Mars. 


Murdoch’s case is another example where an extremely wealthy individual was born with a cadent POF. While the standard guideline views this placement as weakened, I think it is instructive to view these examples as manageable and even beneficial if the individual is pursuing wealth in avenues that align with the basic characteristics of the specific house associated with the triplicity group. 

Murdoch was a newsman. His vocation of choice was the newspaper business and eventually a news channel. These are all 3rd house activities. It’s possible that because Murdoch’s career aligned with the area of life represented by the house containing the POF he was able to more effectively manifest its luck and fortune. In this way, Murdoch’s case (like Mitt Romney, Kim Kardashian, Steve Jobs) offers a possible exception to the standard guideline.[xiii] 

Mercury and the Sun’s copresence with the POF highlight how Murdoch’s ego and personality became an indistinguishable facet (Sun = Mercury/POF) of his news organizations. The Pisces quality reflects Mercury’s debilitated manifestation of new reporting that is more sensational than factual. Murdoch introduced a new form of reporting that had not been seen before and it worked (POF = Uranus/Mercury). 

The real strength of Murdoch’s financial success can be traced to his POF lord because it is one of the most powerful lords in this analysis. In addition to its natural strength due to its angularity, it also has dignity by exaltation and term in addition to sharing mutual reception with the Moon and Mercury. This lord represents Murdoch’s aggressive (Mars trine POF) expansion (Jupiter) into multiple news organizations (trine to Mercury) and markets across the world. Of course, the outcome of these efforts resulted in Murdoch’s equivalent expansion of power across the world as well (Pluto = Mars/Jupiter). 

Finally, this theme of expansion was echoed by the Moon’s placement in the derived 10th house and mutual reception with Jupiter. 

Ross Perot

Perot was a successful businessman who started his career at IBM, but later founded Electronic Data Systems (EDS), a company that provided data processing services. Eventually, he sold it to General Motors for $2.5B. Perot’s talent in sales was one of the main reasons for his success. 

Perot ran for President twice as a third-party candidate and was the most successful third-party candidate in history.


  • POF is angular (1st house). 
  • POF conjunct Pluto and the Moon. 
  • POF conjunct the midpoints of the Sun and a benefic (Venus), Mercury and Neptune. 
  • POF lord (Moon) is angular (1st house). 
  • POF lord and Pluto conjunct the midpoint of two benefics (Venus and Jupiter). 
  • POF lord sextile Mars and Chiron. 
  • Uranus in derived 10th house. 


Perot’s factors follow the traditional guidelines well and are very powerful. Both major factors (POF and POF lord) are angular and part of a 1st house Stellium. This angularity provided him with a high degree of luck that is also shown to be a necessary component of most rich and successful individuals. 

Of note, Perot’s POF lord not only had dignity by rulership, but was also in conjunction with Pluto and the midpoint of both benefics (Jupiter and Venus), one of which that was dignified by exaltation and the other that was placed in the 2nd house of money. The power of this lord is undeniable and probably offered a strong degree of rewards for any degree of effort or work the Perot invested into them. 

In regards to Perot’s talent and success in sales, this is represented by the POF’s conjunction to two different midpoints (Sun and Venus, Mercury, and Neptune). The first midpoint involving Venus produces a personality (Sun) of charm, grace, likability (Sun and Venus have mutual reception by triplicity)….and money (Venus in the 2nd). The second midpoint involving a dignified (by rulership) Mercury is someone who thinks quickly on their feet and knows exactly how to gain people’s confidence and trust (Neptune). 

When we consider these talents and advantages with Perot’s 1st house focus (along with the rest of the Stellium), it is safe to say that he had a certain degree of pride in being a “self-starter”. But these factors are so explosively beneficial that it was almost impossible for Perot to not become wealthy. 

Finally, Uranus placement in the derived 10th house shows how Perot made his money through an electronic or technological company. It also reflects his eventual Presidential aspirations as an alternative candidate. 

Tiger Woods

Woods was a child prodigy who became interested in golf as early as two years old. He won the Junior World Golf Championship six times. He became the youngest US Junior Amateur champion at fifteen years old. 

As a professional, Woods is considered by many one of the greatest golfers in history. He is tied for the most PGA tour wins. He is the first golfer to hold all four professional major championships at the same time. He was the youngest Masters champion ever. Woods broke numerous golf records through the course of his career. Woods’ endorsement deals with Nike and Titleist were the highest ever for a golfer. 

Despite all these achievements, Woods’ biggest fall from grace involved the discovery of his many extramarital affairs. As a result of these discoveries, his wife divorced him and numerous advertising sponsors dropped him. The cost of the lost revenue due to these affairs was in the billions. 


  • POF is succedent (2nd house). 
  • POF is part of a t-square configuration involving Pluto, Jupiter (benefic) and the Sun (apex). 
  • POF trine a malefic (Mars). 
  • POF conjunct the midpoint of a malefic (Saturn) and the Moon. 
  • POF lord (Venus – benefic) is cadent (3rd house) and debilitated (detriment). 
  • POF lord is conjunct the North Node and sextile Mercury. 
  • POF lord conjunct the midpoint of the Moon and Uranus. 
  • Uranus conjunct the midpoint of POF and POF lord. 


Woods’ POF is strong in a succedent house (again, the 2nd house is money), but this strength is amplified by the involvement of Pluto (conjunction) and Jupiter (benefic – opposition). Jupiter – Pluto alignments have often been viewed as a type astrological signature for massive wealth so their involvement with the POF is highly reflective of Wood’s riches. But these two planets and POF are part of a larger t-square configuration with the Sun at the apex. This type of configuration usually represents a very strong ego and a tremendous drive to be the best. With the Sun’s placement in the 5th house of sports, Woods expressed this t-square most prominently through golf which ultimately translated into riches through the t-square’s connection to the POF. 

Conversely, Woods’ POF lord, Venus, provides a conflicting scenario. While it is a benefic and aligned with the North Node, it is also cadent and debilitated. On one hand, his talent offers the ability to make the most of the luck provided by the POF in a manner that also allows him to enjoy some degree of popularity (North Node) with the general public. 

But its debilitated cadent status highlights the problems that Woods encountered through his extra marital affairs that resulted in divorce and cost him billions. It should not be ignored that Venus represents the archetype of romantic relationships and it is in conjunction with the midpoint of the Moon and Uranus. Uranus represents disruption and separation and the Moon is emotion. The connection between these archetypes and the manifestation is obvious. Additionally, Uranus’ conjunction to the midpoint of the POF and its lord represents both Woods’ record-breaking performances, but also the chaos that was introduced to his finances as a result of his love affairs. 


With sales of over 300 million records, Madonna is the best-selling female recording artist in history. With a revenue of over $1.5B from concert ticket sales, she is also the highest grossing female touring artist worldwide. Forbes magazine named Madonna the top earning female musician a record 11 times over four decades. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008. 

Madonna’s personality and image are as ubiquitous to her style and music as they are in general culture. Her bold incorporation of taboo and controversial topics involving sexuality and religion into her music has permanently transformed the music industry and changed how female artists approach their expression. 


  • POF is angular (1st house). 
  • POF conjunct the midpoint of the Sun, the North Node and Jupiter. 
  • POF lord (Mercury) is angular (1st house) and dignified (rulership, exaltation, term). 
  • POF lord conjunct the midpoint of Pluto and the Ascendant. 
  • Sun conjunct the midpoint of Uranus and the POF lord. 


Like Ross Perot, Madonna’s factors of luck and privilege were primarily concentrated around the angular 1st house. Through the POF, she enjoyed all the benefits of opportunity and timing. Specifically, the expansion of her core set (Sun) was expanded (Jupiter) through general culture (North Node) in a manner that was beneficial to her finances (POF conjunct their midpoint). 

But it was the natural abilities from her POF lord that made it possible to maximize those advantages to their fullest potential. With dignity by rulership, exaltation and term, this lord is ridiculously powerful and effective. Its conjunction to Pluto and her Ascendant shows how Madonna knew how to combine sexuality, power and that which is considered controversial taboo into her immediate identity in a way that would make her rich. Given that this lord also contributed to a midpoint with the Sun and Uranus strengthens this delineation because it involved her core sense of self (Sun). Madonna was not afraid to push the boundaries and challenge things that people were afraid to discuss. Her image to the rest of the world was transformative and revolutionary. The fact that she was able to fuse these huge archetypal energies into her persona and become their symbol is the reason she became successful. All of it reflects her lord working through two powerful midpoints along with its angularity and dignity. 

Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh is one of the most famous and talented painters in history. His unique style has been hailed as genius and his influence is everywhere today. He also suffered from mental illness and was confined in an asylum for durations of time. This disease eventually consumed him and he committed suicide at the young age of 37.

Regardless, the volume of work he produced before his death is astounding. Even more astounding is the fact that he only sold one painting while he was alive. In other words, all Van Gogh’s fame and fortune is posthumous. Tragically, he is the most posthumously successful and wealthy artist in history. 


  • POF is angular (10th house). 
  • POF is combust. 
  • POF lord (Mars) is cadent (9th house). 
  • POF conjunct the midpoint of the Sun and POF lord, Neptune and Mercury, Chiron and the North Node. 
  • POF lord conjunct one dignified (exaltation) benefic (Venus) and square the other (Jupiter). 
  • POF lord conjunct midpoint of Neptune and the Sun. 
  • Chiron in derived 10th house. 


Not surprisingly, Van Gogh’s two major factors of privilege and luck provide a conflicting, but accurate picture. His POF is angular, but his POF lord is cadent. This infers the potential for opportunities and good fortune, but also an inability (or handicap) to maximize what was provided. His POF lord was artistically talented (imaginative Piscean influence) due to the aspects from both benefics and the midpoint involving Neptune, but it did not manifest into anything financially beneficial for him. 

All of this may appear strange because Van Gogh’s POF is powerful. The conjunction to the dignified Sun (rulership) shows how his personality would eventually become indistinguishable from his success. In fact, its alignment with the midpoint involving its lord and the Sun should have manifested brightly and translated into huge success. Its alignment with the midpoint of Mercury and Neptune should have rewarded his artistic vision. Unfortunately, none of this occurred. The reason that Van Gogh’s talent and brilliance avoided him was due to the POF being combust. Combust is often described as a detrimental characteristic and with Van Gogh we have an example where it destroyed his career potential. Basically, it made him invisible. 

The POF’s combust nature was exacerbated by its alignment with Chiron and the North Node. Chiron’s placement within the derived 10th house from the POF as well as Capricorn shows the “wounding” and pain Van Gogh felt from being unable to break through and find success (Chiron is also in square aspect to the Sun). The North Node often represents opportunities for growth experienced through the general public. It is a beneficial point that can yield popularity. Unfortunately, in Van Gogh’s chart it is buried in the 12th house. The 12th house represents the areas of life where things are hidden away. This midpoint combined with combust and the POF lord’s cadent status provides a strong testimony against Van Gogh’s potential to become financially wealthy.

If nothing else, Van Gogh’s chart subtly infers the tragedy that sometimes talent, work and effort cannot overcome factors within a chart that work against our fortune. 

Francois Meyers-Bettencourt

Meyers-Bettencourt is the granddaughter of Eugène Schueller, the founder of L’Oréal, the world’s largest cosmetic company. Meyers-Bettencourt is currently the majority shareholder in L’Oréal. She is the richest woman in the world. 


  • POF is angular (1st house). 
  • POF lord is angular (4th house) and debilitated.
  • POF lord conjunct the Sun (Cazimi) and Uranus. 
  • POF lord opposing Chiron, square Saturn (malefic) and Neptune. 
  • POF lord conjunct midpoint of Jupiter (benefic) and Pluto. 
  • Chiron in derived 10th. 


Given Meyers-Bettencourt’s massive inheritance, it makes sense that we would see double angularity from the POF and its lord with the lord specifically placed in the 4th house of family. 

This POF lord is strong and active. As we saw with others in this analysis, the POF lord’s alignment with the midpoint to Jupiter and Pluto is a symbol of massive wealth and power. It also involved in t-square configuration with Chiron, Neptune, and Saturn. Neptune – Saturn at the apex represents a cosmetics (Neptune) empire (Saturn) built through her family that she inherited. Chiron’s involvement is interesting. Its placement in Capricorn infers the weight she feels trying to manage (opposition to POF lord) this wealth that was passed down to her (POF lord also rules the 8th house of inheritance). There is a possibility that this responsibility (Capricorn) is a burden because it has shaped her career and reputation (Chiron in the derived 10th house). 

The most interesting factor of Meyers-Bettencourt’s wealth is the tight conjunction between the POF lord and the Sun. This conjunction is separated by only 20 minutes of arc. That is extremely tight and comes close to a unique astrological dynamic referred to a Cazimi. Cazimi is a medieval concept that viewed planetary bodies that were so close it was almost as if the body were “in the heart” of the Sun. This dynamic was considered to be beneficial. The question or orb has been something of a debate in this area. Many astrologers have defined Cazimi by bodies within 16 minutes of arc to the Sun. Others have defined it as anything within one degree. Here, Meyers-Bettencourt’s POF lord is only 4 minutes away from the standard definition of this dynamic so it demands consideration. Given that the Sun represents the core life force and energy, having this lord infused so powerfully into it infers that her an ability to “do anything”, “be anything” is powerfully supported by a lord that is connected to her family’s fortune (literally, the POF). It shows that her family’s wealth is something that is a part of who she is and the lord’s debilitated nature probably reflects that she can be a little defensive, sensitive, or protective of it. She (Sun) is “raising up” the significance of her family’s wealth as it benefits her as well.

“I Make My Own Luck”

The above phrase is ubiquitous in general culture and practically sacred in the west and the United States. The widely accepted belief is that “success is primarily due to a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck,” but we rarely hear the inverse…and almost never focus on luck. This emphasis on blind effort is a reflection on how things have become imbalanced. This blind spot is a need to disavow any conceptions of the impact of fate. 

We know there are circumstances outside our control that impact our lives, but these are usually viewed as arbitrary and coincidental. The problem is that we do not know the extent, degree or magnitude of fate because most can’t “see”, observe or measure it. Instead, we conduct our lives as if it does not exist or is inconsequential. Fate becomes minimized and ignored, leaving the belief that effort has complete control over fate. As a matter of fact, proponents of this belief often use the life stories of some of the people in this analysis as examples of how effort and work can overcome anything. But as we learned from Oprah Winfrey’s chart, her factors of good fortune provided a type of advantage that amplified the effectiveness of her efforts. How do we just ignore these factors that heavily contributed to her ability to overcome the challenging early childhood? On the other hand, from our review of Vincent Van Gogh’s chart, his factors kept him invisible despite his massive talent and effort. 

All of this begs the question: how many “Van Goghs” are out there right now? How many people are extremely talented and work very hard, but never find success? How many spend their entire lives barely scraping by despite tremendous efforts to the contrary? And what about the inverse? How many are barely putting forth any effort or work, but have become massively successful, regardless? Are we really supposed to believe that no other basketball player has ever worked as hard as Michael Jordan?

The point of this interrogation is not to invalidate the significance of work and effort (or will). Instead, it is to emphatically point out that these things exist in polarity with fate. Fate and will, effort and luck, initiative and fortune are concepts that are eternally interdependent. As we study astrology, we begin to identify and analyze the different levels of complexity involved with an individual’s fate as well as potential existential and teleological components to their manifestation. In reviewing how the ancients perceived the Part of Fortune in a chart, Demetra George observes:

“A poorly placed Lot of Fortune did not necessarily indicate poverty and wretchedness, but the individual might have to work harder, have limited means of achieving prosperity, have a more difficult time engaging with the physical world, or experience less support from it.”[xiv](Italics added for emphasis).

The ripple effects of this conception are massive because for all practical purposes, it is largely absent in modern culture. In order to explore the ramifications of this polarity becoming imbalanced in the most extreme fashion, we will analyze one final case study where this imbalance appears to be most visible: the United States.

The United States

The United States has the largest economy in the world. Its gross domestic product is so large that it is five times higher than the GDP average of all other countries in the top ten. It also has the highest number of millionaires (39%) and billionaires (28%). But even though most of the richest in the world reside in the United States, the United States is not the richest country in the world. In fact, it is not even in the top ten in some studies. 

Additionally, it has the highest bankruptcy rate (to which 62% are medical related), roughly 60% of the population are living paycheck to paycheck, and 77% are in debt. 61% can’t afford a home and for those that are homeless, some studies show that the homeless population are in worse condition than many other developed OECD countries. Finally, the United States also has the highest incarceration rate in the world.

This dichotomy is reflected in the country’s history as well because the United States built its wealth through the explicit and aggressive exploitation of labor. More to the point, it got its start benefitting from over a century’s worth of free labor through slavery. 

It may be argued that this exploitation has continued in different forms to this day. The United States’ minimum wage is not even in the top ten and it is one of the few developed countries in the world that does not offer universal healthcare. Also, a study of the Gini Coefficient[xv] rankings show that the United States has one of the highest scores amongst the ten largest countries in the world. This ranking is echoed by many other reports confirming the abnormal rise in wealth of the relatively few at the top

All of this indicates that the United States has an economic inequality problem and this problem it has little to do with a lack of effort or work. As a matter of fact, reports from the OECD show the United States ranks 7th in the average number of hours worked by its workers (and many of the countries ranked higher are plagued by human rights violations). Additionally, studies that benchmark this historically have also shown that the United States’ level of work exceeds the levels of a medieval peasant

In many ways, this is what slavery looks like and it is based upon propaganda that intentionally (or strategically) ignores or minimizes the impact of fate and fortune in our lives. It is a sales pitch. “You too can be as rich as me if only you work hard.” Basically, compliance requires belief. It requires faith. 

That is why, despite all the facts and evidence, some of the strongest pushback against reforms are usually found amongst those who are the most exploited. The United States offers one of the most unique precedents in history where many of the oppressed side with their oppressors. And this insight is not unique or surprising. Generations ago, the famous writer, John Steinbeck offered a similarly insightful summation: 

“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”

Of course, there are reasons for all of this.


  • POF is succedent (8th house). 
  • POF is conjunct Mercury, opposing Pluto and square Chiron (t-square configuration). 
  • POF is conjunct the midpoint of the North Node and the Sun.  
  • The Sun conjunct the midpoint of the POF and Venus (benefic). 
  • POF lord (Moon) is cadent. 
  • POF lord at the apex of a hammer configuration with the Sun and Saturn. 
  • Neptune at the apex of a Yod configuration with involving the POF lord and Chiron. 
  • POF lord opposing the midpoint the North Node and Neptune. 
  • Chiron in the derived 10th house. 


As we have seen with many of the other charts in this analysis, the POF in a succedent house reflects strength. For the United States, the POF’s 8th house placement represents how much of the country’s wealth was based around investments and the stock market. But the 8th house also represents something else: the resources of others. This is delineation is key because Mercury happens to be in conjunction with the POF as well as the ruler of the 7th house of others. This symbolizes how much of the privilege and luck surrounding the United States’ ability to generate wealth is specifically connected to the resources of others. 

The other planet aligned with the POF is Pluto, the archetype of power. Its placement within the 2nd house of the economy is a quite literal representation of Plutocracy, the label often applied to the power structure and hierarchy behind underneath everything. 

Pluto’s opposition to Mercury offers one of the most surreal expressions of its power. In the United States, power (Pluto) over others (Mercury – 7th ruler) became the use of slavery in order exploit labor as a resource (8th house) in order to become wealthy (POF). While organized slavery is now illegal, other manifestations of this exploitation are still expressed in various sectors of the United States’ economy. Far too often, the labor for products in many sectors of the economy is outsourced to countries overseas, where potential human rights violations translate into cheap labor costs back home.

The fact that both Mercury and the POF are under the beams from the Sun signifies how the United States tries to conceal, cover, or suppress some of this exploitation by making this process invisible. The United States does not want people to know how its wealth is generated while at the same time reaps the rewards and celebrates its success of extreme wealth as a form of patriotism and superiority (POF = Leo North Node/Sun, Sun = Venus/POF). 

As if all of this was not challenging enough, Chiron’s square aspect to both Mercury, the POF and Pluto creates a t-square configuration where Chiron’s influence takes center stage for all this energy. Chiron is also placed in the sign of Aries and this correlates to the United States’ pioneering competitive spirit. The problem is that Chiron also represents a “wound” or issue that can be a struggle to manage to heal. With Aries, this translates into the “hustle culture” within the work environment (Chiron in derived 10th) that American has created that tends to overwork itself. When considered with the planets (Mercury and Pluto) at the base, we start to have a clearer picture of a country that exploits and overworks its people in order to build massive wealth and riches. 

This theme of “others” being marginalized or exploited carries over to the POF lord. 

This lord is the Moon and in a mundane chart (a “natal” chart for countries or groups) the Moon represents the general public. This lord’s cadent status is an obvious position of weakness. Also, it only dignity is by face. This implies that the general public has very little power to share in the wealth being generated by the POF and is barely hanging in there trying to keep up. 

So why does the public tolerate this? There are a couple reasons for this. The poor Moon is connected to numerous configurations and midpoints. Most significantly, it is at the apex of a hammer configuration with Sun and Saturn. This type of configuration can be quite violent and aggressive and represents the “rugged individualism” (Moon is in Aquarius) that American cultures prides itself on. This theme is strengthened by the Moon’s alignment with the midpoint of Neptune and the North Node. With this midpoint, the general public believes that its individualistic nature (Aquarius) is the American dream (Neptune and North Node). Which then expands further with the Moon’s contribution to a Yod configuration involving Neptune (again) and Chiron. With this final set of factors, the general public believes that if its individualistic character is blended with tremendous effort and a pioneering sport (Aries) then anyone can partake of the American dream. These three factors create a type of perfect storm where many Americans are willing to accept being exploited because their inherent pride in their national character and belief that the systems will reward them.[xvii] Also, because the Moon is a natural significator of the emotions, it is not surprising that much of the general public’s reaction to the ultra-rich and super wealth is emotional because of their belief that these individuals symbolize what is possible for them as well. 

The problem with their ability to actualize this dream (despite being cadent and having little dignity) is that Neptune is placed in the sign of Virgo. As an outer planet, Neptune is not necessarily debilitated in any sign, but it may be said that Neptune is not very comfortable here. Virgo can be an extremely discriminating sign quality and within these dynamics it may be judged that the “dream” offered by Neptune is one that is isolated, limited, narrow or not available to everyone. 

“It’s All Your Fault.”

The expansive promotion of free will is widely viewed as a very positive, empowering, and uplifting sentiment, but there is side effect, where if followed to its logical extreme, becomes dysfunctional. 

It goes like this: “You are completely free and in the control of your destiny. Of everything. Nothing can stop you. You can be anything you want to be.” It also goes like this: “Since you are completely in control, I can legitimately blame you for everything the moment it is not in control or anything stops you. And since we have established you are completely at fault then I do not need to help you nor do I need to feel bad about not helping you. In fact, you should feel bad about needing help because it is your responsibility to utilize your freedom.”

If this sentiment becomes the norm for an entire country, then legislation and governance become its reflection. And it becomes problematic when the reality from everyday life starts to contradict or deviate from this belief…yet we continue to cling to it. The reason? Because underlying the sentiment of free will is a baseline assumption inferring that any lack of “success” reflects weakness. This is a powerful argument and exceptionally effective on men. If someone can be convinced that everything is their fault, then it easy to get them to accept where they are regardless of how they got there. As a result, they will not consider any external factor that may have contributed to the outcome, even those that may have been designed. This sentiment is a type of philosophical tool used to keep people in line, but it is also a structure wholly dependent upon the complete repudiation of the existence of the impact of fate. Considering that astrology can show the degree of fate that is spiritually or teleologically attached to an individual from the moment of first breath…we begin to understand why the west is so reflexively resistant to this ancient science.

“Know Thyself”

We have made modern day kings and queens of many of the people on this list. We have glorified their efforts in response to the magnificence of their riches and bestowed upon them undue and disproportionate nobility. We have misjudged the magnitude of the outcome with an assumed equivalence of the application of the will and then expanded that incomplete perspective everywhere. It has twisted how we perceive the world, how we govern, how we allocate resources, how we judge, how we live together. It has justified a poisoned hubris that has weaponized selfishness. 

But these people are not gods nor are they deserving of veneration or mimicry. They are only owed a proper and comprehensive evaluation that appropriately considers their determination as it is specifically applied to their unique fates and leveraged against their privilege and providence. Their existence offers a powerful lesson: the necessity of awareness of the existential polarity of fate and will and its translation into actualization. What is owed in return is a stoic humility and moderation of pride for the victories that were strived and blessed. 

So, at the end of this journey, I leave you with the bold maxim that adorned the ancient Temple of Apollo: Know Thyself. It is bold in this time frame because awareness of self has become a most pressing attribute to be cultivated. And I dare say, its cultivation may offer humanity the grace and redemption it so desperately needs.

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[viii] It should be noted that when these guidelines were developed the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) had not yet been discovered. So, when the term Malefic is used, it specifically refers to Mars or Saturn. As a result, the impact of the outer planets on the Part of Fortune will be observed, but it will not automatically be deemed as detrimental.

[ix] There other ways to evaluate financial or career success (2nd and 10th house dynamics, etc.). In fact, there are additional techniques from traditional astrology that should also be considered (Triplicity rulers of sect light, etc.), but for simplicity the focus here will be isolated to just the Part of Fortune.

[x] As “The Rock,” Johnson became a literal manifestation of Saturn because Saturn is a natural astrological significator for rocks.

[xi] While I would love to include Jeff Bezos in this analysis of wealth, his chart does not have a confirmed time of birth unfortunately.

[xii] A more comprehensive delineation of Michael Jordan’s natal chart can be accessed here.

[xiii] For individuals with a cadent POF, this possible exception offers a way to manifest their luck. They must be intentional in matching “like to like.”

[xiv] Demetra George, Ancient Astrology: In Theory and Practice, Rubedo Press, 2022, p.999.

[xv] The Gini Coefficient is a calculated index that reflects the share of wealth in a country. A score of 0 shows perfect equality while a score of 100 shows that all the wealth is owned by one individual. Obviously, higher scores are considered problematic or endemic of growing issues of inequality.

[xvi] If this analysis has not already stirred up controversy, it is sure to incite disagreement due to the use of the “Sibly” chart for the astrological analysis of the United States. Many, many astrologers disagree with the use of this chart due to the discovered errors made by the astrologer Ebenezer Sibly and because the historical record of the signing of the constitution does not offer strong evidence in support of the time for the Sibly chart. While this chart has its own history to which I am aware, I am relying on this chart for a different set of rationale. As a matter of fact, I wrote an article on this chart and it can be accessed here.

[xvii] This over-the-top commercial is emblematic of these perspectives and beliefs.

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